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I was born during a solar eclipse; and in the superstitious world I was born into, that was bad enough. The fact that my eyes were… wrong just made it worse. I knew where I had been reborn the moment I looked up into my mother's eyes and saw two solid white orbs staring back at me. My father was no different. I was a Hyuuga, specifically, a main branch member from the lack of swastikas on my parents' foreheads. Unfortunately, the eyes I saw reflected in my mother's gaze were not solid white. In point of fact, they were quite the opposite; solid black.

A gruff voice spoke up; a language I vaguely recognized grinding against my infant ears. "なぜ彼は泣いていないのですか? 待って...何が彼の目に間違っている!嫌悪!"

And that was how I got my name; Ken'o. Abomination, aversion, malevolence, disgust, hatred, repugnance, so on. My father named me n an exclamation of disgust and horror. My mother died not long after I was born and father hung himself two weeks later. He couldn't stand to look at the monster that killed his wife. Unfortunately, the bastard branded me before he kicked out the chair. From that day on I was a main branch member in name only; I still had the privileges of the main branch, yet the mark that marred my forehead and my inverted eyes saw me treated like trash.

Honestly, I'm surprised they didn't outright kill me. Had the clan head not been such a good friend to my father, they probably would have. As it was, I was looked on with distrust and treated much harsher than anyone else. Especially after the string of misfortune started. it was little things at first; a few people got mildly ill, some accidents resulting in minor injury. At first everyone just wrote it off as bad luck; though any Hyuuga tripping was rather odd. That is, until a genin died in a training accident on my first birthday. After that people started connecting the dots; dots I'm not even sure are there myself.

I hardly cared at first. As an infant I barely even noticed; only realising my father hated me when he slammed his palm into my forehead and condemned me. The vindictive smile he had as he tied that noose around his neck filled me with rage. He kept smiling even as he formed the seal to activate my brand. Nearly five minutes of mind shattering agony later and my father kicked the chair and snapped his neck. Apparently he didn't have it in him to take the "honourable" route and disembowel himself.

I was found hours later, almost brain dead. I spent two months in the hospital afterwards. It was immediately apparent (at least to me; it took the doctors a few more weeks to figure it out) what had happened to me; the bastard had fried the pain center of my brain, in the process destroying my sensation. From that moment on, every sensation was agony; every beat of my heart, every breath I drew, every movement sent fiery lightning bolts of pain shooting through me. Even the most gentle of breeze felt like fire on my skin. From that day on I spent every moment in unending torment. I wrapped my entire body in bandages soaked in a powerful numbing agent and flooded my veins with painkillers; it had little effect.

I unlocked my chakra at six months, my Byakugan a week after. The clan was shocked; most people didn't unlock their chakra until they were six or seven; later if they weren't in a clan. My unprecedented achievement had whispers of "prodigy" on everyone's tongue.

At first I hated my chakra and hated my Byakugan even more. Channeling chakra felt like pouring electrified fire through my veins and the Byakugan felt like I replaced my eyes with balls of magma. Even wrapped in bandages soaked in numbing agents and doped up on as many painkillers as I could find the searing agony brought me to my knees. I could barely keep my eyes active for ten seconds, let alone the hours of most clan members. At first, anyways.

"Ken'o, what are you doing?" I acknowledged the question with a grunt, continuing to throw knife hand thrusts at an upright log wrapped in coarse rope. I flashed my Byakugan for a second to see who it was; ignoring the blistering paroxysm of pain the action brought me. When everything is agony, pain starts to lose its meaning.

My brief glance revealed that it was one of the elders standing behind me; specifically, my grandfather. I never cared much for the man and he obviously felt little for me. His confusion didn't surprise me; I had only learned to walk a few weeks ago and only became stable enough to stay standing for extended periods a few days ago. Seeing a child barely over a year and a half battering their hand against a training pole must have been a rather unusual sight; even in a world of fireball shooting child soldiers.

