[April 10th, 2021 Week Two, Day Three]

The shining sun through the open blinds was to blame for waking Natalya up from her pleasant dreams of her and Alfred making love on every surface they could find. Upon opening her eyes she quickly realizes that she is not in her own room. She quickly realizes that she had fallen asleep in Alfred's room the night before. Her eyes light up as she turns to her right seeing the love of her life sleeping soundly. Her heart begins to flutter at how beautifully handsome he is when he is asleep. As she continues to stare at him she notices his eyes start to open. Realizing that he's about to wake-up she quickly makes it seem like she wasn't just intently staring at him. Alfred opens his eyes and sits up as he yawns and stretches.

"Morning sleepy-head" Natalya says as he turns and notices her sitting there on his bed.

"Morning Nat, I guess we fell asleep playing games last night" he says with a chuckle as he picks his glasses up off of his nightstand and places them on.

"I guess so" she replies with a smile as he looks at his alarm clock before getting up out of bed.

"Well come on we gotta get ready for school" he says as she stands up as well.

"Vow Alfie i'm in shock" she says with a chuckle, "You're actually excited for school?" she asks as he points to the clock which reads 6:00.

"We only have an hour to get ready Nat and I do not want to get detention for being late again" he says as she nods in agreement.

"Okay, vell then I'll see you at school" she says as she turns to leave his room to head home.

"Nonsense, you can just get ready here" Alfred says with a smile, "I have a spare toothbrush in my bathroom and I can quickly run our uniforms through the washing machine while you're in the shower" he says as he smiles at her making her heart begin to flutter again.

"He's actually offering to let me get ready in his house" she thinks to herself with a happy smile on her face, "He's such a gentleman" she adds as she speaks up.

"Thank you Alfie" she replies as she gives him a hug.

"Anytime Nat" Alfred replies as he wraps his arms around her and hugs her back. They both then separate as she gives him a thoughtful look.

"You should probably shower first as I take a little bit longer" she says making him chuckle.

"Right" he says with a smile, "I'll be right out" he says as he opens one of his draws and grabs a clean pair of boxers. He then grabs his deodorant and heads into his personal bathroom which is connected to his bedroom. She stares after him with a look of longing on her face.

"Oh how I vish that I vas in that shower vith you" Natalya thinks to herself as he closes the door. She immediately then flops down on his bed and begins hugging one of his pillows as she breaths in his scent. It is then that she feels a vibration in her dress pocket. Quickly she pulls out her phone seeing that it's Info-Kun who has texted her. Very quickly a scowl graces her face as she pulls out her phone reading his text.

Info-Kun: Hey

Immediately she replies to her text.

Natalya: What do you want?

As soon as she hits send, his reply is instantaneous.

Info-Kun: I thought you would like some information about your "stalker"

Natalya: What do you know?

Info-Kun: Just that I saw him and Feliks at the hospital last night and that he made a very loud vow that he would never stop trying to win your affections.

Reading that made Natalya's blood boil. How many fucking times did she have to tell that moron that she was not fucking interested? God, she broke his wrists twice and he still continues to hit on her. How hard is it to give someone a fucking clue.

"Ugh, that fucking piece of shit, How I hate him" she mutters under her breath as she grabs her phone again and texts Info-Kun back.

Natalya: Thank you for letting me know, i'll figure out how to deal with him later.

Info-Kun: Anytime i'm always here to help

Natalya reads that text before she rolls her eyes in annoyance

Natalya: That's only because you get something out of it

Info-Kun: That really hurts Nat, i'm helping you out if the goodness of my heart

Natalya stares at the text before replying back.


Info-Kun: Touchy, touchy huh?

She stared at that reply just knowing that he was smirking as wrote it.

