Merida came to the school building. She could see there were people outside at the front of the school waiting for the bell to ring. This way they could all walk into school and go to their classes.

Inside the crowd of students was, Sacagawea. was standing away from the crowd. On the sidewalk, that was near the street that caused Merida to stop in her tracks.

Sacagawea caught her eye. She was all by herself and she knew that the other students didn't want her to be in the crowd. Merida kind of felt bad she was alone, but, after the conversation she had with her father she wasn't sure on what to do.

"Ugh, Dad wants me to stay away from Sacagawea..?",she thought to herself. She knew that she herself wouldn't like that alone feeling. Honestly, she was unsure about what to do. These thoughts ran through her head told as she heard the bell had rung. The moment changed and all the other students to walked into the school to enjoy the second day of school.