This is a Poison IvyxOC story. This'll be taking place in The Batman show. I won't be showing how Ivy gets her powers, as I never watched the show, but I will mention it, with a few changes to it.

I own only my original character, nothing else.

It was very painful for Ivy to be in the asylum, with no plants to comfort her. All she could do was read the book offered to her by one of her doctors, right before she put him in the hospital with her poisonous touch.

As she sat in the living area, watching all the city's psychos flail around, she recalled the events that had brought her here.

Poison Ivy was once a normal girl by the name of Pamela Isley, who was obsessed with plants, so much as to hire people to foil any plans that would harm the environment. But at the same time, she was also best friends with Commissioner Gordon's daughter, Barbara, as well as boy by the name of Alex Nashton. He was a couple years older than the two girls, who were both fifteen, he was about six foot, shoulder length brown hair. Though when they decided to take a stroll through a certain plant growth accelerator factory, they encountered a man by the name of Temblor.

He had been hired by Ivy to destroy the plant with his earth shattering tech, but he had figured out that his employer was just a teenage girl and he tried to kill her to rid himself of this annoyance. Soon Batman arrived and fought him off but amidst the battle, a blast from Temblor hit Alex and he was shot upwards and he collided with a large vat of experimental plant growth and landed on platform underneath.

Pamela ran over to him to try to help but then too late she realized that the vat had opened and the accelerator poured onto them both, and her transformation into Poison Ivy had begun.

With her new found powers, she tried to destroy Gotham, only to be defeated by Batman and the new hero Batgirl, who was Barbara Gordon. The two then brought her to Arkham Asylum so she could get help while a cure was being produced.

Coming out of the memories of the past few days, a single tear fell down Ivy's face as she had learned later on that Alex had died from his injuries and the exposure.

"Mind if I join you?," a voice above her said. She looked up and saw Edward Nigma, the Riddler. He was a few inches taller than Alex was but had the same look and had shoulder length black hair.

"So long as you don't talk in riddles," Ivy said. "I'm in no mood for them."

"What a shame," he said as he sat down across her. "You are...Pamela Isley, correct?"

"Don't call me that! That's not who I am anymore."

"Ah, forgive my dear but that is the only name I know you by."

This confused her, but also peaked her interest.

"Have we met?," she asked.

"Not us, but we have...had a mutual acquaintance," he answered, beginning to sound sad. "Alex Nashton."

"What was he to you?"

"My nephew, the only relative I had left."

This shocked her to the core, and guilt and regret began to grip her heart. "If you're going to try to kill me, I'd do it quick."

"Now why would I do that?," he asked. "Why would I harm the girl who my nephew was so very fond of?"

"What?," she asked surprised, and Riddler merely chuckled at her reaction.

"I shall leave that to your imagination. But I've come to speak to you because I wished to tell you that I do not blame you, as you did not know what would happen. And also," he began to speak quieter, and leaned in closer. "Would you like to get out of here?"

"I would, but how?," she asked.

"What could you do if I could get a little plant?," he asked and she smirked.

That night, great giant vines grew and it broke a giant hole within the walls of the madhouse and the madmen then began flooding out of the compound as the guards had been incapacitated. Poison Ivy and the Riddler were the last to leave.

"I thank you for the assist my dear," he said. "But more importantly, thank you for being Alex's friend."

She gave the slightest of nods and they went their separate ways.


Batman was keeping an eye on things in Gotham when he got reports of a breakout in Arkham.

"Oh no," Robin said.

"Oh no is right," Batman said. "Two villains are out now, Riddler and Poison Ivy, must've worked together to get out."

"Pamela has never been able work with others," Barbara said. "How would she be able to now?"

"Maybe because of who Riddler's nephew was."


"Alex Nashton," he answered.

"What?!," she yelled. "No, that can't be right! He would've told us."

Bruce then showed the birth records, blood testing and a family chart. Barbara then knew that he was telling the truth.

"It's true, why didn't he tell us?"

"Would you have been his friend still if he did?," Dick asked, and Batgirl didn't know how to answer that.

