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School started for both her and Natsu and it was surprisingly uneventful. Lucy had all these expectations of getting confronted by parents hearing about her inappropriate relationship with a student. Or students hearing about it and having issues with flirting or harassment. Yet it's been a week and nothing of the sort has happened. Lucy knew Erza wasn't the gossip type, but she expected her to tell someone and her relationship was leaked to the teachers. Yet that hasn't happened. Granted, Lucy could tell Erza was different, though it wasn't anger. It was a strange feeling. Almost like they were strangers. What Natsu said seemed to be true. She had issues accepting it, but she seems to understand them and sees what she did for Natsu as a teacher. She may have done some soul searching as well since she seemed to have calmed down quite a bit in regards to her yelling and discipline.

School was normal. She taught her classes, and came home to her excited boyfriend who was eager to take her out every night. She had to put somewhat of a leash on his excitement but they did go out to dinner during the week twice and went out for ice cream on a different night, which even those small things made him so excited Lucy thought he may combust. Yes she was nervous beyond belief that they'd see someone or Natsu would go too far in his possessiveness but he actually was keeping his feral behavior in check. At least when they were in public which she was grateful for.

It's the weekend now and Natsu was excited to introduce her to his friends. Though she felt strange meeting her students as adults and being introduced to them again as their classmates girlfriend instead of their old teacher from high school. She would do this for Natsu though. She's always saying she needs to do more for him and letting him show her off seems to be the thing he wants the most right now.

Wearing a black military style romper which had a chunky silver zipper up the front and her favorite pair of wedged heals, Lucy pulled on one of Natsu's plaid flannels in a dark green color. Natsu was on the couch with Happy, texting his friends group chat with a smirk plastered across his face. He was so excited that Lucy is sure he's doing a pre boasting session in the messages just for him to do another one later in person.

She grabbed her crossbody purse off the kitchen chair with one hand and pulled it over her head while adjusting the butterfly necklace Natsu gave her to sit on her collarbone nicely. "You ready babe?"

Natsu popped his head up to look at her, grin widening into a more mischievous look when he sees his shirt on her. She added that with her outfit just to please him so she's happy it seemed to do the trick. "I've worn that a lot. They'll know it's mine for sure."

Lucy rolled her eyes while shuffling through her purse. "I'm not some thing to be shown off you know." Glancing up once she found her chapstick, Lucy uncapped the rose tinted vanilla stick and applied it to her lips while mumbling. "I know you're excited but when you say shit like that, it makes me feel like an object instead of your girlfriend." Capping and shoving it back in her bag again, Lucy places a hand on her hip. "There's a difference between introducing me to them and bragging about me to them. Which one seems like the one your girlfriend would be happy about?"

Natsu frowned. "Obviously introducing." He stands, giving happy one last pat before making his way over cautiously. "Which is what I wanted to do."

"Yeah I know you have pure intentions. I'd never doubt you regarding that. It's just I don't want to be treated like an accessory around your friends. And I know you don't mean to but I guess I'm just worried that you'll act differently. Kind of like that time Gray bragged about hugging me."

"I-I didn't mean to make you feel like that baby." He got closer while cautiously touching her lower back. "I-I just want to- to—" he cut himself off. He wants to show her off... It's not as bad as it sounds. It's just when they've been stuck inside so often, he can't help but want to show off the amazing woman he somehow managed to make fall in love with him. But when he says that aloud, it sounds really awful. "I'm sorry." He suddenly went quiet for a moment as he thought deeply.

Lucy touched his chest and glanced up at him affectionately. "I'm not upset. I just want you to have the right mindset when I meet them. They're your friends and I'd like to get along with them just as much as you do. So don't pretend to be someone your not and don't pretend our relationship is something it's not." He snapped his eyes up to her, suddenly looking hurt. Lucy quickly corrected herself. "I mean don't pretend that we have some cool relationship. We have a serious adult relationship where I sometimes embarrass you just as much as you do to me. A relationship where I'm more grown up than you and sometimes that makes you feel insignificant or not good enough, but a healthy relationship where we work through our issues or disagreements by talking and supporting each other through our issues. That's what we are."