Natalya: Fuck you

Info-Kun: :P

"Ugh" Natalya exclaims as she throws her phone down onto the bed as she flips herself over, laying face down on one of Alfred's pillows, "I fucking hate that guy" she mutters exhausted with having to deal with Info-Kun's bullshit. A few minutes later Natalya hears the shower turn off. Another few minutes later the door to the bathroom opens and Alfred who is clad in his boxers and a towel steps out as he is drying his hair with another towel. Her eyes immediately go wide as she feels a blush gracing her face. Natalya couldn't help but stare as water dripped down his muscular arms.

"Oh god, how I fucking love him" she thinks to herself as she begins to drool slightly, "He's so fucking hot especially vhen he's vet!" she thinks to herself as she continues to stare at him. Natalya was still stuck in her trance when Alfred waved his right hand in her face.

"Dudette you okay?" Alfred asks worry lacing his voice, snapping Natalya out of it.

"Vhat?" Natalya asks as she shakes her head in confusion.

"I asked if you were okay Nat, you were just staring at me like you were in a trance or something" Alfred replies with a look of concern on his face making Natalya blush fiercely.

"O-oh right...y-yeah I'm fine and I-I vasn't staring a-at you I-I vas staring at the sun through the vindow behind you" Natalya stuttered nervously as she began playing with a lock of her hair.

"The sun?" Alfred asks as a look of confusion graces his face, "Nat, hasn't anyone ever told that staring at the sun isn't good for your eyes?" Alfred asks her still concerned about her well-being.

"I think so, I can't seem to remember right now" Natalya mutters turning her head from Alfred as she blushes, "I'm gonna hop in the shower now" she says as she stands up and makes her way to the bathroom.

"Okay, just let me know when you're in there so I can get your uniform clean" Alfred replies with a smile on his face, his breath smelling minty-fresh signaling that he just brushed his teeth as Natalya smiles back at him. She quickly enters the bathroom and immediately undresses after closing the door. She then starts the shower. Once it is to her liking she then proceeds to step inside of it.

"Okay Alfie, i'm in the shower now!" she calls out to him as she hears him open the bathroom door.

"Be right back with your uniform Nat" he says as he closes the door and rushes out. Natalya simply sighs as she feels the warm water cascade down over her body. How she wishes that Alfred was in here with her using a loofa to lather her body up as she did the same to him. She then began to pleasure herself as she moved her right hand to her vagina as she began to massage it while thinking of her beloved Alfred. She began to bite her bottom lip to stifle any of her moans that might try to escape. After a few minutes, she brought herself to an orgasm. after taking a few deep breaths she grabbed the shampoo and began to wash her hair before she began washing her body with the soap next. After finishing she shuts the shower off before she steps out and begins to dry herself off with a towel. Unfourtantley Alfred doesn't have a blow dryer but he does have a hairbrush which she uses. After brushing her teeth and using Alfred's deodorant which she knows he won't mind her using she hears a knock on the door.

"Nat the clothes are done" she hears Alfred say as he opens the door a crack and places his hand which is holding her clothes inside the bathroom resulting in her taking them from him.

"Thank you Alfie" she says with a smile as he recloses the door. Natalya then quickly gets dressed enjoying how warm her clothes feel and how clean they smell before opening the door to see Alfred fully dressed as well.

"Vell, i'm all ready" Natalya says with a smile.

"Great because we've got to go" Alfred says handing Natalya her bag before grabbing her hand with his left hand and pulling her out of his room, down the stairs and out of his house towards school. Once they reach the sidewalk he stops pulling her and they begin to walk side by side. The sun was exceptionally warm today making Natalya smile as she feels it's rays shine down on her. As she and Alfred continue walking down the sidewalk, Natalya smiles at the comfortable silence they have as it takes some couples years to be able to reach such a comfortable silence where they don't even need to say anything to enjoy the other's company and the best part is that she and Alfred hadn't even officially started dating yet. As they continue walking, Alfred turns to Natalya.

"So you excited for class today Nat?" he asks her with an enthusiastic smile on his face as she gives him an incredulous look.

