What to do?

"Mom, say something please" I say as I sit here next to her wondering what she is thinking.

"When? Who?"Lorelai says.

"About 3 weeks ago while you were away and who's do you think it is?" I retort.

"Logan?" Mom responds.

I nod confirming her answer.

"Does he know?" She asks.

I shake my head.

"Are you going to tell him?"

"I don't know how we said our goodbyes it was supposed to be the end for us he is getting married soon and I don't want him to be with me because of the baby. I want him to be with me because he wants to." I state as a matter of fact.

"Well kid all I can say is he needs to know but how and when is up to you. We need to get home so we can get ready. Big day still to come" she says as she gets up from the gazebo steps and puts her hand out to help me up as we walk off towards home.

Gilmore house
Back home and we go about getting ready. Just as I am about to get into my dress nausea hits me and I have to bolt to the bathroom to avoid making a mess.

While hugging the toilet and vomiting I hear mom " Hey kiddo you alright?" She asks

"Yeah I guess just morning sickness getting to me." I advise her.

Once I finish I tidy up and head back to my room and change into a beautiful aqua bridesmaids dress that brings out the blue in my eyes. I finish getting my shoes on and then walk out to the lounge to see if mom is ready.

"Mom, how long you going to be?" I yell want to get this over with so I can plan what I am going to do about this major change in my life.

"Be right there."


The wedding was beautiful and there were so many tears. Damn hormones so have to get these under control.

I was standing towards the back of the crowd when I hear " Can I get you a drink?" Asks Jess

"Just a soda thanks." I respond

"Come on Gilmore have a scotch with me."

I hesitate thinking I can't have a drink but how do I get around it without arising suspicion. "I shouldn't I have had a few already" I lie hoping I can get away with it.

"No you haven't. You have not had any booze yet. What's going on? Your not ... " he says but before he can say it I jump in " Yes I am but please don't say anything only mom knows so far I need to keep it that way until I can tell the father." I reply back quickly and quietly

"Whose it is?" He asks

"Whose do you think it is?" I say back

"It's rich boys isn't it?"

"Yeah"I respond

"Well I guess congrats is in order I may not like the guy but you are what is important right now." He states as we stand there talking.

We talk about work and family for what seems like hours.

A yawn slips out "man I didn't realise how tired I am, I might go see mom and the go home to bed" I tell Jess.

"Take care Rory and if you need anything you know where to find me" he says as he walks away from her.

I set off looking for mom through the crowd and I find her being hounded by miss patty and Babette. I rush over to her and ask the ladies to excuse me and my mom I need to talk to her.

"Hey mom, I'm going to head home I'm really tired" I say to her "that's alright kiddo you go rest, I will have my cell on the whole time we are on the honeymoon you can call anytime you like." She advises me. "Thanks mom your the best and say bye to Luke for me" I say while giving her a big hug.

I walk off in the direction of home while I think about how to tell Logan that our special night in New Hampshire left us withy something special but I could not do it over the phone and I was going to need some help on tracking him down.

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