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When did things blur between them? When did Lucy decide that this teen boy would be the one who she'd spend her life with, the one who'd melt her body with his scolding touch and turn Lucy into a pile of mush, the one who'd make her life more fun and exciting, like an adventure, the one who'd kiss her with all the care in the world, and the one she'd fall in love with. When did these feelings of hers change? But no matter how many times she asks herself these questions, it always comes to the same conclusion; since the beginning. But that just made Lucy hate herself because she liked to believe that it wasn't love at first site. She liked to believe that she had control over her actions at the beginning of the school year, that she didn't break her pride and morals as a teacher right away and held onto what she felt was right, but truthfully, Natsu captivated her the second she saw the exotic teen boy, and Lucy knew it was wrong and that's why she so desperately hid it.

It started off the first day of school and the first day Lucy was an official teacher. She had been substituting for a while and had come to this school, but she never met Natsu Dragneel. Natsu was a senior, and like most seniors, he took blow off classes in subjects that didn't interest him but were still required, so he took creative writing. Lucy taught that class along with 10th grade English, and modern literature. She only taught one creative writing class, and it happened to be Natsu's class.

Lucy was nervous coming into the first day of school, but she did rather well her first four hours, so she didn't think much would happen in her creative writing class which was 6th hour. She was at the front of the classroom at the whiteboard, busying herself with erasing the board from her previous class but keeping the Miss. Heartfilia up on the board in a florescent pink marker. She loved pink.

It was nearing the end of passing time so the class was steadily filing in. She was reading her folder with her lesson plan when very loud yelling came down the hall.

"I told you guys; she's a dime! Slim waist, thick ass, and a huge rack! I heard her face was something special too!"

"If a girl was that hot then why would she pick a job in a school full of hormonal teenage boys?" A dull male voice said rather unamused.

"Come on, Gray. Pull the dick out of your ass and start acting like one those hormonal boys. When do we get a chance to have such a hot teacher!"

Lucy took a moment to look down at herself to make sure that she looked appropriate and wasn't the teacher they were talking about. She thinks her clothes don't show much. Just a flowy, navy blue high waisted skirt with a thin brown belt, a tan sweater with a cute owl sown into it, and some matching beige pumps. Her skirt wasn't very short, and her sweater wasn't low cut, plus with the more childish owl on it, Lucy thought she looked more cute than what those boys were saying, so it must not be about her. And to top it all off, her legs are showing and her father always said she had pudgy thighs. It can't be her.

Shaking the boys off, Lucy expected them to walk past her room and towards a different one, but they actually stopped to the left of her door where some lockers are.

"I don't know… Some people would find Vice Principal Scarlet attractive, but nobody gushes about her." The same monotone voice replied.

There was a loud bang against the lockers. "M-Mrs. Scarlet?! Are you insane, Gray?! Who in their right mind would find her sexy?!"

Lucy couldn't help but giggle at that statement. She did meet Principal Dreyar, and Vice Principal Scarlet, and they both were interesting characters. Makarov Dreyar was a very short, aging old man, but has lots of spunk and energy, despite being so old and all the wisdom he holds. Ezra Scarlet was almost opposite of Makarov. She was very serious and wasn't afraid to apprehend the students if they do something she finds punishable, but Lucy could tell she was a good fit for Makarov because she keeps him and his work on track.

"Well she's married, isn't she?"

"So?! Natsu, tell him how crazy he is!"

There was a long pause and sigh. "Ya, I gotta agree with the pussy cat over here. Who in the hell is attracted to that scary lady?"

Lucy sucked in a sharp breath at this Natsu fellows voice. It had a light and humerus tone to it, but it was also so... pleasant and warm. If Lucy just heard his voice on the street, she would think he was an adult, not a high school student. And she could see herself being lured in and— Lucy shook her head and gave a firm pinch to her forearm, making her pale skin turn red. She should not be thinking such things about a student. Despite how nice his voice is, it is not a thought she can divulge in.

"Pussy cat? I thought I told you not to call me—"

"Natsu might agree with you on the fact that Mrs. Scarlet is scary, but he'll definitely agree with me about this so called dime of a teacher we've got." If Lucy remembers correctly, that was Gray. She knows she should be focused on more important things, but quite frankly, this conversation interested her for some reason.

"Yah, the snowballs gotta point…" Natsu grumbled like just agreeing with Gray was a punishment worse than death.

At that second, the warning bell rang, and all the students who were like those three boys flickered off to their classroom. Lucy is sure their classroom is across the hall or something, but she was a bit nervous that they could be talking about her. If what the one boy, which Lucy just realized that neither Natsu nor Gray said his name, said was true, than there's rumors about her body floating around the school! Oh, if her father ever heard something like that, she's sure he'd try to stuff her back in that doll box she's grown so accustomed to because her father always tried to hide her floozy body. The thought of her father being mad also gave Lucy a sense of pride though.

"Fine!" The other boy declared. "Then we'll just see if she's hot or not!"