"I know." He said softly. Natsu leaned into her, forehead resting on her shoulder. "You've never even seen me with my friends. You're too smart Luce. You knew what I was thinking when I didn't really get it until now."

She nodded, hand running through his hair. "Continue. Explain so I know you understand."

She heard him swallow. "I guess this was a place to show you off but try to look cool in front of you too."

"But what do I love about you, babe?"

"You love how I've respected you more than any other guy you've dated has." His arms wrapped around her waist in a hug. "And acting cocky just makes me like Sting or those other douches."

"Don't compare yourself to Sting, babe." Lucy giggles softly. "That's being way too harsh on yourself."

"I'm sorry."

"It's okay." Lucy laughed breezily, like air just rushed through her, making her so happy. "You've done nothing wrong yet, so let's make today something we're both super happy about, okay babe?"

"Mhmm." He pulled away from her slightly to look down at her. Lucy cupped his face, rubbing an affectionate thumb on his cheekbone.

"Are you ready to introduce me to your friends?"

"Yeah." He smiled, stepping away from her while grabbing her hand to pull her out the door. Lucy laughed shuffling to lock the door, then trotting behind him and trying to keep up with his eagerness.

They were meeting at Loke's place since he seemed to have the best hangout spot for their group. With a nice house, basement to themselves, and the fact that it was a place Lucy was a little more comfortable with having been there before and it being Virgo's house as well. Plus the added fact that it wasn't in a public space and someplace private.

They walked down the street together hand in hand. She had gotten more used to doing this since she spilled to Erza, and her and Natsu have gone out in public together. Though she can't help feeling anxious and worried that someone they know will see them, but for Natsu's sake, she refuses to let go of his hand despite how much she wants to.

"We're the last ones there." Lucy gulped at his words while glancing up at him. He stared back at her affectionately. "I know it sounds intimidating, but it's better like this. That way we explain ourselves once and get it all over with once instead of having to repeat ourselves every time someone shows up."

It makes sense and she agrees that's the best way to do things but that doesn't make it any easier. "I agree. I'm still anxious to meet your friends though."

"It's okay. They'll love you Luce. Luckily, Loke would have been the most obnoxious, but he already knows so that's one less thing."

"That's true." She got through Loke, so what could be worse? That's genuinely what she thought but Lucy wished she could eat her own words because there was someone worse.

Virgo wasn't home so she and Natsu walked straight down to the basement, hands still held together. She no longer had any ideas about letting go. Not anything like Natsu's possessiveness. Her hand in his was Lucy's only coping mechanism for this anxiety physically shaking her body. She couldn't help but lag a bit so by the time they got to the bottom of the stairs she was standing slightly behind him. How the basement was set up didn't benefit her situation either. There was no corner to turn or hallway to walk down. Once they got half way down the stairs, you could see who was coming very easily.

Despite their conversation earlier, Natsu was still Natsu. And the fact that the sight of his girlfriend just silenced the fucking room, made him unable to hold back his smirk and confidence radiating off his entire being. He pulled her forward in front of him and let go of her hand only to drop his arm over her shoulder proudly. It seems he can't help but be cocky and show her off. She tried to stop something like this happening, but to be honest, knowing Natsu, he would have tried to make out with her just to prove his point so just this much was something she would gladly compromise on.

"What the fuck?"

Lucy doesn't know who, but someone voiced what she's sure they're all thinking. She looked down at her feet covered in polka dot footie socks, then glanced off to the side, bouncing around the room unsure where to put her eyes and too nervous to look at them.

"Meet my girlfriend. Introduce yourself baby."

She suddenly snapped her eyes up to his with a glare. He just smirked down at her. The jerk seems to be enjoying her struggle. Lucy takes a deep breath despite herself and finally looks at his friends. She fans her eyes across them all. "I'm sure you all recognize me, but Id like for you to call me Lucy from now—"

Her eyes passed over someone in particular, but quickly flew back over to her once the face registered. Her mouth dropped open, and she aggressively pointed at the brunette, the flask in her hand only proving her point. "Y-you! It was you who bought alcohol from the pharmacy at an ungodly hour with a fake ID! I swore the moment I knew your name I would take my revenge for putting me through so much stress!"