"Who are you and vhat have you done vith my Alfie?" she asks him not noticing that she repeated a statement a certain blonde-haired girl that was currently pushing up daisies said over a week ago making Alfred chuckle before replying.

"I'm just really excited since we're really getting into my home country's history" he says with a happy smile as Natalya simply shakes her head and smiles at his patriotism for his home country. Suddenly an idea forms in her head as she looks down and begins playing with a lock of her hair faking being nervous

"Hey Alfie, i'm not doing so vell in history class and since you know so much more about the topic than me" she says as she looks up at him with a pleading look, "Do you think you could tutor me?" she asks as she begins to smile before closing her eyes as she holds her arm up to her head in a dramatic position, "It would be such a heroic act if you could help a poor damsel in her time of distress" she says as she lowers her arm and opens eyes to see that Alfred's eyes have lit-up with pure determination as he makes a fist with his right hand as he begins to make a declaration.

"Nat I vow here and now that I will tutor you in American history and I will not stop until you are as knowledgeable as I am about it" he says as he raises his right hand into the air, "This is a hero's promise" he says as lowers his hand back to his side as Natalya inwardly sighs in pure utter bliss. She can instantly feel her face heating up as a blush graces her face at her beloved's declaration.

"Th-Thank you Alfie" she says as she gives him a big hug as she feels him wraps his arms around her as well.

"Of course Nat anytime as your hero it's my job to help you in any way I can" he replies as Natalya's eyes widen slightly.

"Did he just refer to himself as my hero?" she asks herself in her head as a look of determination graces her face, "I've said it before and I vill say it again" she thinks to herself as she begins to hold Alfred slightly tighter, "There is nothing I von't do for Alfred. I von't let anyvone come between us. I don't care vhat I have to do. I don't care who I have to hurt. I don't care whose blood I have to spill. I von't let anyvone take my precious beloved from me. Nothing else matters. No one else matters. Alfred F. Jones vill be mine!" she growls in her head as she pulls away from the hug putting a smile on her face.

"Thank you Alfie, you're my best friend" she says with a happy smile, "And someday you vill be my husband" she adds in her head.

"You're my best friend too Nat" Alfred says still retaining his happy smile as he grabs her right hand with his left hand and begins dragging her to school, "Now come on we don't want to be late" he says making her chuckle as she allows him to drag her to school. Upon reaching the gates Natalya's perfect morning takes a plunge deep into the ground as the bane of her existence ran towards them and latched herself onto Alfred.

"Oh, Alfred, it's horrible!" Michelle cries as she clings to him.

"What's the matter Michelle?" Alfred asks her with concern lacing his voice.

"My friends have gone missing" she cries as Natalya rolls her eyes in annoyance.

"Vell this vill be a frustrating day" she thinks to herself as she sighs, "And it started off so very perfect" she says as her usual poker face graces her face, "Oh vell, let's get this shit show over vith" she says as she crosses her arms in annoyance.

Natalya grumbled to herself as she watched Alfred began trying to console Michelle. Fury began to burn through Natalya's veins at the sight of this disgusting skank touching HER Alfie! Her right hand began slightly twitching begging her to grab one of the few knives that she kept hidden up the sleeves of her button-up. If only she could have worn her dress to school. The sleeves of her dress allow her to hold many upon many knives. Dismissing that thought from her mind for now, Natalya turned her attention back to the disgusting harlot trying to steal her man and forced a fake look of sympathy onto her face as she approached the crying Michelle.

"Don't cry Michelle, i'm sure your friends are just fine" Natalya says trying to keep her tone light, "And on the off-chance that they are dead at least you'll have closure" she adds still smiling as Michelle begins crying even harder.

"You're not helping Nat" Alfred says with a sigh as a look of annoyance graces Natalya's face.