"Training." As soon as I could support my own weight I had moved on from exclusively training my Byakugan and what meager chakra control exercises I could think of to actually training my body. Of course, I would frequently be dragged away so I spent most of my days learning to read. Apparently being a prodigy bought you plenty of liberties; a dedicated tutor being one of them. One of the first things I had studied (when that blasted tutor fell asleep during one of our sessions) was a book on chakra's effects on the body. The book was very, very old and equally weathered; based on the studies it described, I presumed it was from before the great clan era, perhaps it was written soon after the sage spread chakra to the world. The experiments that took place would only make sense in a world where chakra was new and unstudied. In a world where chakra had been around as long as anyone could remember no one would have thought to study its effects, considering they would have nothing to compare it to. Apparently, chakra had the unique effect that it kept heavy training from having deleterious effects on the body, even going so far as to quicken recovery times.

"Hmm, It matters not; the clan head's child has been born. As a member of the main branch, you are required to attend the celebration. Your "training" will have to wait." So saying he turned and walked away; evidently eager to be out of my presence. I had been told (or, more accurately, heard whispered when they thought I couldn't hear) that I had an unsettling presence that grew more uncomfortable with time. I watched him go, my blank face hiding my disdain. Unlike most clan members, my grandfather refused to acknowledge that I was in any way special; he went so far as to ignore the oddness of my eyes.

Slowly I turned to the house, depthless and cruel apathy in the soulless abyss of my eyes as a wicked smile spread across my face. So, little Hinata was born, eh? Hmph, at least her weakness will take some eyes off me. Perhaps I'll even be able to study some of the things they'd rather I not.

The ceremony was just as inane as I thought it would be. Lots of useless congratulations and posturing on every side. At least I could take solace in the waves of noise against my skin, and the pain it brought. Huh, I think I may be turning into a masochist… good, at least I won't be bothered by the ceaseless agony of my existence… god that sounds emo; damn Uchiha must be infecting me with their proximity.

I grimaced at the thought and received a smack to the back of the head courtesy of my "honourable" grandfather. I glanced over at him to see him shaking his head disapprovingly, "Fool, don't scowl at the clan heir's birth." How he could even see my expression with my whole body encased in bandages as it was I had no idea. Regardless, I sent him a glare before plastering the largest and most obviously disingenuous smile I could on my face.

"Of course, Honoured Grandfather!" He sent me a dark look and I could see a veiled hatred in his eyes. I felt oddly invigorated by the hate flowing from him and felt a real smile spread unbidden across my face. My grandfather suddenly nervously looked away with a muttered curse.

A loud call for attention drew my gaze to Hiashi, who was holding his daughter before him. I could see people's fear and disdain as they looked at her eyes; her lavender eyes. Ever since my birth the Hyuuga have been even more stringent about their eyes' purity; one dead genin and half a dozen major injuries all possibly connected to me and suddenly tolerance for odd coloured eyes dropped like lead in the ocean.

Hiashi spoke up, his voice silencing the discontented whispers, "On this day my daughter is born. On this day many years from now she shall take my place as head of our great clan." He paused and made sure to lock eyes with everyone, even me, before continuing. "May she lead us to ever greater heights when that day comes. On this day I name her Hinata Hyuuga; may she bring honour and glory to her name."

Hmph, what a grandiose load of bullshit. I scowled beneath my bandages; I don't have time to waste on this meaningless nonsense. Hinata's birth tells me roughly where I am in the timeline; it also tells me that Obito is already active. I can only assume the Kyuubi attack has already occurred, considering Naruto is like three years older than Hinata and the rest of the main cast. I haven't heard anything about the Kiri civil war; though considering I'm not even two yet that's not surprising.

I turned to leave when I saw Hiashi was done speaking; sending a disdainful glance at the people around me. I had training to do. Before I could make it to the door I was roughly grabbed by the shoulder. I was spun around to face my assailant; who turned out to be, to my total lack of surprise, my grandfather. "Where do you think you're going boy?" He quirked an eyebrow, and for all the hate I could feel burning in him he rather impressively kept it from both his face and voice.

I met his eyes unwaveringly, "I have better things to do than sit around eating snacks and chatting with nobodies. Training; for instance." I shrugged off his hand and once again turned to leave, dodging his attempt to reestablish his grip on me. I made it two strides before I felt his rage spike and instinctively activated my Byakugan.

The world seemed to slow down as I saw his hand approaching; I could see the chakra build up in his hand as it headed straight down where the blind spot should be. My eyes widened even as I whirled to the side, hand instinctively forming into a Gentle Fist strike as I dodged. My grandfather had just attempted to murder me right in front of the entire main branch; I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, like father like son after all.