"That was you Cana?" Natsu questioned, suddenly recalling that whole ordeal when Lucy called him before the sun was even up to complain about some incident— oh. He guesses he should have connected the dots. Cana said she saw Lucy at the store buying plan b but he just didn't think about it too hard back then. Since after she said that he suddenly remembered he had to go see Lucy.

"What do you mean 'that was you'?!" Lucy mocked his voice in frustration. "How did this slip your mind! I really would have liked to know who that was, you idiot!" Stepping away from him so his arm dropped off her, Lucy smacked him on the chest over and over. "Stupid stupid!"

"I'm sorry Luce." Natsu was laughing despite the situation. Somehow instead of showing off his sexy girlfriend he somehow felt much more happy showing off this side of her and their relationship together. He gets what Lucy meant earlier. He felt so happy he couldn't stop smiling despite how that seemed to make Lucy more mad at him. He liked it though and wanted to push her buttons more. "She told us she saw you buying condoms, lube and plan b and was trying to make me mad about it but since you bought that stuff cuz of me, I guess it didn't register that it was what you complained about."

Despite how he was having a ball teasing this angry Lucy, he couldn't help but make sure his friends knew exactly what situation he was talking about and that they knew how long this had been going on for.

Being a pretty open person and not one to be embarrassed by such information around a normal group of people, Lucy was too angry to process what he just revealed to his friends.

"Don't. give. me. that. bull!" She slapped him between each word. "How could you not remember such important information!"

"Well I snuck up into your classroom right after she told us." He continued to subtly reveal information but it probably wasn't so subtle to his friends. It wasn't as fun when she didn't realize what he was doing though. Teasing is only fun when the teased realize they're being teased. "But why are you getting mad at me? Cana was the one who bought the alcohol and saw you buying naughty things."

Like he hoped, Lucy suddenly seemed to remember they weren't alone. She looked over at his friends, eyes landing on a smirking Loke who held both hands up doing the common fucking hand gesture with his index finger going in and out of an ok. She suddenly flushed darkly and stepped back behind Natsu.

"Let's go back for today and try again another day." She can't even look at them. She was yelling and hitting. Natsu revealed such information that she just knows was intentional and now they all know not only that they fucked but how long ago it happened! That was at the beginning of the school year!

"That's not happening baby." Natsu smiled behind him, somehow looking a bit sadistic to her and like he was enjoying her struggle. Of course he chooses now of all times to be all sexy and domineering.

He holds his hand out, which Lucy cautiously takes. Gently pulling her over a little closer to his still speechless friends, he points at each one. "You already know Gajeel. Then you have Cana, Loke and Gray. The others are at school and can't make it."

"Uh hi." She awkwardly waves, cheek still flushed in shame. "Umm like I said before, I'd like you to call me Lucy from now on. I understand that this may be shocking but since Natsu has already revealed so much..." She trails off with a glare flicking towards her boyfriend who pretends he didn't notice. "I don't feel a need to hide anything so ask as much as you want. I'll answer to the best of my abilities. Ah also Loke and Gray already know about us so there's that too."

All eyes were on the two boys now. Loke shrugged while Gray looked away with a huff.

"Wait wait wait—" Gajeel seemed the most confused which made complete sense. "Weren't yah dating sting? But Cana told us that stuff before Christmas so this shit don't make sense."

"It's complicated." Natsu rolled his eyes at the mention of his cousin. "Luce and I have been together since the second week of school."

Lucy hunched her shoulders that he revealed that information. That's what she's most ashamed of and he's actually pushing back the date more than what it could have been. How humiliating to admit such a taboo thing to her previous students.

Luckily Natsu didn't dwell on that particular piece of information and continued. "Sting was Lucy's Ex in college and she felt bad for dumping him and after he saved her from some cocky sophomores following her home after school, he made her be his pretend girlfriend because his family—" Natsu put up air quotes at this next part. "Said he needed to settle down." He clicked his tongue at his own words. "But he was a liar since that was bullshit! Anyways, Luce tried to end it but shit went down, he found out." Natsu lightly covered the situation. Skipping a lot of details but getting the situation across enough that Gajeel understood completely what went down with that.

