No, no, no, no, no.

It had to be lying.

It just had to be.

I reluctantly took off the hat, placing it back on the seat. My body numb, I walked away from my sister and towards the table were everyone sat glaring at me. I took a seat at the end of the table, not looking at anybody. I didn't even notice when another girl took a seat by me. She didn't say anything, just put an arm around my shoulder and squeezed it reassuringly. There was another ding and we all stood up. A tall, lithe woman strutted down from the Head Table and looked at us all.

"Only a handful out of fifty," the woman hissed, raising an eyebrow disappointingly at the few of us who got transferred. "How...disappointing."

"If I may, Professor Ka," a voice interrupted, and I stiffened. I knew that voice. I turned and gaped as Jack strutted down from the end of the table, wearing a white button down shirt, a gray vest, and a green-striped tie. "I think they will turn out to be a good crop this year."

"Really?" the woman, Ka, asked, glancing over us again. Her eyes landed on me. "I highly doubt that."

"Then it would be my pleasure, ma'am, to bring them up in the ways of Slytherin," he responded, nodding his head respectfully. I didn't even think Jack could do anything respectfully.

"I will trust you this time, Mr. Frost, but only because you are the King," Ka responded. She snapped her fingers and everyone turned. "Mr. Catte! Please lead everyone to the the dungeons, if you would." Soon, the line began to follow the boy out, and the girl who had comforted me left to go to a different place in the line. Jack fell into line behind me, and I tried to think of anything and everything besides him.

"You seem quieter than usual," Jack commented randomly. This time, I didn't jump. "Care to explain?"

"No," I replied curtly, following the other kids down and around the stairs.

"There's no need to be so feisty," Jack chuckled, and I resisted the urge to punch him in the face. "What's your wand type?" I stopped and flipped around to face him, an uncontrollable glare on my face.

"Why are you so interested in me?" I growled, keeping a close on Ka as she descended the stairs. "It's nine and three quarters, acacia wood with a dragon heartstring." Jack snorted and I glared at him. "What's so funny?" From within his robes, he produced his wand. I gasped. It looked exactly like mine, only longer. I pulled mine out from my bag and we compared it.

"Ten inches, acacia wood with a dragon heartstring," Jack smirked, and I flipped around, stomping down the stairs and following the group again. I tried my best to ignore the laughter that ensued. Once we got into the dungeon area, I had to admit it wasn't as dreary as I had thought it was going to be.

The walls were decorated with dark green plants, like the trees in the forest just outside the castle. All the couches were made of dark leather, and there were ornate tables laid out across the entire room. Ka strode into the room, deliberately pushing past as many students as she could. She stopped, turned on her heels, and faced the entire group of Slytherins.

"If you are not new, you many go to your respective quarters," Ka announced. "May I please see the King and Queen of Slytherin and their deputies?" Four kids stayed behind. On the right side of Ka was Jack and this short, redheaded kid who couldn't help but grin, and on the other side was a sassy brunette girl who was all curves, and then a purple-haired boy who seemed to smile as well, except his smile seemed more detached, and scary.

"My name is Ka, and I am the Head of House for Slytherins," Ka told the small group of students left over. "This means if you get in trouble, I will get to decide your punishments." She swept her arms out to the four people standing beside her. "This is your King and Queen, Jack Frost and Megara Creon, and their deputies, Mushu Murphy and Chester Catte. They are the second-in-commands, and then the third-in-commands. If they ask you do to something, I expect it to be done. Is that clear?" Everyone nodded. One girl, the one who I had met during dinner, strode past me and raised her hand. The woman seemed bored already, but asked, "Yes?"

"What happens when someone tries to challenge the current King or Queen for their role?" the girl asked, turning to face Megara. The two glared at each other, before Ka interrupted, saying, "There would be a vote, Ms. Sultine, then a duel to see who is top snake." She clapped her hands. "Now, you may mingle if you want, but I expect you all to head off to bed soon. Classes start tomorrow." We all nodded once more and she sashayed away. Before anyone could talk to me, I ran down the hall towards the dormitories, found mine, claimed a bed, and laid down, forcing myself to sleep.

I was almost hesitant to get out of bed the next morning. The pillows were just way too comfy. I rolled over and yawned, snuggling myself back into the sheets. Someone rocked me a little, and I wearily sat up in bed.

"Morning," I yawned, stretching myself awake. I rubbed my eyes and blinked a few times before I could see who was in front of me. "Oh, hey Cricket." The older boy smiled, waving at me softly. He mimed eating and I nodded. "Thanks buddy. Could you save me a plate? I might get lost." Cricket smiled and nodded, ducking out of our dorm and heading off. I shoved the sheets off and headed to my trunk. Opening it up, I quickly dressed myself in the white button down shirt with a gray vest and gold-striped tie. I threw on my robe over it and grabbed my wand, stuffing it into the pocket. I ducked into the common room, where a couple of girls were awake.