I slammed my fingers into his side in a practised strike, shooting the destructive needle of chakra into his tenketsu as his hand passed through the space my head had been seconds before. He screamed, dropping to his knees and gripping his side; his face a rictus of agony. I watched as burns spread from the spot where I hit him like snakes as he writhed on the floor. With my Byakugan I could see as my shadowy orange (orange?!) chakra burned his chakra coils. His body, weakened by age, alcohol abuse, and grief was unable to properly combat my raging chakra as it burned through his coils; leaving ravaged flesh and… something else on its way towards his heart.

I felt a strange burning sensation in my eyes (unlike the usual, familiar pain) as my chakra reached his heart and black fluid leaked from his mouth. As his struggles ceased I felt like a hot knife was carving a circle in my eyes. I stared at his body in shock, "I… I didn't…"

Hiashi's stern voice knocked me from my stupor, "Of course not; I witnessed the whole event. Ken'o's grandfather attacked him unprovoked and only his instincts prevented him from serious injury or death." He glanced at my grandfather's burned body, grimacing as more of the strange, tar like fluid poured from his eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. "Furoshu's odd reaction to Ken'o's chakra will, however, require investigation."

I partially turned to look at him as he spoke before my eyes settled on a mirror on the wall. My reflection put a finger over its hidden lips and I could tell it was smiling. I stared into my own eyes, only to see a red circle in each eye encircling where my iris would be if I had any. I watched as this facsimile of myself flexed its hand and tore the bandages, revealing crimson skin and black, claw like nails before carving words into the mirror. 'Their eyes deceive them; the truth is hidden… but for how long?' The doppelganger reached up and tore the bandages from its mouth, revealing a ragged and lipless grin full of far too many teeth, each and every one looking like an overly sharp canine. Silent laughter shook the copy's form and it doubled over as Hiashi grabbed my shoulder and guided me out of the building.

Hiashi lead me to the clan's clinic and sat me down on an exam table before heading out to find the doctor. He didn't even get two steps before the door opened and said doctor walked in, a concerned look on his face. "Hiashi-sama, what's wrong?"

Hiashi shook his head and turned to look at me, "Not me Yasashī. Little Ken'o here was attacked by his grandfather. He managed to avoid the opening blow and instinctively lashed out with the Gentle Fist. Up until the strike connected everything was normal for the situation." Here he paused for a moment, a nearly imperceptible shudder passing through him, "When Ken'o's chakra shot through him something changed; Furoshu screamed in agony and dropped to his knees before collapsing on the ground. Serpentine burns began to spread across his body almost immediately."

Yasashī frowned, stroking his short beard in thought, "Well, that could be caused by an adverse reaction to his chakra; not entirely unusual. A less likely but still possible cause would be if he instinctively channeled fire or even lightning chakra into the strike."

Hiashi gave a mirthless chuckle, "I've seen the results of both your hypotheses before; if that were all that happened I wouldn't have brought him to you. No, it didn't end there. Ken'o's chakra seemed to attack Furoshu's, burning out his coils and seeming to convert Furoshu's chakra into more of Ken'o's; Ken'o himself may not have noticed given the state he was in but after Furoshu died the converted chakra was drawn into Ken'o." He frowned, "And that isn't even the oddest part. While most of his screams were incoherent I managed to make out a few words; and what he said haunts me. He spoke as if his wife and son were berating him; as if fallen friends and family were attacking him…"

Yasashī's eyes were wide, "That's… I-"

Hiashi whirled on him, "I'm not finished." His tone was harsh and clipped. He took a moment to collect himself, seeming to have forgotten I was even in the room. "I'm sorry doctor. I… shouldn't have lashed out."

Yasashī gave a slight smile, "It's quite alright; stress can bring out the worst in people."

Hiahsi nodded gravely and sighed before continuing, "As Furoshu was writhing on the ground a thick black fluid began to pour first from his mouth, then nose, ears, and finally eyes. I… I have no idea what that fluid was but it reeked of suffering."

Yasashī frowned, "The way you describe it it sounds almost like advanced necrosis or acid. But that makes no sense…" He locked eyes with Hiashi, "He is a pure blood Hyuuga, right?"

Hiashi raised an eyebrow and glanced at me before nodding, "As far as I'm aware he is. Why?"