"I guess I should say sorry then. I was kinda rude at the Christmas party when it wasn't really your fault even if yah weren't together."

"I appreciate that." Lucy smiled and looked down the line towards this Cana girl who still hasn't spoken. It seemed odd for a girl like her. "Umm I guess I'm sorry for earlier. I drank before I was 21 as well."

"Just answer one question for me." She pointed at her, flask in hand and the other on her hip. "I just— I just gotta know." She slurred. "How'd you make Natsu wanna do itttt..? The do ya know?"

Lucy was a bit confused by her question. "Umm I'm not sure. He was the one who came onto me. Pushing me against my desk chair every chance he got."

"HOW BOLD!" She gasped, a hand over her lips. "Does that mean Natsu had a thing for older women and we didn't know it?!"

"Hey! I'm not that old! I'm only 26 okay?"

"How was he?" She suddenly got more serious and took two long strides to get in her face. "Natsu was a virgin huh? We were so confused when he suddenly said he lost his v card and always wondered who it was." She looked to be in deep thought for a second then placed a hand on his shoulder. "Take responsibility, will you? Natsu loves you so much and you have to marry him since you took his v card."

"I'm not some 18th century bride!"

"At least he's not as stupid anymore." Gray mumbled to the two boys next to him.

"No kidding. He got smarter after dating her." Gajeel mumbled back.

"He's not smarter." Loke corrected. " Just not as stupid."

The two nodded in agreement.

Lucy just stands back a bit watching the group of friends bicker and fight amongst themselves, but that comes with a close friendship that's very fun to watch but hard to fit in. She stands next to her boyfriend a bit awkwardly. Lucy reaches up to hold onto his shirt, making him look down with a smirk. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing. Just feel a bit left out is all."

"Wow who knew she was so needy." Cana whistled while watching them interact, scooting over to join the other three. "How the hell you two find out?"

"I tried to threaten them after spying on them in her classroom but decided against it." Loke explained.

"I found out a lot later after the three of us followed Lucy into a bar and Natsu left with her."

"Huh." Cana scratched her head in surprise. "I thought for sure gray would have found out first."

"It was on accident that we both found out. Lucy didn't want Natsu telling anyone. You had to figure it out yourself." He cut in before Gray got too upset. Lucy was kind of a sensitive subject when it came to Natsu and Gray. And then when you add in how Gray was supposed to be his best friend but Loke seemed to take it after he knew about Lucy since there were things Natsu could only talk to Loke about. Plus with gray having feelings for Lucy as well, it left them both strained and hard to approach each other on this particular topic. Pushing them farther apart while Loke was open with anything Natsu had to say since he knew the most and didn't have any feelings making things complicated.

"I get why he didn't hang out with us now." Gajeel commented. "He was constantly with Miss— I mean Lucy."

Lucy popped her head up after hearing that, wanting to contribute to the conversation and get along with them. She slightly tugged his hand so he could lead her over, and Natsu happily smiled down at her but joined his four friends. Lucy just internally smirked because what she was about to say would not make him happy.

"Actually when I went to Natsu's family Christmas party, Zeref asked me if I noticed anything different about Natsu."

"He did?" Natsu looked down at her in question. "You never told me that."

"Mhmm." She looked smug with her chin raised. "He thought you and Loke were dating since you told him you were staying at his place every weekend."

Both Natsu and Loke sputtered and looked at each other in disgust. "What the fuck?!" Loke was the first to verbally react. "Me with Natsu?! Does he not know my reputation! At least let it be someone like Gray instead!"

"Don't drag me into your gay party!"

"Hey nothin wrong with being gay boys." Cana added in. "Gay porn is the hottest to watch for us ladies. The question is, who's the bottom?"

"Obviously Natsu!" Gajeel barked while laughing out.

"What the hell do you mean by obviously! You guys don't know what I'm like in bed! Luce, tell them how dominant I am!"

"Are we just ignoring how Cana said she watches gay porn?" Gray asked.

"Fuck that! It ain't surprising! I want you guys to know that I'm not some submissive bottom in bed!" He grabbed Lucy's arm and pulled her directly in front of him with his hands on her shoulders. "Tell them! Tell them I can take care of you!"