"Really? Vell, vat vould you like me to do? Tap her on the shoulder and tell her everything's gonna be okay?" Natalya asks sarcastically as she places her left hand on her hip, "You know that i'm not good at this Alfie" Natalya says as Alfred gives her an exasperated look making her sigh, "Fine" She says as she gently taps Michelle on the shoulder with her right hand, trying to be supportive keyword being trying. "There there. Everything's gonna be okay. You're alright and all that feel-good pep talk crap" She says as she rolls her eyes, viewing such an action as entirely pointless and waste of her time. Yet she did it anyway to please her beloved. After a few minutes, the bell for class rang. Michelle pulled away Alfred and wiped her eyes. She then turned back to Alfred with a hopeful look on her face.

"Alfred will you join me for lunch today?" she asks him sniffling as she wraps her arms around her waist, hugging herself, "Francis will be busy with 'is club and I don't want to be alone" she says as she looks towards Natalya, "You can come as well Natalya" Michelle says with a small smile as Natalya gives her a blank look.

"Don't worry Michelle, we'll be there" Alfred says with a bright smile as he holds up his right hand making a fist of determination as Michelle smiles happily.

"Zank you Alfred" she replies as she uncrosses her arms, "You are a true 'ero" she says as an excited glint appears in Alfred's eyes.

"You know it Michelle" he says as gives her a thumbs up with his right hand as he winks at her making her giggle as Natalya begins fuming internally before taking a deep breath and calming down as she places a fake smile on her face.

"Come on Alfie, let's get to class or we'll be late" she says as she grabs Alfred's right hand with her left hand and leads him inside, "We'll see you at lunchtime Michelle" she says as her and Alfred walk inside leaving the Seychelles girls standing there as they make their way towards their classroom.

[Time Skip]

Class, as usual, was boring. Not for Natalya though, for her, it was agonizing due to having to once again spend it with that vile harlot Michelle Bonnefoy.

"Ugh how I hate that disgusting abomination" she thinks to herself with much frustration, "How dare she try and use her friend's disappearance to try and lure my precious Alfie into her poisonous arms" she spats in her mind as class finishes up as Natalya internally groans as she and Alfred stand up from their desks. This was going to be one hell of a lunch period. As they grabbed their bags and made their way out into the hall they saw Michelle waiting for them.

"Hey Michelle" Alfred greeted her with a cheery smile as Michelle gives Alfred a slightly forced one back.

"Hey, Alfred" she says as her smile falters slightly as she acknowledges Natalya, "Hey Natalya" she adds as Natalya sends her a fake smile.

"Hey, Michelle" she replies as she is internally thinking of numerous methods on how to kill this bitch. Just as they were about to head up the stairs to the roof the girly-boy appeared.

"Feliks, what's up bro?" Alfred asked smiling, although his eyes shifted around slightly as usually where Feliks was Toris followed.

"First off like Toris totally isn't with me" Feliks says noticing the uncomfortable atmosphere, "And second like one of the teachers sent me to get Natalya and no I promise I am totally not bringing her too Toris, Ms. Jennings like really needs to speak with her" he adds with a slight look of annoyance, "I like totally had plans today but she insisted that I bring Natalya to her" he adds with a roll of his eyes as Natalya curses her luck before putting a fake smile on her face as she turns to Alfred and the harlot knowing that she can't get out of this.

"You two head up to the roof vithout me, I von't be long and then I vill join you" she says handing Alfred her bag as Alfred nods.

"K Nat, but don't take too long or else I might just eat your lunch" he says with a chuckle as Natalya rolls her eyes and smiles at him before turning to Feliks, "Let's make this quick" she says as the Polish boy leads her away from her beloved and the hideous skank whose trying to steal him from her. The whole time though her gut was telling her that something was wrong.

As Alfred and Michelle made it to the roof they both took a seat on a bench facing the front of the school and the small town they lived in below then as their school was atop a very high hill. Alfred loved eating on the roof. He remembered the year before on his Natalya's first day, they immediately decided that they would always try and eat on the roof if they could once they saw the beautiful view. As he was admiring the view Michelle turned towards him and began speaking.

