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Chapter 1 The Mansion

Tempest decided it was time to explore the forest after her encounter with the skeletal creature she wanted to know what else might be living in this forest though she's still doing it through mental travel so that if she bumps into anyone they won't be able to see her unless she allows it. At first she found nothing strange about the forest except for what she occasionally thought she heard a bit of static as if white noise from a TV which is impossible considering she was in a forest and last she checked tree's don't provide electricity nor the necessary plug ins. Well soon enough it was almost midnight and the moon was high in the sky and lucky enough it was a nice clear night though not that it would matter for she could see in the dark the same as if it was day so it would have been no hindrance really.

The forest seemed to go on forever but then out of the dark she heard voices she caught the words slender man and mission so she crept forward quietly navigating around the dense foliage as if she had been born in the forest. Soon enough the people who the voices where coming from came into view and it was a slightly gruesome sight considering they were standing in an area that seemed to look like it had come out of a chainsaw massacre movie she had only ever been able to watch that one as the Dursleys had gone on a trip and left her at the house by herself. She had helped herself to the movie channel until the power went off when the Dursleys hadn't paid their cable bill which sadly was later that day so she was unable to watch anymore but the view blood that seemed almost black but she knew it was just a dark red seemed to cover the area with lumpy bits of matter that seemed to be flesh as if someone had attempted to paint and had ended up throwing paint everywhere instead.

The mangled corpses that lay at their feet no longer held any organs the chest seemed to have been ripped open as though they had wanted to recreate the blood eagle from the front side rather than the back. One was missing a head another an arm and a leg talk about a bad butcher job either way Tempest knew that those people where dead well except for their killers who were three guys at least from what she could tell from body shape. One wearing an orange hoodie with red eyes glowing from where the face should be though the hood of his jacket shadowed his face to the point that his eyes where all you could see. Then there was one with a white mask he seemed to be the one that was covered in the most blood besides his friend who was wearing orange goggles and had hatches that where currently dripping with the blood from their victims. They seemed to be to be debating about something when they made no move to leave the forest instead they headed further in so Tempest decided to follow them.

It's not like a little gore and violence bothered her, she had gotten used to it due to the fact that Voldemort would send her images from time to time of people that he tortured or he would make her watch as he tortured them. Then there were those times where he managed to get past her mental defenses and torture her mentally at this point Tempest had realized just what kind of sick fuck Voldemort was she had, had her eyes ripped out, burned out, sown shut, and covered in acid, that's not to mention what he did to her body but that was back in the past. Thanks to her little fights with Dumbledore she had come across a secret that has helped her build up her mental barriers to the point where now no one could get into her mind it was locked tight.

Though her sanity thanks to his efforts was hanging by a thin thread and she had come to actually enjoy watching him torture some of them cause some of the victims where wizards and witches that had helped Dumbledore in his efforts of keeping her under his thumb. Tempest had tried to tell Voldemort that the Prophecy was fake and that it had nothing to do with her anymore but sadly he was so far gone in his sanity that logic no longer held any appeal for him.

Now it had been about an hour since she had started to follow the three killers further into the woods and she was trying to be as quite as possible until it occurred to her she was basically not even really there so she couldn't make a sound she could touch things sure but that's if she willed it. Otherwise she would just go straight through it she could have kicked herself for her stupidity she quit hiding behind the tree and decided now that logic had once again taken hold that she would just follow behind them and soon enough they came to a clearing in the forest which held a magnificent if not slightly creepy mansion.

Tempest followed the three into the mansion and decided to explore rather than follow them further the first room she came across looked like a living room and there was a boy dressed like an elf with black surrounding his bright red eyes as blood seemed to trickle down from them. He was playing what looked to be a game she wasn't sure what kind of console or gaming equipment he was using due to the fact that the Dursleys never allowed her to play any.

She soon left the boy to his games and headed further into the mansion she did a few quick peeks into the rooms to see what might be there but trying to at least give them some privacy she didn't check the bathrooms. There was one room that seemed to be a typical guy's room except for the fact that there were knives everywhere and blood was splattered on the ceiling and walls Tempest wondered whose room this was cause there were no green clothing on the floor it all seemed to be black and white themed with the occasional splatter of red from blood.

She decided to come back later and headed back down the stairs and to the basement area which looked like it had been separated into different sections she soon found herself in what seemed to be a lab of some sorts. It had bottled organs on almost every shelf and a solid steal slab table in the middle with straps and there was blood practically covering the room there where operating utensils still on a steel tray and blood seemed to still drip from them showing her that they had recently been used. After a few more hours of exploring and discovering room after room of interesting things she had even found one bedroom that looked like half of it had been turned into a toy work shop Tempest decided to come back tomorrow to check out more right as she was leaving though raised voices from the living room caught her attention.

Tempest decided to see what was going on she entered the living room to see the green elf boy fighting with another boy in a white hoodie with a Glasgow smile they seemed to be fighting at first it was verbal with Zelda wanna be and Joker reject and soon became physical but it was quite entertaining. There friendly sparing brought a smile to her face even though it seemed this house was full of curious creatures or considering none of them seemed to have the feel of a normal human they had the feeling of being long lived. Tempest decided that they could use some livening up so she decided that she would use her favorite brand of fun she was after all her fathers' daughter.