"I'm sorry Barbara," Bruce said. "But I'm afraid I have even more bad news. It would seem that Nashton isn't as dead as everyone believed."

Confusing both of his sidekicks, he showed city surveillance camera footage and showed the graveyard and there was a giant hole where Alex's grave was.

"I was afraid this would happen," Batman said. "Because of what happened with Ivy, its possible he was mutated as well."

Barbara was still in shock over these recent events, she barely heard what Bruce said. She put her mask on and began to leave.

"Where are you going?," Dick asked.

"I'm going out to find him," she answered.

"No," Batman said standing up. "We're going out to find him."

With that the three heroes headed out and began their search for Alex Nashton, little did they know that it wouldn't take long to find him.


It was all a blur to him as to how he had come back, but all he knew was that he was not the same.

Alex walked down the streets of his city, people whispering around him. But soon he realized that he was alone, yet there were still voices.

He saw that he was in the Gotham Park, and the cries of agony began to come to him all over. It caused him physical pain and he fell to his knees.

"What is happening to me?," he asked himself. He then got a look in the pond nearby and saw through the street lamps what he had become. His skin was pale light green, and across the side of his face were greenish brown lines that spread down his side, they looked like tree branches in the fall, leafless. His hair had stayed the same, and he saw that he was dressed in a suit.

"Oh my God," he said. "The accelerator, it must've done this to me. I feel...everything, everything around me."

Then he noticed something when he touched a wooden bench nearby. Around his hand it had become rock solid, petrified. Then he he began to see little vines beginning to come out of the ground and they wrapped themselves around his arm.

"The chemicals must've gifted me certain abilities," Alex concluded. "So many cries, so much pain. I must help them. I must help them all."

"Well you can start helping by giving us your money," a voice behind him said. He turned to see a man with a gun in his hand and then in front of Alex was another with a knife.

"Do I look to have any money?," he asked.

"Clothes say different."

"I am warning you, get away from me!"

They just laughed and the knife wielder charged at him and the vines around Alex's arm almost automatically extended and wrapped around him and began to squeeze. The other mugger then panicked and began firing and then Alex's right arm grew bark all around it like a shield, then petrified itself for extra protection.

Soon enough, the guy ran out of bullets, and he tried to run away. But a root came up and tripped him, and then wrapped around him and stood him up.

Alex then walked over to him, with a deadpan look on his face.

"Perhaps Pamela was right," he said. "Maybe the world would be better with plants being in charge." He then placed his hand on the man's chest and he began to petrify him slowly until he was nothing more than a statue. Then Alex looked to the other mugger, and he had the vines pull him up into the nearby tree.

"Please! Please don't kill me!," he begged, and he smirked.

"Why would I do that? Dead men tell no tales." Alex then walked away and left him there.

He then looked at his clothes and saw that they were dirty and uncomfortable, so he looked around and found a clothes shop. He broke the window with a petrified wood cover fist, and frightened the employees there.

"Relax, I'm not here to hurt anyone," he assured them. "I'm just here to find some new clothes." Alex then began to look around and soon enough he found some simple brown pants and an ankle length, forest green light hoodie. He changed into them, but removed his shoes, socks and shirt, as he saw them as unneeded now, he then pulled the sleeves up on his arms. Despite being a skinny guy like his uncle, Alex was well built and could deliver some serious damage without his powers.

"Have a nice night, meatsacks," he said leaving without paying. "Now what to do now?"

He then began hearing whispers, and he listened to the plants around him.

"The botanical gardens? A lovely idea."

"Not so fast!," a cop yelled, pointing a gun at him. "Put your hands up and get down on your knees!"

"How about you get on your knees?," he said using his powers to grown roots under his legs and he pulled him down hard and now roots where tying him down to the ground, and Alex then continued onward.

The gardens weren't hard to find as they had always been an overrun set of buildings.

"Well then," he said to himself. "This will be my new home." Little did he know that the place was already occupied by an old friend of his.

I know it looks like I rushed through things here, but I didn't watch a lot of the show so I was just gonna use this one episode as a beginning for it. I'll have the next chapter up as soon as possible.