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It's been five years since she abandoned the wizarding world to fend for themselves she had literally sent an article to Rita Skeeter to publish in the Daily profit that she was telling the Wizarding world to screw themselves they started this mess and they could clean it up. She had faced one too many betrayals by their hands and the hands of her supposed to be friends she guessed it all started around her second year when she accidentally overheard Ron and his big mouth talking about how Dumbledore was paying them both to spy on her and try to keep her in line. How Hermione was supposed to keep her from studying too much and to make sure she only learned what Dumbledore decided that she needed to know and nothing more. After that she kept acting the same as to not raise suspicion and then proceeded to read as much as possible when she could escape their watchful eyes when summer came she came to the decision to play along for a little while longer she was probably just being a little to hopeful that this was all a misunderstanding. So for a while she was in denial that didn't stop her though from sneaking into Diagon alley disguised as a boy in order to get more books so that she could learn what kind of society she had been taken into soon enough she learned that Dumbledore had been keeping quite a bit from her and that she was starting to get angry. She was Tempest Lilith Potter soon to be Lady Potter as soon as she came of age or if she decided that she wanted to be emancipated but she realized as the years past Dumbledore was forcing her into more and more dangerous situations in order to groom her into the perfect little weapon following his every order. Probably thinking that she thought of him as her savior from the Dursleys and their outright abuse, ha don't make her laugh he's made her go back to that hell hole to many times for her to continue believing that he was saving her from them.

For now she was just going along with his plans for shits and giggles she had her own plans coming to play behind the scenes and her plans where finally finished and ready to be put into action in her fourth year she finally played her hand that Halloween night when the Goblet of fire spit out her name even though she had never entered it. When Dumb as a door called out her name and demanded that she make her appearance in the champions chamber to discuss the next steps in the competition she said no she told him under no circumstances would ever join this deadly competition just so he could appease some ulterior motive that he might have. When he threatened her with the loss of her magic she laughed it seems he was stupid enough to think that she hadn't read the rule book for the tournament just in case this happened she was no longer going to be his circus lion that jumped when he told her to. She then proceeded to call upon Lady magic herself and the magic of Hogwarts to judge her words in front of the entire grand hall if her words false she would lose all her magic once she spoke the words to call upon those magical beings a large hush fell over the grand hall for all the pure bloods and most half bloods knew exactly what she was risking by calling upon them. Tempest then proceeded to call Dumbledore out on his scheme telling him she had read the rule book and that if her magical signature was not used then she had no obligation to participate in this so called death match and that she refused to and demanded that the magic she had called upon judge her words and when she said that she didn't enter the tournament and that someone entered her against her will.

The moment she finished a glow started emanate from Hogwarts walls as magic started to fill the air and the paper in Dumbledores' hand with her name on it burned to ashes in the wind telling everyone that her words where true but it didn't stop there no the magic soon located the one who's magical signature was actually on the paper and stripped him of magic causing the magic potion that kept him in his disguise to fall apart and soon the entire hall was in an up roar. Susan bones immediately notified her Aunt who was head of the Aurors and soon the hall was filled with Aurors coming arrest the death eater that had been hiding in their midst as the commotion was going on Tempest took this time to disappear by the time they would find her stuff gone her missing she would be far away and under enough protection to hopefully never be found the Goblins had already mirrored her telling her that the ritual to get rid of the bindings on her magic and the horcrux in her scar removed though they told her that she would be week for quite a while after due to how much magic it would take for the ritual would use not just their magic to remove the binds but her own. Though it shouldn't be as bad as it would have been had she not been as powerful as she was due to the fact that her own magic had been fighting against its binds for quite a long time it seemed also that due to this Dumbledore had to put binds on her magic almost every year just to make sure that she didn't break free from his hold.

Well no longer would she be under his thumb before the ritual was done she had the goblins gather all of her vaults when she found out that she was officially Lady Potter Black due to the fact that being entered into the Tri wizard tournament had granted her emancipation since it had considered her an adult. She therefore was one in all of Wizard society so in a way Dumbledore and his schemes had helped her in the end so she emptied all of the potter vaults and left some of the Black ones for Sirius once he was freed from his accusations and was no longer a criminal on the run she would have helped him a lot more had he not been such a loyal dog to Dumbledore she wished it could have been different but leaving the wizarding world was one of the things she didn't regret not at all. Tempest soon had everything in order and after the ritual she had a port key fixed to a special spot that she had the best protection one could have no one could approach her location without her allowing them and if they meant harm they were immediately delta an electric shock and sent away with no memories of what happened didn't matter if it was human, wizard, or creature as soon as she was safe in her underground rooms beneath the place called the silent forest and the protections raised she headed straight to her room where her magic put her into a healing sleep that would last until she wished to wake or she found a reason too. That brings her to the present where she has been sleeping for the last five years and only the last two years has she discovered that she was capable of mentally traveling from place to place it was nice no one could see her unless she willed it but she had been able to explore the world a bit.

It didn't occur to her to explore the woods that where her surroundings or to look further in to see the other creatures that livid there with her due to the fact that they couldn't bother her but soon one day it occurred to her but only because she noticed something strange outside of her protections trying to get in. It was a ghastly creature it looked like it had once been human at one point but now it was all grey skin that seemed to be stretched tight upon its frame and she could see the bone from his spine stick up from its back and it was hunched over on all fours with claws that seemed to be 2 to 3 feet long. It's face seemed more like a skull with skin on it and hollowed eyes were small lights seemed to glow as its eyes with no nose and very sharp teeth it looked like its ears where that of and elf like shape and not house elf but High elf's but that mattered not as she took in the creatures form she could feel from here that it was pure evil. Tempest wanted nothing to do with it but it had perked her curiosity to what else could be living in the woods beside herself maybe she would go exploring the town and the forest tomorrow but for now she need to mentally rest.