The Next Day~

The second day of school came along at Merida's house. Merida ran down the stairs of her home quickly after getting her clothes on to start the day. As soon as she was about to open the front door and walk to the school building, a hand touched on her shoulder, it turned out to be her father Fergus!

"Hey Dad what's up?",asked Merida.

"Merida, we need to talk.",said Fergus.

"Sure Dad, what is it? You have to make it quick, because, I don't wanna miss my second day of school.",said Merida.

Shr and her father made their way into the living room to sit down in their comfortable chairs to chat.

"You have to stay away from Sacagawea.",said Fergus.

Merida froze for a second before looking closely at her dad.

"Dad, how did you know I was best friends with Sacagawea?",she asked.

She was confused on how her Dad knew ,

"Sacajawea's Dad called me last night wanting me to tell you to stay away from his daughter. So that's how I knew.",said Fergus.

Merida was quiet she didn't know how to process this. Her father, who already knew what was going on in Merida's head, by the look on his face, decided to end the silence with a deep breath. He got up to walk over to Merida and help her off the chair.


"Well, have a good second day at school."

So without anything else to say to Fergus, all that Merida could do was nod and hug her father,

"Bye Dad.",she said as she walked off on her way to school.