The wingless angel name is Jim who is

trying to earn his wing to be able to fly with his friends.

The evil king witch tries to take over the Angel city world. The angel king decides all young angels, including Jim, is mandatory to go to angel city school.

The evil king witch casts an evil spell to steal the ability to fly from the angels. Jim, the wingless angel, goes a journey to save the angels and angel city world.

Jim climbs across the mountain to find an ocean with merman. Jim tells his name to the merman answer with his own is Sam.

There is a special seaweed that allows you to breathe underwater to go in the evil king witch castle to save the angel king and kidnaps angels.

The evil king witch knows an angel greatest wish to have his own wing. The evil king uses his wish against as evil king witch grants his wish with evil spell that brainwashes Jim to clip the kidnap angels wing in the last seconds, and Jim breaks the spell. Jim and the rescue angels sing a pure song or poem to defeat the evil king with spell that steal ability to fly from the angels with broken spell the angels gain back their ability to fly again and angel sing or poem (the angel playing bowling and when angels throw a bowling ball to strike the bowling pin. When you hear a thundercloud when you do a strike in a bowling game. The angels swims in a cloud pool. Angel flies around the world to spread kid's good dream angel went is sleeping in a cloud bed.) To wear evil spirit away from the angel city world and evil king witch ever see again.