The classroom was quiet as Sacajawea stared off listening to the teacher. The teacher was talking about what to in the school. Sac was expecting to do some learning because she loved learning. She had a pencil in hand and a notebook on the desk. She decided to look over at Merida. Merida seemed she was fine with it.

"Pssh Merida." whispered Sac.

"Yeah?" whispered Merida.

"Why you seem so fine even though we're not learning anything?" asked Sac.

"Well ,who needs to learn anything from this place?" asked Merida.

"Well, us students." answered Sac.

"Yeah ,but ,we gotta have fun at some point ..maybe I'll show you it outside okay?"asked Merida

"Alright." said Sac awkwardly (what Merida is talking about?)