Yasashī turned to look at me more thoroughly before moving over to a cabinet and withdrawing a needle, "Because the only explanation I can think of is a bloodline. There are two clans that fit the bill of that last description; the Fuhai-Omo and the Tokasu." He approached me, blowing air out of the needle before cleaning my arm. "So, with your permission, I want to take a blood sample and test to see if he has either."

Hiasshi nodded and a tourniquet was swiftly wrapped around my bicep and the good doctor promptly drew a syringe full of blood. The clan head spoke up, "Would chakra paper be able to detect such a bloodline?" While the Hyuuga possessed a bloodline, it had no effect on their chakra nature.

Yasashī paused, glancing over at Hiashi. "Perhaps, though the Hatake white chakra doesn't show up with such tests so it might not show anything." Hatake white chakra? I'm fairly certain Kakashi had no bloodline save the eye Obito gave him. The only thing that comes to mind is Sakumo's Sabre.

My musings were cut off when Yasashī let out a cry and jumped back. Hiashi whirled from his position halfway out the door. "What is it?"

Yasashī stuttered, a look of horrified shock on his face., "I-it melted the glass… and th-the metal." he pointed at the floor before him.

I followed his finger and felt my eyes widen; the syringe full of blood he had just drawn was dropped to the ground... and was currently burning through it. The glass and metal that made up the syringe was molten and bubbling. My blood itself looked normal; save for the fact that the linoleum (or at least that's what it looked like anyway) was melting and on fire.

My gaze was drawn from the flickering flames to my reflection on the polished floor. The grinning creature seemed to silently laugh before scratching words into the floor, 'Will the truth set you free… or see you locked in a cage?'

I quickly hid my scowl; I didn't fully understand what the creature meant, but I knew that even if they did find something I couldn't do anything about it. I was too young and weak to go rogue with any hope of surviving.

Hiashi's normally carefully neutral face was a rictus of shock, "Wha-what the fuck?! I've never seen anything like this!"

Yasashī gaped like a fish, "This is… this is unlike any bloodline I've ever heard of, let alone seen." He paused, a contemplative look spreading across his face. "The Hokage will need to be informed…" He turned to Hiashi. "But first, we should carry out that chakra test; best to go to the Hokage with as complete of information as we can."

Hiashi looked at the doctor for a long while and I can't say I blame him; what Yasashī was suggesting was technically not illegal, but it was borderline at best. Slowly he nodded, apparently deciding that the knowledge was more important than telling the Hokage about what didn't seem to be a threat. "Alright, I'll get the chakra paper." So saying he turned and left; leaving me alone with the doctor… and my reflection.

I turned to look back at the distorted echo as it grinned up at me; once again scratching symbols into the floor. 'For every swallowed soul you grow stronger, for every life taken your eyes slowly, ever so slowly evolve.'

I blinked and went to speak before remembering the doctor. I looked up to find him still staring at my blood, now having taken out a throat swab and begun poking it. I turned back to my doppleganger as the man watched the stick burn up in his hand. I didn't know any form of sign language so instead I used a technique I had spent months learning as an infant; chakra strings. I had by no means mastered the technique, I could barely form three strings; the sheer amount of control necessary for the technique was astounding, especially if you want to make them invisible. Even with the difficulty I simply couldn't neglect the skill; the things I'd seen Sasori and Chiyo do (hell, even Kankuro and Sasuke) and the implications of those things were something I just couldn't ignore. With sufficient control I would essentially have telekinesis; the possibilities seemed endless.

Now though, I simply formed the thin strands of glowing and shadowy orange chakra into words. Even if the doctor looked over he wouldn't be able to understand what I was writing given I used my native language.

The strands twisted and curled, spelling out a simple question; 'What are you?'

The being laughed, the silent cackling almost amusing were it not so unnerving. 'I am but a messenger of one who is eager to meet you. I am here to assist in your training until you are ready to meet them."

My eyes widened and I almost spoke aloud before glancing at the doctor, 'Who are they? What are they?'

The reflection shook its finger 'Tsk, tsk; all in good time. You are not yet ready. She has waited for a very long time; she can be patient."

She? Well, at least that's something. I now know exactly one detail about this entity; other than that it has servants and is obviously not from canon.

