Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows

Summary: Keeping secrets can hurt. Can Abby cope?

Chapter 1

Abby sat at a bar, drinking shot after shot of alcohol. She was never one to drink alone. She was always in the company of friends, hell, she always initiated going out and celebrating!

But not tonight. Tonight was somber.

The team had just closed a case which ended in a 4 year old boy being kidnapped then murdered because of his Marine father's gambling debt.

Everyone on the team was hit hard, each person thinking if they had done more, this wouldn't have happened.

Abby wished she could've pulled more prints off the smashed bullet that was used for the kidnapping.

McGee wished he could've triangulated the phone call the kidnappers made even though it bounced through several satellite towers.

Tony and Ziva wished they could've searched the warehouse more quickly even though it was a trap.

And Gibbs... Abby was worried about Gibbs most of all. A case involving a child was always difficult because of his own personal experience of losing his wife and daughter. There was no doubt that Gibbs was in his basement drinking himself into oblivion.

And so, here Abby sat, drinking shot after shot. She peered into the shot glass, looking at the amber liquid swirling around. Hopefully this one went down a little more smooth than the tequila she just drank. If McGee was here, he would tell her it wasn't a good idea mixing light and dark liquor. But she didn't need to hear his advice right now. That's why she turned him down when he offered to take her out for a drink and then back to his place. They weren't going to have sex. Sex was completely off the table. They both just needed to be consoled after a case like the one they just experienced.

Now Ziva and Tony were different. When everyone got ready to leave the office after the case, Tony offered Ziva a drink and she desperately accepted. Maybe drinking would help them cope. Maybe sex would too, but Abby figured it was none of her business what they did.

Abby took another drink. Even though she always wondered who took the bed in Paris? There were some inconsistencies in Tony's version and Ziva's version of the story. Were they a couple? Had they always been a couple? And Abby loved Gibbs, but Rule 12 be damned! If someone were going to hook up, Paris would be the perfect place!


Oh yeah, Abby was really drunk now. She started feeling a little dizzy and she knew it was time to go home. She sat there for a minute, trying to find her keys. Her apartment keys of course, not car keys because that would be dangerous. She was just about to ask the bartender to call her a cab when someone came and sat next to her.

"Hi Abby."

The voice was unmistakable and she felt chills run down her spine. She turned around to face him and shook her head. Maybe, just maybe it wasn't him. She shook it again but that started giving her a headache and he was still there. She sighed and leaned her head on her hand.

"What are you doing here Mikel?"