Barney and the backyard gang Amy's illness.

Authors note: This was inspired by fact Amy wasn't in Barney and friends I worked with Sofia2017 planning on this story. I know Becky Swonke's brain tumor. But character disappearing never explained. So we came up with an idea.

Disclaimer: we own nothing Barney and the backyard gang owns.

This takes place in between rock with Barney and Barney and friends.

Amy had a cold for 3 weeks it just wasn't going away. So her parents took her to the doctor.

Amy was clutching Barney doll she was very nervous. Michael gave her a hug.

The nurse called for Amy Sanchez

After a short wait in the room and nurse taking Amy's vitals Doctor Martin came back to take a look at Amy.

Brittany (mom)said,"Doctor Martin this here is Amy she's had a cold for 3 weeks that just won't go away."

Amy said while sniffling,"I just want to go home and go back to sleep."

Doctor Martian replied,"We will get you home soon. Mr and I'm going to run some test on Amy."

Michael spoke up and said,"Amy has bruise on her leg she asked me not to say something she's had it for about a month but something tells me it's important thing to know."

Doctor Martin said,"Thank you young man."

Jimmy(dad) said,"Michael I'm sure she will forgive you later you did the right thing."

Amy said,"Michael some twin you are."

Doctor Martin said," you and your son will have to step out of room for a little while."

So Michael and his dad returned to waiting room.

Once in waiting room Michael asked,"Dad do you think Amy will be ok?"

Jimmy said," I sure hope so champ. I know Amy is a fighter."

Doctor Martin did exam and took some blood to be sent off to lab. Then Michael and his dad where allowed back in.

Doctor Martin said," Mr and I really don't know what's wrong but Amy isn't very well at all I have some blood I'm going to send to lab based off a hunch I have. Just let her rest. The results will be available in about 3 weeks. I'd recommend for now keeping her out of school."

Jimmy asked,"Can you tell us what your hunch is?"

Doctor Martin replied," I'd rather not because I don't want you to worry till we have answers. And Michael please after school keep your hands clean before see your sister after school."

Michael nodded.

They all headed home after appointment so Amy could rest. The 3 weeks wait for answers was very frustrating. Finally the doctor called.

Doctor Martian on phone said, "hello this is doctor Martin phoning."

Michael had picked and said," Hold on a second let me get mom. Micheal shouted mom phone."

Once Brittany safely had the phone said," Hello Doctor Martin."

Doctor Martian said," I have some bad news your daughter Amy has Leukemia. Amy will need to be admitted to the children's hospital starting tomorrow so we can start her on some treatment as soon as possible."

Brittany was in shock but after few moments she said, " Thank you for letting me know we will take her to the hospital tomorrow morning."

Brittany hung up phone. Then called her husband at work and said," Jimmy the news is in Amy has Leukemia. We have to have her admitted to children's hospital in the morning."

Jimmy started crying on the phone and through his tears said, " Michael can't come with us tomorrow when we take Amy to hospital what do we do?after all it will be Saturday."

Brittany said," We be strong and will be glad to look after him for us tomorrow and Michael is good friends with Luci and Tina. I will tell Michael what's happening."

Jimmy had stopped crying and said," You are right Brittany dear. Go on tell Michael and I will bring home Amy's favorite Chines food for dinner before she ends up in hospital for awhile."

Brittany hung up and called Michael back down stairs and said, " Michael I'm sorry but Amy is very sick she has illness called Leukemia she will have to spend some time in the hospital it's special hospital called children's hospital. Dad and I will take her tomorrow. You will stay with tomorrow a day and over night then dad or I will come get you Sunday morning while one of us stays with Amy. Dad is bringing home Chinese food tonight."

Michael said," Ok Luci and Tina are fun but I hate that Amy's so sick she needs the hospital. I wish I could take it all away."

Brittany said," I know dear. Now I've got to go talk to Amy."

Michael scooter to corner of couch to think meanwhile upstairs

Brittany asked," Amy dear are you awake?"

Amy said," Yes mommy I am."

Brittany said," Sweetie the doctor called today you have Leukemia it's not your fault I don't know a lot about it. But starting tomorrow you have to go to hospital for a little while."

Amy sniffled with sadness and hugged Barney tighter and asked," Why am I so sick? And can Michael come with me tomorrow?"

Brittany replied," I don't know why Sweetie. And sorry Michael can't but Barney can. Daddy is bringing home your favorite Chinese food."

Amy said," uh uh if Michael can't come with me I want him to have our Barney. He's staying with Luci and Tina's mom isn't he."

Brittany nodded and hugged her daughter.

Amy said," Mommy don't worry I will get better. I want to go down stairs to see Michael."

Brittany said," Ok Amy but let me carry you down stairs."

Amy said," Ok mommy."

Brittany picked up Amy and carried her downstairs it was reminder of just how much Amy and Michael had grown just sense last summer. It wasn't an all the time thing but Brittany didn't want Amy to exhaust herself either. Once down stairs Amy was set on couch.

Amy said," Michael I'm sorry I was kind of mean to you when I was at the doctor's. I forgive you for telling. I will get better. I will miss you at hospital and you are going to have to talk to Luci and Tina. About it."

Michael said," I know you where scared and didn't feel well usually we are sick at same time. You are very sick and I'm not sick at all it's not normal."

Amy said," That's for sure you got better after cold for couple days I just didn't get better. And I want you to take our Barney with you. I really think you should."

Michael said," Thank you but remember Tina has different plush of Barney so why do you want me to take ours?"

Amy said," because Barney knows I'm sick and he wouldn't have fun with me in hospital. He'd much rather stay with you."

Michael replied," Oh ok I will and I will take good care of him. I sure hope Tina doesn't climb a tree when she hears the news."

Amy said," I can almost guarantee Tina will climb a tree it's Tina after all."

Just then dad came home with the Chinese food. Everyone sat at kitchen table quietly eating food. They where all deep in thought as this was scary experience and they just didn't know what to expect.

Amy finally broke silence and asked," Mommy, daddy can Michael and I sleep on couch together like when we where little?"

Jimmy said," Sure sweetie sense it's probably going to be awhile sense you will see each other."

After dinner mom and dad got blankets and pillows then brought them downstairs for Michael and Amy it was such small request from there sick daughter they didn't seem harm in it.

Amy had snuggled up close with Michael and fell asleep within 2 minutes of getting comfortable. It took Michael about a half an hour to fall asleep.