"Oh, practicing with chakra strings, eh? That's unusual for a Hyuuga; you're even more advanced than the rumors say." My head shot up to find the doctor looking at me curiously. "Orange chakra huh…" He leans close to look closer at the short threads before backing up with a slight shudder. "It's almost like you've got bijuu chakra in you."

The door opened before I could question him; Hiashi walking in with a small slip of paper in hand. He paused in the doorway upon spotting my orange chakra threads. The clan head sighed and shook his head before continuing into the room. He raised the paper up and looked at me, "Ken'o, this is chakra paper; if you channel chakra into it it'll tell us what nature affinity you have."

I nodded, taking the paper from his outstretched hand. It took me but a moment to channel chakra into it. The paper seemed to dissolve into ashes that scattered in a breeze that simply couldn't be there; a faint, mournful wail sounding with it.

Hiashi blinked, "That has to be the strongest fire affinity I've ever heard of." I frowned, somehow I don't think that's what it was.

Yasashī slowly shook his head, "No… that doesn't seem right. It didn't burst into flames it just… dissolved." He watched the white ash settle around the room with a frown. "And I'm certain there's no breeze in here."

They soon fell into a cyclical discussion as I sat and watched before giving up on them figuring out what was going on. I instead channeled chakra to my hand, staring at it with my Byakugan. I watched the shapeless shadows shift in my orange chakra and it took me a moment to realise what was different. It didn't hurt nearly as much. Ever since I killed my grandfather, using chakra hurt significantly less and even my eyes felt better. One of the shadows formed a familiar shape; my grandfather's face screaming in agony.

I joined the academy at an unprecedented four years old; even younger than Kakashi. I graduated at five at the top of my class. I made no friends, no connections. Not only was I not interested in such things, but even if I was no one would associate with me. Everyone hated the little brat that came out of nowhere and showed everyone up. The ill fortune that seemed to plague those around me made me out to be a bad omen and it only got worse after I "accidentally" killed the class bully in a spar.

He had thrown mud on my lunch and insulted me to my face; called me a worthless orphan. His parents died in a house fire a week later. When he returned to class the following week the Chuunin instructor, a taciturn and unsympathetic man, had him spar against me. The boy was usually a decent fighter, but with grief clouding his mind it was easy to get within his guard and plunge my hand into his gut. I had found a scroll on the chakra scalpel and had been practicing the technique; the idea of turning my hands into blades appealed to me greatly, especially with how complimentary it seemed to the Gentle Fist.

My hand slid through his flesh with ease, my caustic chakra burning through him like a super heated blade. I hid my sadistic grin as I pulsed my chakra through my hand, a shapeless blast of malevolent orange light expanding into him and reducing his innards to ash. He dropped to the earth, the blackened ruins of his soul dripping from his eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. I was scolded heavily, but eventually it was decided it had been an accident and no charges were levied against me. Ninja's die, even in training; no point crying over spilt milk after all.

As I waited for my Jonin sensei to arrive I watched the five screaming shadows move about my chakra in amusement as I practiced my chakra strings (the only thing you really can practice while in class without getting in trouble). I watched the invisible threads with my Byakugan as I moved them over towards the front of the class from my seat at the back. I had learned that the longer the strand was the more chakra and more control it took. As it was I could barely get them across the twenty foot room while keeping them invisible; manipulating objects without burning them to nothing was even more difficult. I had used them over the year to fuck with my fellow students and teachers, making things fall from their positions, jerking pencils when people were writing, and stealing things from people were not only amusing distractions but also good practice. Making people who annoyed me spasm in pain by attaching a string to them and pulsing a tiny bit of chakra through it was even more enjoyable; watching them scream and writhe as a tiny part of their soul was blackened and burned and knowing that a small amount of their chakra was being stolen forever was down right arousing. Huh, guess I'm more of a sadist than I thought.

My musings were interrupted by lazy drawl, "Alright, Team 2; meet me on the roof." I blinked, shifting my focus to look at my new sensei as he vanished in a leaf shunshin. I frowned, watching him sit lazily on the railing, gazing up at the clouds. Just by his attitude I could guess he was a Nara; though I didn't recognise him.