To Lucy's horror, one boy turned the corner and walked directly into her room. Two other boys followed after him, and all three of them froze in their spot once they saw her. Lucy gulped and took small peeks at them while they stood there in shock. The one out in front, Lucy's assumed he's the one who called her a dime, had unruly orange hair like a lions mane. She understood why Natsu called him a pussy cat because it practically looked like he had two cat ears poking out of his hair. He also had sunglasses on and dressed in nice clothes. She could tell that he was dripping with confidence by the way he held himself, but he suddenly dropped all that on the floor for the time being.

On the right side of him was a boy with dark raven hair and frosty blue eyes. His hair was also disheveled, but not as wild as lion boys, and his demeanor seemed very cold and almost standoffish...no distant. He had a look of surprise to his features which Lucy could tell was not very common for a guy like him, and is that a little bit of a blush on his cheekbones?

And lastly, to the left was a boy with pink… yes pink hair, but Lucy loved pink. His eyes were mesmerizing. They were an olive green color, but Lucy could practically see heat twisting and crackling into a hot fire that almost engulfed Lucy and pulled her in like a moth to a flame. All three of the boys looked very well off in the strength department, but the pink one had the perfect body, in Lucy's opinion. He was stocky, but not short. Granted, he was the shortest one out of the three boys, but he still looked to be 6 feet tall, and Lucy was only about 5 foot, maybe a little more. His skin was tan… damn was it tan, and he looked exotic.

She sucked in a breath when his Adam's apple bobbed up and down and his tongue poked out of his lips to lick them. She faintly realized that a few of the students were looking at the three boys oddly, but nobody seemed to catch on that Lucy was also looking at them because she was very good at pretending to do something she wasn't actually doing, and that was reading her lesson plan she had for class today.

It felt like it's been five minutes, but the final bell hadn't rung yet, so Lucy uncapped her pink marker and started to write the writing prompt for today. She was calm, cool, and collected on the outside, but on the inside, her heart wouldn't stop beating so unfamiliarly in her chest. Her writing wasn't as clean as usual, and was a bit scribbly on some of the loops of her cursive letters.

She noticed that the boy with dark hair collected himself and pulled the other two towards the desks. Finally, the bell rang, so Lucy finished up with the writing prompt, then turned towards the class on the balls of her heals with a small, hesitant smile. The classroom immediately shut up for some reason, but she could see some girls glaring at her for some reason. Brushing it off, Lucy pointed towards her name on the board and introduced herself like she did for all her other classes.

"Hello, my name is Miss. Heartfilia, and this class is creative writing. I'm sure most of you are here for the easy English credit for your junior or senior year..." Lucy walked across the front of the room, heals clicking against the tiled floor and pleated skirt slightly swooshing. "And I'll admit that this class isn't very hard and I'm sure you are or have taken harder ones, but this class will be mostly soul searching. I'll push you emotionally to write your feelings and desires down until I think you're truly unguarded and vulnerable. Every day, I'll give you a prompt to write at the beginning of class, and you'll share it with the class." A thin arm and small hand shot up in the air, so Lucy smiled at the petite bluenette and held one finger up. "It will be anonymous, so you don't have to worry about your classmates knowing what you said. During the morning, even I won't know who wrote what, but your homework I will grade individually."

The girls hand dropped back down, so Lucy walked to her desk and pulled the attendance sheet out. "I want everyone to pull out some paper and a pencil and answer this question. How does what I just told you make you feel? And why? Are you angry, excited to have a place to pour your feelings out? Do you feel violated? Please answer honestly, and I'm excited to hear what some of you think." Lucy looked around the room and smiled as the students rummaged through their bags to get their papers out. But her heart jumped out of her chest when she made eye contact with the pink haired boy, and Lucy averted her gaze quickly. "After I hear from a few of you, we'll all introduce ourselves more, including me, and go over the syllabus."

Lucy sat on her rolly chair and looked down at the attendance sheet as the room filled with the noise of graphite on paper. She didn't mind that there was a bit of whispering, and just searched for a certain name. Natsu Dragneel… Lucy has a feeling that he's the pink haired boy. Lucy peeked up at him casually, but he was already looking at her, so she scanned her eyes around the room to make it look like she was doing a sweep. She looked back down at her paper, her long, blonde hair falling over her shoulder like a river, so she used it to take a peek at Natsu again. He was no longer looking at her, but he—

Lucy shook her head and pinched herself for punishment again. He is her student. There's no way she can be feeling this attraction for the man…no boy. He was a high schooler. Not even of age yet, so there's absolutely no way she can ever feel this desire towards her student. No, she doesn't feel that way. She can acknowledge that a boy was attractive, the same way she acknowledges that a girl is extremely beautiful. Like the bluenette who raised her hand, she was an adorable little thing but that doesn't mean Lucy will go to jail for having that thought. No… she's okay. Just 179 more days of school left.

She can do this.

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