"So Alfred, we're friends right?" she asks him as he sends her a breathtaking smile.

"Of course we are Michelle" he replies as she smiles happily.

"So if we're friends let's get to know one anozer better" she says a s look of curiosity graces her face, "I've always wondered somezing, why did you join ze baseball team and not ze American football team?" she asks as he chuckles lightly.

"Damn it's been a while since someone's asked me that" he thinks to himself as he begins reminiscing.

"Honestly, it was all because of Nat" he says a fond smile graces his face, "She said that I was dense enough and didn't need to get any denser from potential head injuries" he says as he chuckles again as Michelle gasps.

"Why would she say zat to you?" she asks with a shake of her head, "I zought she was your friend?" she adds with a look of confusion and mild irritation in her eyes.

"She is" Alfred replies quickly knowing where her thoughts are going, "That's just how we are with each other" he adds as a fond smile graces his face again as he places his hands on the seat and leans back against the wall behind them, "Nat and I have been friends for nine years now and when you've been friends with someone that long, well you know everything there is to know about them and that allows you to tease one another" he says with a light chuckle as Michelle nods her head in understanding.

"Oh, I see" she replies with a nod of her head.

"Yeah, and also that's just how Nat is" he says he looks up at the light dusting of clouds in the otherwise blue sky, "She's very blunt and occasionally says things that to most people may sound like insults, but knowing her well as I do, I know that's just her showing concern and that she cares for me" he adds as he continues to watch the clouds go by.

"You and Natalya must be very close" Michelle comments with slight irritation in her voice that Alfred does not notice.

"The closest" Alfred responds, "We've done everything together, I even took ballet classes with her when we were little since she really wanted to do them and wanted me there with her" he says as begins remembering those happy memories.

"You took ballet classes?" Michelle asks with a look of surprise on her face.

"Yeah, Nat really wanted me to do em with her and what kind of friend would I be to say no" he replies with a slight chuckle, "Plus thanks to em i'm really quick on my feet and that helps a lot when playing baseball" he adds with a wink making Michelle chuckle as Alfred becomes somber for a moment.

"When Amelia died I was devastated" Alfred admits as Michelle goes quiet, "I thought to myself over and over if I had skipped that meeting and went up to the roof with her and Natalya then maybe I could have stopped her" he says as he sighs and shakes his head before stopping as he looks to the sky again, "Honestly if it wasn't for Nat I don't know what I would have done" he adds as he begins to smile again, "I'll always miss Amelia, she was my first friend but I know that if it had been Nat who killed herself, I wouldn't have been able to handle it" he adds with a forlorn look as a surprised look crosses Michelle's face again.

"But weren't you closer wiz Amelia?" she asks him as he shakes his head no once.

"While we still kept in touch, Amelia and I grew apart when I moved away" he says as turns towards Michelle, "Nat and I have been hanging out every day for the past nine years" he says with a fond smile on his face, "There is no one else I could be closer with" he says as he shrugs slightly, "Except maybe Mattie but he's my twin brother so he doesn't really count" he adds nonchalantly.

"So why do you want to be a 'ero?" she with a curious look on her face once more.

"Oh that's an easy one" he replies with a happy smile as he sits up straight, "I was inspired by there heroes in the comic book" he states still smiling happily, "Superman, Spiderman, Captain America" he lists off as he places a finger up for each name he lists, "After seeing all of the heroic acts they commit and how they always save the day from evil and make everyone happy, I just knew that is what I wanted to do" he explains with as he becomes more passionate with the way he is speaking, "I know the world can be a rotten place at times what with racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia and just general assholes and Karens but I chose to see the positivity in life" he replies as he makes a fist with his right hand as a look of determination fills his eyes, "I want to spread positivity and happiness to everyone" he adds as he looks up to the sky again, "I want to make everyone happy in life no matter what background they come from, so that maybe one day there can be no more war or hatred or crime" he admits as he sighs and unballs his right hand as he leans against the wall behind him again, "It's wishful thinking at best but it's still a dream I would love to one day see as reality" he admits with a light chuckle as Michelle gives him a bright smile.

