Auggie Gets His Sight Back

Chapter 3

Auggie's pov

The silence after my confession stretched on for what felt like eternity and I wished I could tell what was happening in that beautiful head of Annie's.

"That's great Auggie!" Annie said, breaking the silence with a bright smile lighting up her face.

Wow, she's stunning when she smiles. No wonder why half the male agents at Langley are in love with her. I thought as I watched her. I was completely shocked though that she was this happy for me when the very accident that took her sight away gave me mine back. I would have been, and am very torn about how I feel about the situation.

On one hand I want to punch the bastard who hit us because we were on a one-way street and he HAD to be drunk and going the wrong way when he hit us. Yet on the other hand I want to thank him because now I can see, something everyone thought was impossible after the IED took away my sight.

"Really?" I asked her when I had regained myself.

"Of course, it is Auggie!" Annie responded.

"How are you so optimistic about this right now?"

"Because this is what you've been praying and searching for, for so long. You can go back into the field now!"

I was silent, she seemed to sense why and added, "Auggie, you're my best friend, it doesn't matter what happens to me, I'm always going to be happy for you if something good for you comes out of a bad situation either of us was in."

"Was I this scarily accurate in reading people when I was blind?" I asked, genuinely curious.

"Just a little bit."

"Man, that must have been annoying!"

"Actually, it was really helpful at times, there were a few times where it was more annoying than helpful though."

We laughed and all the tension seemed to melt away. And I began to realize just how important Anne Catherine Walker is to me. She's everything to me and I'd do anything and everything for her, all she'd ever have to do is ask…

I'm in love with my best friend, my operative…I'm in love with Annie Walker…

"Auggie?" Annie asked.

"Yeah, Annie?" I replied.

"Just how do you plan on helping me?"

"Annie, I was blind for about 7 years. I know how to move and react to the world around me. I CAN still help you and I will as long as you'll let me," I said, not holding back on her.

She said nothing, just nodded and reached for my hand. Then she used that reference point to just follow up taking my hand for a full-on hug.

***********************************SIX MONTHS LATER**********************************

Annie's pov

It's been 6 months since the accident and I still don't have my sight back. The doctors and Auggie still seem to believe that I WILL get my sight back. Me? I'm not too sure anymore.

I've been staying with Auggie since I was released neither of us has gone back to the office yet. Auggie claims he won't go back until I do, and I can't seem to bring myself to, even to just say hi to the friends I have there. That's because if I walk through those doors I'm gonna want to be going on a mission and I can't, not in my current state. I know Auggie was able to, but I'm not Auggie and even then, it took major convincing for Joan to agree to it. and it was years after Auggie had been blinded before that happened.

I was currently "watching" TV, the news. Auggie was in the shower, he said when he was done we'd go grab lunch and maybe a few drinks. After about 5 minutes I turned off the news and put on some Mingus, mine and Auggie's favorite. It wasn't too much longer before I heard the shower stop.

Auggie started to walk out. I had my eyes closed, mainly because I wanted to relax and even though I could see with them open, closing them still helped me relax. I heard Auggie walk closer to me and out of instinct I opened my eyes.

I was greeted to a brightness I hadn't been expecting to…see. I blinked a few times to let my eyes adjust…and what do you know, I could see my best friend, my handler. Standing in front of me…dripping wet… in nothing but a towel.

I got my sight back, now it was time to have a little fun with it.

"Damn Auggie, give a girl a little heads-up next time you decide to come out in nothing but a towel," I said as I stood up to face him, despite being 6 inches shorter than him.

"What?" He questioned as he turned towards me.

I stared right at him, a smirk playing on my face. I watched the gears in his head work to process what I'd just said.

"Wait a minute, you wouldn't know I'm only in a towel…unless…YOUR SIGHT CAME BACK!" That last part he yelled as he pulled me in for a tight hug.

I laughed, told him to go put some clothes on so we could go get some food and then head to Langley. He practically ran to get dressed. I sat there laughing and when he came out we headed to get lunch then go into the office to talk to Joan.

Joan's pov

I was catching up on some paper work and happened to glance up from my computer to see a blonde and brunette head walking into the DPD. I on instinct didn't even blink before going back to my computer. That is until I realized those particular heads were not supposed to be in here…unless…

Annie got her sight back! I stood up, paperwork could wait a little while, I needed to talk with my two best agents first.

"Annie, Auggie, welcome back. I don't have anything for you both yet, but tomorrow I might," I greeted the infamous, unstoppable duo of the DPD.

"Will I be cleared by tomorrow?" Annie asked.

"I'll make sure of it. this place isn't the same without the two of you."

"Did they ever get the guy that hit us?" Auggie asked.

"They did. He was a repeat offender so they were able to send him to jail. They didn't need your testimonies to help the video surveillance was enough to convict him."

They both nodded, seemingly satisfied with that answer.