Deactivating my Byakugan, I followed my teammates up to the roof. Sensei's head lolled to the side to look at us from his new position lying on the ground. I blinked, noticing the two large scars on the right side of his face and felt my mind skidding to a halt. "Alright, sense Hokage-sama pressured me into this I guess I gotta train you." He sighed, "Try not to be too troublesome." He paused, looking us over, "Alright, how 'bout you introduce yourselves."

The girl on the team raised her hand, displacing her long blonde hair. "Sensei, shouldn't you go first? You know, to show us what to do?" His black eyes, drifted to her bright blue before he sighed.

"Troublesome already… Alright, My name is Shikaku Nara. I am the Jonin Commander of Konohagakure. I like Shogi, Go, clouds, and sleeping. I dislike troublesome things. My dream is for this period of peace to last longer than the last." He lazily waved a hand at the girl who had spoken, "Alright, your turn blondy."

Her eyes lit up, "My name is Hakai Jibaku! I like blowing things up! I dislike things that I'm not allowed to blow up! My dream is to surpass my cousin as an even greater artist than him!" Looking at the nearly rabid gleam in her eyes I got a horrible suspicion.

I decided it was better to know than to wonder, "And, who exactly is your cousin?"

She turned to me and I knew the answer before she spoke up by the fire in her eyes, "Deidara, the greatest artist in the world! For now, anyways."

Great, a Mini-Mad-Bomber and a lazy genius. My gaze turned to my male teammate hopefully, maybe I'll get lucky and nothing will be wrong with him.

He spoke, his voice a cold monotone. "My name is Kenji Shimura. I do not like anything. I do not dislike anything. I do not have any dreams."

Oh, lovely. My team consists of a Mini-Mad-Bomber, an enlarged Shikamaru, and one of Danzo's drones. I can see why this team didn't exist in canon.

Shikaku swung his eyes over to me with an expectant look, eliciting a sigh. "My name is Ken'o Hyuuga. I like growing stronger. I dislike stagnation. My dream is to be stronger than anyone in history… and to enjoy life." Freedom is the privilege of the strong; the stronger you are the more free you are. When you are the strongest, you are the free-est.

Shikaku raised an eyebrow, "Alright then. I'm supposed to test you to see if you're worthy of being genin… but that sounds troublesome so I'll just pass you. Meet me at training ground seven tomorrow at eight A.M." So saying his head lolled to the side and he promptly fell asleep.

I stared at my sleeping sensei as my teammates shrugged and walked away… I'm gonna fucking die, aren't I? A team with a terminally lazy sensei, a psychotic arsonist, an emotionless drone, and a borderline psychopath? No way are we gonna last.

I shook my head and walked away. At least Shikaku is smart; hopefully I'll be able to learn from him.

The next day found me crouched down in the branches of one of the many trees in the forest that was training ground seven, Kenji sitting silently in a small clearing, and Hakai setting things on fire while we waited for our sensei to arrive. I was beginning to think he wasn't gonna show when a lazy drawl whispered in my ear, "Well, well. Aren't you a sneaky one." I whirled, an orange chakra scalpel lancing towards the unexpected intruder's chest before I consciously realised who it was. Shikaku dodged, watching my hand burn through the tree trunk with a curious look. "Jumpy too." I pulled my hand from the tree and deactivated the scalpel, turning to send him a blank look.

He chuckled and jumped down towards the rest of the team, scolding Hakai and shooting a large stream of water from his mouth to put out the small forest fire she started. I watched him for a moment before jumping down to join him.

He frowned at the smouldering ashes of a portion of the forest before turning to us. "Alright, so it turns out the Hokage requires a test." He pulled out a single bell, jingling it about to draw our eyes. "The test is simple; who ever gets this bell passes. Now this is also an evaluation of your skills, so come at me with everything you've got. Lethal force and attacking each other is allowed." He looked us each in the eyes to make sure we understood before nodding, "Begin."

Kenji and Hakai jumped away to hide in the forest while I appeared not to move. Shikaku raised an eyebrow. "You're not too bright are you?"

I simply smirked, "That so?" Suddenly sensei gasped and leapt back. Seeing that stealth was right out, I raised my hands and started twitching my fingers; the action speeding up my chakra strings.

Shikaku's eyes widened before narrowing as he continued to dodge the invisible threads. "How very sneaky of you." He looked me in the eyes with a raised brow, "Though if you've mastered threads to this level you should know you can't do real damage with them."

