Seeing as I have inspiration but sporadic motivation to continue Kennedy's story in a chapter by chapter format, I was wondering what is the interest in the people who follow this story to see drabbles, specific scenes, and other glimpses into both Kennedy's past and future within The Vampire Diaries? I've been writing Kennedy for five years now as an rp character on tumblr, and so I have a collection of writings featuring her, but I have yet to post them on here because I was wanting to continue this story in chapter/episode format.

And honestly, I still plan and want to do that. But I was wondering if there was an interest in seeing the other stuff as well? I feel a lot of it gives a better insight into her character — and yes, there may be some spoilers involving who she is and her connection to the Salvatores, Eliza, etc, so I guess if you're really in it for the long haul and don't want to be spoiled, that's super cool ! It's just I have no idea how long it will take me to give you guys those answers in the original format. It could be weeks, months, years. So I thought I'd gage interest in seeing some of that stuff first instead?

Here's just a couple of the things I have already written that I'd love to show you guys !

A scene from The Turning Point (1.10) featuring Damon and Kennedy. A scene from Children of the Damned (1.13) where Kennedy finds an interesting journal in the library featuring a familiar face. A 2k drabble from Hell is Other People (7.10) that is like the most spoiler-ly thing you will ever read for this story but also it'll take fucking forever to reach the point where it happens chronologically. A coupe scenes from season three, most notably The Birthday (3.01) and Heart of Darkness (3.19). A scene set in between season four and season five. Another scene that's set in season six that features a reunion of sorts between Damon and Kennedy.

I have more than that already written, plus if there's specific episodes you guys are interested in seeing what's going on with Kennedy in it, I'd love to skip to those and then come back to the episode-by-episode format when I have more time on my hands to get down and write.

Anyway, I guess either drop a REVIEW or PM me if you're interested in seeing these ? And let me know if there's something else you'd rather see, like any specific scenes/plots in canon you'd like Kennedy's perspective on, or if you prefer the multi-linear chapter format. I'd really love to know because I'm very invested in Kennedy's character and writing her, I just have trouble finding the time because there's so much I want to get to (I have her planned out through all eight seasons, just not every episode ! ), so it's hard to get through those first couple episodes knowing all the exciting stuff she's involved in later on !

Anyways, thanks for sticking with me ! I love you all !
- Allison