Lucy glanced over her shoulder, giving him that same sadistic smirk he shot at her earlier. "It's okay babe. You'll get better in bed. I can teach you whatever you want to learn."

His mouth dropped open, face suddenly going red. "L-Luce! Don't say that!" He grabbed her arm again and started to tug her away. Stopping a little ways away he held her biceps and leaned down closer towards her height. "They'll make fun of me my whole life!"

She smiled with her lips shut tight, trying to stop herself from laughing. "You wanna punish me?"

He suddenly went quiet at her innuendo. "Y-yes...?" He seemed unsure how to handle this sudden change. "Wait, what's happening right now?"

"Nothing nothing~" she placed a hand on his chest and smiled up at him. "Anyways, you can punish me if you want later."

"Hah?" He was so confused, but looked past Lucy to see his friends quietly watching them. Glancing back down to see his confident girlfriend, he suddenly realized something. "Wait! I was supposed be mad! You're not in control right now! I get to decide when you're punished not you!"

"Okay I said you could punish me babe."

"No! Don't tell me what to do!" He huffed, letting go of her to cross his arms. "I'll decide when to do it and since you told me to punish you then it ain't happening!"

"Wow he really isn't in charge huh." Cana said to the three boys, contradicting what Natsu just said.

"He isn't." Gray and Loke stated together.

"Princess has always had him on a leash even if he thinks he's leading the way." Loke explained.

"Shut up! I'm in charge!" He barked at the peanut gallery. "Luce has her moments but I'm not some kid!"

"I know babe." Lucy held his shoulder in comfort. "You're definitely the one in charge."

Natsu felt like he was going to scream. "You're obviously saying shit that should be good but the way you say it makes me feel bad!"

Gajeel did his strange laugh. "Guess we know who wears the pants."

"Argh!" He felt frustrated and suddenly stepped forward, leading Lucy's back to the wall. A hand on either side he tried to look intimidating while looking down at her. "You did that on purpose you evil little—" Lucy just kept smiling which did nothing but make him angrier. He wants to make that smile crack into an apologetic moan.

"Come here." She stubbornly stayed still, not dropping that smile in the least. "I said come here. You'll get what you deserve, baby girl."

Her lips twitched downward just a bit and her brow raised slightly. She was thrown a little off. He was actually being really demanding and more aggressive which wasn't Natsu. He had his moments of dominance, but it was always a really soft and gentle dom. Wanting to take care of her. But this was different and it turned her on. He was angry. He wanted to dominate and he wanted her to submit. Lucy just wanted to tease him after what he did to her earlier, but it seems she pushed a little too much because he was clearly wanting to put her in her place.

"Uh Natsu—"

"No." He cuts her off.

"No what?"

"I said come here. Don't make me repeat myself again."

She stepped into his embrace, chin on his chest and looking up at him.

"Good girl."

Her stomach fluttered and her lower half clenched. Breathing suddenly felt a lot more difficult even though her lips parted in a silent moan. What the hell was this?

"Let's go home." He suddenly stated.

"What? But we just got here a few minutes—"

Two fingers were suddenly shoved between her lips, making Lucy choke on her words. "What did I just say about making me repeat myself."

Chin raised, fingers still down her throat, tears threatened to slip down her cheeks from the shock of it all. Though Natsu had to say, she looked enduring as hell and he wanted to make this prideful woman submit to him to make sure she knew who was in charge. At least when it comes to this one thing.

Lucy quietly nodded at his demand and he grinned cockily when grabbing her wrist and pulling her up the stairs. "I'll make you say who's in charge. You'll be a good girl for daddy, right?"

Her heart jumped to her throat, but Lucy nodded as she looked at his big, strong back leading her towards the door. He suddenly looked like such an adult at this moment, and she didn't mind this kind of role play in the least. She found it really hot and having daddy issues isn't something Lucy is a stranger to.

"Yes daddy."

She'll get her back blown out tonight but Lucy was nothing but excited to let Natsu explore this new side of himself. And she wanted to explore this submissive side of herself as well.