"Morning Aladdin!" called out Rachel, who had been new along with me. "You heading down for breakfast?"

"Yeah, I'm starved!" I chuckled. "Want to head down together?" Rachel nodded and the two of us walked out of the common room, making our way to the Great Hall. "Crazy night, huh?"

"Totally," Rachel agreed, giggling. "I've never had so much fun before!"

Last night, all the Hufflepuffs had thrown a party, celebrating the new students that had arrived. Everyone had partied on until the wee hours of the morning. Aladdin himself had gone to bed a little earlier than everyone else in order to function properly the next day.

"Me too," I agreed, shaking my head. We turned another corridor and found our ways to the Hufflepuff table. I looked up and from across the room, spotted Belle chatting along happily with the Ravenclaws. She glanced up and caught my eye, waving slightly. I waved back and we both smiled before talking with the rest of our houses.

I scribbled notes furiously on my paper, barely looking up. Potions was a pain, especially with Professor Ursula as the teacher. However, my father insisted that I did my hardest in all my classes, so I needed to focus.

"When making the Draught of Living Death, what is the fourth step you need to do?" Ursula asked, her black rooms swishing alongside her. Instantly, my hand shot up. Ursula turned towards me, her eyes narrowed, then moved over, saying, "Yes, Mr. Prince?"

"Add the sloth brain," Eric said proudly, and Ursula nodded, going back up to her desk. I slumped in my seat and rested my chin against my chest. Nobody knew this, but Professor Ursula was actually my aunt. Being my father's sister, the two did not get along, Ursula claiming that their father always favored Triton over her. In the end, they rarely spoke to each other, and Ursula decided to take out all her hatred for her brother on his daughter. Me.

Ursula dismissed us and Eric was instantly at my side.

"Sorry she overlooked you...again," Eric apologized, smiling softly. I ran my fingers through my red hair and shrugged.

"Doesn't really matter that much," I responded, pausing briefly as I watched the blond girl who looked like Jack dart out of the classroom and scurry down the hallway. "Happen to know who she is?"

"Yeah, accidentally ran into her at the platform," Eric said. "Elsa Agnarr, or Arendelle Agnarr I suppose. The redhead girl who got put into Griffyndor? Elsa's her older sister."

"Seems like Elsa is in a hurry to get away from something," I commented nonchalantly as we strode down the hall in the opposite direction, heading towards our next class together.

"Or someone," Eric added, glancing over his shoulder cautiously.

"I am so utterly bored," I commented, tying the piece of grass I had in my hands into a tiny knot. Rachel glanced over at me with surprised eyes.

"How are you bored?" she gasped, pushing herself onto her elbows. The two of us had decided that our little break was to be spent in the courtyard, where not many people went to. "We are going to a school that has magic! Isn't that exciting?"

"Not when you're terrible at anything to do with 'magic'," I commented, sitting up. "All my classes are a living..." Rachel gave me a look and I swallowed hard. "Bull ride?" She nodded in satisfaction and I rolled my eyes. "Only class I can understand really well is Charms with Mr. Mouse. He's super calm and helps everyone through."

"Mickey Mouse?" Rachel asked, and I shook my head. "Oh! You don't know him as that. Michael Mouse?" I nodded. "He's the Head of House for Hufflepuff. Seriously, he is the nicest person ever."

"That weird, tattooed blue guy, Genie, is our Head of House," I chuckled. "There was a giant explosion when we walked into the door for the first time. This one guy, Terrence Zhang, flipped out. I don't think I've seen a guy go ape like him." Rachel snorted and proceeded to tell me all about the 'wild night' that the Hufflepuffs had when they first entered. I then went on to tell her how one of our guys, Maddox Hatter, kept on raving on how we were all absolutely mad, but then tried to swim in the punch. We continued on this way until a loud ringing fill the air.

"Break's over," Rachel sighed, frowning. "I'll see you later?"

"Don't party too hard with those Hufflepuffs," I teased her, standing up. I offered her my hand, which she accepted, and I pulled her up. It felt like electricity was racing through my body, and I prayed that my hands didn't go clammy.

"Don't swim in the punch bowl," she responded, and we both laughed before gathering our stuffs and saying goodbye.

A/N: Hey guys! Here's a competition! If you can guess who Terrence Zhang, Maddox Hatter, Cricket, Ka, Megara Creon, and Ms. Sultine are correctly, and what movie they are from, I will allow one of you readers to pick a Disney character you want to see make an appearance! Just comment down below!