"Wow he's a really kind and caring guy" Michelle thinks to herself as she feels her heart begin to beat slightly faster, "I-I think i'm starting to fall for 'im" she thinks to herself as she notices one of the doors to the roof o[en and Natalya appear. Getting an idea Michelle immediately gives Alfred a hug.

"Well, I appreciate everyzing zat you've done to try and make me feel better about my current situation Mr. 'ero" she says in a happy tone oif voice.

"Anytime dudette" Alfred says back with a slight chuckle just as Michelle locks eyes with Nataly over Alfred's right shoulder sending the girl a smirk.

[Ten Minutes Earlier]

As Natalya followed the girly-boy down a flight of stair all she could think about is what that disgusting harlot could be doing to her precious Alfie right this second.

"So vat did Ms. Jennings says she vanted me for? Natalya asks with a curious look on her face and a slightly agitated tone.

"Like all she told me was to bring you to her" Feliks replies as Natalya nods in acceptance. A few minutes later they arrive at Ms. Jenning's classroom and she is not to be found making Natalya's gut question everything.

"She must have like stepped out for a few seconds" Feliks says in a slightly nervous, tone, "Let's just wait for her" he adds as Natalya quietly glares at him.

Ten minutes pass and Ms. Jennings never arrives. Natalya's patience is now at an all-time low and as she turns to look at Feliks she finally realizes what her gut had been trying to tell her. Pulling out one of her knives she points it at him.

"YOU LIED TO ME!" she exclaims fury in her voice, "VAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS!?" she asks him in a furious tone as he begins cowering and backing away from her.

"MICHELLE LIKE TOTALLY PUT ME UP TO THIS!" he quickly spilled fearing for his own life as he back up against a wall, "SHE WANTED TO USE HER FRIENDS DISAPPEARENCES TO GAIN SYMPATHY FROM ALFRED" he squealed as dropped down into fetal position, "LIKE PLEASE DON'T HURT ME!" he exclaims as Natalya gaps in shock and rushes out of the room and for the stairs.

"THAT FUCKING BITCH!" Natalya exclaims angrily in her head, "VHEN I GET MY HANDS ON HER I'LL RING HER NECK!" she internally adds as she finally makes it to the roof. "Upon arriving an unholy sight greets her. The harlot has practically thrown herself at Alfred once again, however, this time she is sensually hugging him making Natalya grit her teeth and glare hatefully at her, fury filling Natalya's body. Just as she is about to head over there and give the lying bitch a piece of her mind, the bitch makes eyes contact and smirks at her. The bitch then turns her face towards Alfred's right ear and sticks out her tongue as if she is going to taste him. Natalya blacked out in that moment, because the next thing she knew, she was in the girl's bathroom in one of the stalls, staring at deep knife marks embedded into the wall. She then looked down to her right hand which is holding a very blunt knife. She frowns before scoffing in annoyance as she makes her way out of the stall and then out of the bathroom still fuming over what that retched abomination did. After witnessing that she no longer wanted to kill Michelle Bonnefoy, no death would be too much of a mercy for that hoe bag. No, She wanted to ruin that bitch's life to a point that it could never be fixed. As she looked at herself in the bathroom mirror she frowned again as she was having a difficult time thinking of just how to ruin Michelle's life. Sighing she gave up and decided to leave the bathroom and head back up to the roof. Upon exiting she heard a very loud "Eeep" and turned to the left seeing a startled Toris rushing down the hall in the opposite direction of her. It was in that moment Natalya had an idea, an awful idea, one that made her smirk wickedly. Natalya Arlovskaya had a truly awful idea.

"I know just vat to do" she says as her smirk grows wider.

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