Prompto:(groans as he climbs up the cliff) What. The f*ck are you doing back here!?

Kirito:I don't know what's going on anymore. He's so cool but he's so...goddamn dumb!

Prompto:(grabs Kirito by the hair) Okay, Kirito. While you're here having this crisis, WE'RE OUT THERE GETTING BEAT INTO A BLOODY PASTE!

Kirito:But you don't understand, the Legendary Super Saiyan, is motivated by a crying infant! HE IS A LITERAL GIANT F*CKING BABY!

Prompto:So, kind of what you're being right now?

Kirito:You're just mad you're not the Legendary Superhuman.

Prompto:Alright, bye Kaz.

Kirito:(as he falls to the ground) Byyyyyye...(lands on a building below)