My smirk widened, "Really?" As my now visible threads kept attacking him, twenty more shot out of the woods. Three of the new threads managed to hit sensei; one slashing into his leg and two latching onto an arm. His eyes widened as a pained cry wrenched itself from his lips. A deep burned gash stretched across his calf and his left arm spasmed violently, driving him to one knee. As he fell the rest of my threads latched onto him, allowing me and my two clones to channel our caustic chakra into him. "Are you sure about that?"

I laughed as he screamed and writhed, flicking my pinky out to detach a thread; allowing the now free thread to snatch the bell off his waist. I turned my hand palm up and placed the bell in it. I smiled victoriously… before leaping forward as the ground beneath me exploded.

I whirled, lashing out with my chakra strings and slicing a tree into ten burning pieces. I barely spotted Hakai jumping from the tree before I had to dodge a tipless tanto aimed for my throat. I smiled, activating my Byakugan with a thought. I leaned to the side, allowing a kunai to fly past my head. Kenji knocked the blade aside a second before it exploded.

I abandoned the chakra strings from my right hand and swapped them out for a chakra scalpel. As the smoke cleared I lept forward, attempting to impale the young Shimura. Kenji dodged the blow and swiped at my arm with his blade; a blow I redirected with a single thread.

As me and Kenji dueled, each making sure to dodge every blow, Hakai ensured I couldn't attack him with my threads by throwing a hailstorm of explosive kunai. I used my threads to snatch them out of the air and either throw them back at her or throw them at Kenji. I highly doubt the two of them planned out this strategy; Hakai was too impulsive and reckless to even consider it while Kenji wouldn't bother.

I attempted to destroy the ROOT shinobi's blade with my scalpel and swiftly regretted it. While my chakra degraded his blade it was nowhere near fast enough to prevent him from cutting me. A shallow cut across my hand and minor damage to Kenji's blade was my only reward.

Before my clones could back me up the entire section of forest they stood in exploded in a massive fireball; sending Kenji and sensei flying. I used surface clinging to grip the earth beneath me as I watched them fly. Both slammed into a tree, Kenji dropping to the earth with a groan… and sensei being impaled through the chest by a broken branch.

As soon as he died I felt my reserves expand and the constant pain existing caused me lessen as usual… along with a burning in my eyes. I watched as a line burned across my eyes; connecting the bottom of the circle to the upper right portion.

I shook off the odd event and whirled towards Hakai; I could always ask my reflection what the new addition did later. Hakai was too stunned to dodge in time and I easily ensnared her; my infernal chakra rampaging through her system. I released her half a minute later, allowing her lifeless body to fall to the earth as I dodged a vertical slash from Kenji. I smirked, without Hakai to distract me I was able to attack with my strings. I blinked when his blade slashed through the strands, temporarily disrupting them. It took me less than a second to figure out what was happening with but a glance from my Byakugan; Kenji was channeling chakra through his blade.

I frowned after a few moments of watching him dodge and destabilize my strings; he was better with his tanto than I was with my strings. I wasn't willing to bet that our stalemate would last; while I could easily out last him in chakra, he was obviously trained by Danzo, and Danzo doesn't allow his forces out if they're less than Anbu level. Kenji would almost certainly figure away around my technique if given enough time.

I released the strings on my right hand once more, spearing towards him with a chakra scalpel. As expected he dodged the blow, swiping his blade to destabilize some threads. I smirked, turning to follow him and biting my tongue. I spat a modified water bullet at him, modified in that it was made from my own blood. I was still working on a way to use my blood techniques without injuring myself.

His eyes widened as the blood bullet slammed into his chest. My molten blood and caustic chakra easily burned halfway through his chest before exploding. The superheated liquid burned away his innards in a fraction of a second, assisted by my chakra that once compressed it.

My smirk faded as I watched his smoking body hit the ground. I turned to look at the bodies of what was supposed to be my team with a scowl. "Well, that certainly went to shit fast." I flicked my wrist and sent chakra strings towards my fallen comrades before heading off to the Kage tower. I received several strange looks and was followed the whole way by at least one team of Anbu. I guess a five year old walking through the streets, followed by the floating bodies of two genin and a jonin is rather unusual.

