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And now to the first of many-

Mikimoshpit prompted: First holiday together.

Katara & Zuko: Holiday

Zuko leaned back in his seat, unable to help the smile that crept onto his face. There, just now entering the dining hall, was Katara. The gentle silks in brilliant gold and scarlet fluttered with each step.

She'd stayed. That was a good sign. When he had first approached her with his request - fumbling and far too formal with a girl he'd fought for and against with much greater confidence - Zuko had thought he'd overstepped their slowly evolving bond.

But no, here she was, nodding politely to the diplomats who greeted her and ascending the steps to sit in the seat marked for her. Blue eyes glinted in the lamplight as Katara turned to speak to the young Fire Lord. "I didn't miss the starting course, did I? I wasn't certain when the festivities were scheduled to begin."

Zuko shoot his head. Truth be told, he'd shooed away the kitchen staff several times, but Katara didn't need to know that. "You're right on time. The soup is about to come out and then the famous roast salamander-goose will be right after."

It was worth the glowering from the head chef the next day to see Katara beam and relax into her chair.