RETURN TO ST. MARY'S- A Case Close to Their Hearts: by LAGC


Disclaimer: I do not own, nor did I create, any of the A-team characters (main or support) nor do I own, nor did I create, any of the episodes. That credit is due to Stephen J. Cannell and his associates. Any familiar catch phrases or settings also belong to the Cannell team.

Spoiler Alert: References characters, locations, plot, and revelations from Season 3 Episode 11 "The Bells of St. Mary's". including but not limited to Sr. Catherine, Billy Rey King, Charlotte King, The Bells, Dave Luna, and Zeke Westerland.

Sr. Ruth and Miss Chambers are my OCs

Author's Notes: This takes place in my "A-team World" which I set up in my story "Chronicles of a Colonel". The Team has received not just pardons but full exoneration. They are free men and have established a private security company called A-team Security Co. After all, who are better trained to chase thugs than these guys.

The seed for this story was planted by Peppe1951 who requested a story about the Team and their security company.

Summary: Face receives a call for help from his dear dear Sister Catherine.

Return to St. Mary's: A Case Close to Their Hearts: by LAGC

Chapter One: Getting the Story

"Hello, this is A-Team Security. Templeton Peck speaking. How may we help you."

"Templeton, I'm so glad you answered the phone"

"Sister Catherine? How are you? Is everything alright?"

After a brief heavy pause, Sister replied, "I'm fine, Temp, but sadly everything is not alright. I need you and your friends. I fear we have a problem."

"I'm on my way, Sister. I'll see you in twenty minutes."

Face hung up the phone and donned his sport coat in one motion. As he exited the office he called out to Hannibal who was filing papers in the records room of their security company.

"What is it, Face. A new client?" Hannibal replied as he closed the file drawer.

"It's Sister Catherine. She's having some sort of problem and says she needs our help. I'm on my way there now to get the full story."

"I'll go with you. Just let me secure this last file. I'll meet you at your 'vette."

As promised, twenty minutes later the blue eyed pair pulled into the parking lot of St. Mary's School. Sr. Catherine met them on the entry stairs. Face took one look at the only mother he'd ever known, and was instantly grateful that Hannibal had come with him. It was only his Colonel's steadying arm upon his shoulder that kept Face from a complete rage. Sr. Catherine had a horrible bruise encompassing her left eye and cheek. Her left arm was in a sling.

"Sister! Sweet Lord! What happened? Who did this to you!" Face demanded. His gentle embrace of his dearest caretaker hiding his broiling anger.

"Ah Templeton. Hannibal. So good to have you here. Your presence is such a relief. Please come inside. I'll explain everything. I just want to ensure that none of the children hear."

Hannibal held the door as they all entered the school building and followed the elder nun into her office. The clergy woman asked her secretary to hold all her calls and refer any students to Sister Ruth or Miss Chambers. Once everyone was seated, Sister explained the situation. Face became increasingly upset as her sad tale unfolded. Hannibal kept a more level head and asked all the right questions.

"Sister Catherine, you should have called me as soon as the first incident happened." said Face.

"Well Temp, the first time we honestly thought it was simply a sorry case of vandalism. Three weeks ago the sports team bus was graffitied and the tires slashed. We notified the police. Then the concessions stand windows were shattered with thrown bricks. Now things have escalated. The vandalism is invading the school building. A few nights ago I went to investigate an odd noise in the locker room. That's how this happened." Sister explained while aiming her good hand toward her injured side.

"Some low life assaulted you!" growled Face as he leapt from his seat.

"No, not exactly, Temp. I went to investigate the noise and saw three men ruining the boys lockers in the gym. I called out that the police had been summoned and were on the way. The three hoodlums then ran out of the locker room. When they rushed through the swinging doors I didn't move quickly enough and one of the doors slammed into me and did this damage."

'The police have been alerted to all the incidents, Sister?" inquired Hannibal.

"Yes, all of them. Except for this morning's event. I called the A-team immediately after it. I felt that you men could carry it on from here."

Face halted his frustrated pacing to ask, " What happened this morning?"

Sister reached into her desk drawer and pulled out a letter. It was constructed of pasted on words and letters ripped from magazines and newspapers. She handed it to Face. He read it quickly then disdainfully passed it to Hannibal.

"Real old school criminal arts and crafts composition, Colonel."

"My, my aren't they creatively cliche." Hannibal quipped then read the note, in which the thugs threatened to blow up the stadium during next week's big baseball game if the school held their upcoming fund raiser.

"They are now threatening to hurt our children and their friends and families. I knew I needed your help." explained Sister Catherine

"And that is exactly what you have. Sister. Starting immediately." declared Hannibal. Face was already on the phone calling in Murdock and B.A.