The Hokage looked from me to the bodies I had laid before him with an incredulous look, his pipe having dropped from his mouth. "You killed your entire team?" The disbelief in his voice was obvious. He didn't seem to notice as his fallen pipe set fire to one of his massive stacks of paperwork.

I waved my hand noncommittally, "Eh, technically I only incapacitated Shikaku." I pointed to Hakai's corpse, "Technically she killed him. It was the shock wave from one of her bombs that launched him into the tree branch."

Hiruzen shook his head, "Yes, but that wouldn't have killed him had you not incapacitated him. How did you do that anyway? He is not only a jonin but the Jonin Commander."

I twisted my hands up and into a partially clenched grasping position, a chakra string coming from each finger. "Ten chakra strings kept him from staying still long enough to use his techniques. Two clones tripling the amount allowed me to get a hold of him. He underestimated the damage I could do with the technique."

Hiruzen nodded slowly, "Ah yes, your unusual chakra must have taken him by surprise." He picked up his pipe, stuffing it with an unknown herb and lighting it on one of the now many stacks of burning paperwork. He took a long drag, blowing out several smoke rings with a sigh before looking back to me. "Still, that doesn't explain why you killed the rest of your team."

I shrugged, "Sensei gave us permission to attack each other and use lethal force. After I put sensei out of commision Hakai and Kenji attacked me. I retaliated and managed to slay both of them."

He frowned, "Hmm, authorising lethal force is not unusual for a genin exam; though it is rare for anyone to actually die" He sighed, "Given Shikaku did authorise lethal force you have technically committed no crime. Though this does leave you in an awkward situation; I have no team to put you on as of now."

I scowled, thankful for the bandages hiding my expression. "So where does that leave me?"

The old Sarutobi puffed on his pipe, "For now you'll be placed in the reserves until a spot opens up."

My scowl deepened. Great, the old bastard's testing me; he wants to see if I'll "manufacture" an opening; and if I take the bait it probably won't be long till I'm on the wrong side of an interrogation cell. "Hai, Hokage-sama." He gave a wave of dismissal and I left.

The aged Hokage watched the young prodigy leave with an indecipherable expression on his face. He took a long drag from his pipe, blowing out a cloud of smoke with a sigh. "Something is deeply wrong with that child." His voice echoed in the empty room.

"Hmph." Impossibly, the empty room responded. "He'd make a good hunter-nin, or perhaps a T&I member. That lack of empathy could be very useful."

Hiruzen sighed, staring blankly forward. "He expressed only annoyance after killing his whole team. No shock, no horror; just mild irritation. He was annoyed at the trouble not having a team would cause him."

The Darkness-Of-Shinobi stepped out from a darkened corner, his cane tapping on the hardwood floor. "He's definitely a potential flight risk as is; no loyalty whatsoever. He's as likely to kill an ally as an enemy."

HIruzen put his head in his hands, "Yet he's an unprecedented asset; no one has ever made genin as young as him. And the only ones who come close certainly weren't able to kill a jounin at that age."

Danzo's pitiless gaze fell on his old friend, "Then give him over to me. I'm sure I can mold him into something useful."

Hiruzen glanced at him before returning his head to his hands. It was true; they had already seen the results of their differing styles. Of Hiruzen's three students one was a drunken wastrel, one a perverted wanderer, and the last a monstrous traitor. Danzo's single official student was Itachi Uchiha; enough said.

The God of Shinobi locked eyes with his once teammate, "He is a main branch Hyuuga and a prodigy at that; they won't let you make him disappear and they will certainly check for that seal of yours."

Danzo's lips twitched downward minutely; the equivalent of a growling scowl from an average man. "True, but that doesn't mean I can't train him."

The third Hokage stared out the window, gazing upon the village he had dedicated his life to defending. "You'll have to handle this just as delicately as with Itachi."

Danzo's visible eyebrow quirked upwards, "Do you think I can't handle it?"

Hiruzen sighed, "No old friend, I know you're more than capable."

"Then let me mold him." The shadowy elder's voice was as sympathetic as an iceberg.

A long moment passed in silence, the Fire staring out the window and the Shadow watching him. The elderly Sarutobi was conflicted; could he really do this? Could he subject another child to Danzo's none too tender mercies? Looking out on the village, imagining the smiling faces of his subjects; his hesitance did not last long. A slow nod was all the confirmation Danzo needed.