Auggie Gets His Sight Back

Author's pov

Auggie was out on a walk when he suddenly heard a very familiar sound. A pair of "kitten" heels came closer until they and their wearer were right beside him.

"Walker, what brings you out here on a Saturday?" He asked his best friend and operative.

"We've got a mission. Joan tried to reach you but…" Annie Walker began.

"I left my cell back at my place. And because I was MIA she sent you to find me," he finished.

"Don't leave me hanging Walker, what's the mission?" He added after a moment of silence had fallen.

Annie began to explain what they were needed to do. They (yes Auggie was going into the field with Annie) were going to pose as a couple vacationing in Paris. Their REAL reason for being there was to try and turn an asset.

As Annie explained it was believed by the two of them that they were going to make it to Paris. They were wrong, they weren't going to get to Paris. They weren't going to make it to Langley. Hell, they weren't even going to make it to Annie's car…

Auggie's pov

Annie filled me in on most of the details that Joan had given her about this assignment as we headed for her car. I was excited to be going into the field, especially with Annie who had a track record of having missions go awry, especially out of country. I think we were almost at Annie's car when we were suddenly hit by what must have been a car.

Our feet lifted off the ground. Annie and I had been arm in arm, yet as I was flying I noticed that I couldn't feel her arm in my hand.

"ANNIE!" I screamed as we were flying.

I received no reply, although I did hear a thud, like a body hitting the ground hard. Before I could call out her name again I hit the ground and lost consciousness.

Joan's pov

I was sitting in my office waiting for Annie to return with Auggie. I had been waiting for a little over an hour and a half. That was when Arthur strolled in. the look on his face told me almost all I needed to know.

"What happened?" I questioned him, partially afraid of the response I would get.

"Annie and Auggie were hospitalized about an hour ago," he replied.


"They were hit by a car driven by a drunk driver. Neither of them would have expected the car as it came down the wrong way of a one way, they were crossing to Annie's car and were almost to the car when they were hit."

"Which hospital?"


I grabbed my bag and walked out. If Arthur was following me I had no idea and I didn't care. I was determined to get to my people. I just drove straight to the hospital paying little to no attention to speed limits. When I arrived, I flagged down the first nurse I saw and demanded to know where Anne Catherine Walker and August Anderson are and what their conditions were.

I got furious when the doctors refused to tell me anything even when it became apparent that they were each other's emergency contact. I was the next one in their contacts list, yet they refused to tell me ANYTHING! That's when Auggie's tech ops people (Stu, Reeva, and Barber) showed up. They asked what had happened, I filled them in and Arthur added that the driver had fled.

That made them determined to try to find driver. They weren't about to let the bastard get away with this.

Auggie's pov

I started to wake up, to blinding lights…

Wait a minute…blinding lights? I can SEE AGAIN! I thought as I began to sit up to tell Annie. I turned to the chairs beside my bed…only to find them empty. Annie's either not awake yet or left the room for a minute. The doctors came in after a nurse had come in and saw that I was awake and they asked me all kinds of questions including if I could see. I answered all their questions and kept asking about Annie, I even went so far as to demand to know seeing as I was her emergency contact. Yet they kept refusing and I got more and more angry. They seemed to realize that I wasn't about to calm down anytime soon.

They left the room and I began to pace, until I heard the door open and I whipped around to see who it was that was brought in to calm me down.

"Joan thank god, please tell me you know where Annie is and if she's okay," I say staring at her as she walks in to the room.

Joan froze, seeming to realize that she's not wearing her perfume or her heels that would clue me into the fact that it was her. She looks at me in the eyes and realizes that I'm staring right at her.

"You can see…" Joan states amazed.

"Yeah and I'd really like to see if my best friend is okay," he quips

Joan's still shocked at my confession, but leads me to Annie's room anyway. And that's when I see Annie for the 1st time…

"My mind was so off…she's more beautiful than I imagined…" I say under my breath.

I go to sit beside her, but am stopped by Joan and my doctors. The doctors promise that I can sit with her but they first need to run test to see how this this accident gave me my sight back. Annie's still unconscious when I'm done with all the tests and am waiting for the results.

Joan's pov

Auggie had refused to leave Annie's side so I promised him I'd stay and that he should at least get some rest. He fought me on that for a little while. Although after about 3 hours after I first offered he finally fell asleep. He had been asleep for about 20 minutes when Annie began to stir. After about 2 minutes she opened her eyes.

"Oh, sure, I convince him to get some rest and just when he gives in you wake up," I said softly, so as not to wake Auggie up.

Annie turned to face me, yet didn't seem to see me.

"Joan…where are you?" Annie asked, fear and panic creeping into her voice.

"To your right," replied, paused then added, "you're looking right at me."

"But I can't see you, Joan."

I began to panic a little, but didn't let it show. Of course, Auggie seemed to sense that something was wrong because he bolted awake.

"What's going on? I'm awake!" Auggie said, shaking his head to clear any lingering sleep from his mind.

"Auggie?" Annie asked, seeming petrified of the answer.

"I'm right here, Annie," he replied taking her left hand in his.

Tears started to brim in her eyes. I couldn't watch any of this I said that I'd go get Annie's doctors and fill them in on her current situation. Auggie was just beginning to realize exactly what was happening.

He had realized that she was temporarily blinded by the accident. And I saw the look on Auggie's face. He looked at me and silently asked, the accident blinded her? I just nodded. I knew from the look on his face what his plan was. Auggie was determined to help Annie to deal with this, whether it was temporary or permanent. He was going to be her rock, her guide, her savior…just like on that very first day when it all began…