Back to Normal

After the party and the after party the next day life started getting back to normal for Logan and Rory. Logan started ramping up all his duties so that after the baby was here and he was back at work he was ready to take over so that Mitchum could retire. While Logan was busy with all that Rory continued with her book and within 4 weeks it was completed.

Rory's POV

As I sit at my desk and I can't believe it in only 8 months I have managed to finish the book. Gilmore girls is actually finished. I call Logan because I can't wait to tell him.

"Huntzberger here" he answers

"Why hello Huntzberger" I say seductivly

"Why hello Mrs Huntzberger, what do I owe the pleasure of this phone call?" He asks

"Well it just so happens that your beautiful, charming and talented wife just finished her book. All of it done right up to telling mom I'm pregnant, that's where I decided to finish it because then if like it I have stuff for a sequel." I tell him

"Oh my god Ace that's incredible, I knew you could do it now all you need is to find a publisher, how you gonna do that because I know you don't want my help." He tells me and I can hear the pride in his voice.

"Well I'm going to set up a meeting with Jess see where he might be able to point me." I reply hoping it doesn't hit a sore spot of Logan's I know he is still not Jess' biggest fan.

"Do it Ace I know you want to do this all by your self and under your maiden name so go for it I trust and love you knock em dead" he says

"Alright love you babe see you when you get home." I tell him.

I decide to call Luke just to find out where jess is at the moment because he tends to move around a bit even with the business.

"Hey Rory, its a surprise to hear from you what's wrong?" He says as he answers the phone.

"Luke nothing is wrong just trying to find out where jess would be. Is he in Philly or is he in Stars Hollow?" I ask him

"He is in Stars Hollow until Friday. Visiting his mom and sister while staying above the diner."

"Thanks Luke" I say and hang up.

I then call Jess' mobile hoping he will answer

"Rory?" He answered

"Hey Jess, I hope you are well I was wondering if we could organise a meeting for tomorrow?" I say

"Yeah sure, you know I'm in Stars Hollow yeah?" He said

"Yes I know I called Luke first to see where you were first so I could propose the best date for the meeting so how is 1pm at your place we can grab some food and head up stairs to talk where it is more quite." I suggest

"Sounds good I will see you then Rory" he says and hangs up.

Now that's done I think about ways to fill in my free time. I decide to invite the girls over for the afternoon. So I make the calls and before I know it the girls and I are lounging by the pool.

"So Rosemary how are you and Finn?" I ask

"We are fantastic I can't believe he has managed to settle down this way. I never thought he could be like this and I have to thank you Rory, if he had not seen what you and Logan did for each other and how you built your life he never would have thought it possible to have and we are so happy so thank you." She gushes to me.

"I have to say the same as Rosemary, I don't think Colin would have settled down if it weren't for your amazing example" Steph adds to it.

"I did nothing but follow my heart when an awkward situation arose that's all but it just turned out better then I ever imagined. With that being said I have a little announcement to make. I have finally finished my book." I say with excitement.

"Congratulations Rory that's amazing so when will we be able to read it?" Paris asks

"Everyone will have to wait till it's published and released." I say to them

They all give me a pout for like a second and then cheer up.

"So getting the topic off me, how are you and Robert going Paris?" I ask genuinely curious.

"It's going well, Doyle hates that I'm seeing someone but you know what I don't care Robert treats me amazing and makes me happy so I don't know what more I can say." She tells us all.

We spend the rest of the afternoon having girl talk and enjoying some nibbles and iced tea. We were talking away when I received a text message

"Ace where are you? I'm home but your not here xxx"

I respond to him

"Did you check upstairs? ;)"

The next minute the door is opening and Logan is walking over to me he grabs me up and pulls me in for a kiss forgetting that the girls are here.

"You scared me for a minute there Ace." He said

"We were just enjoying the afternoon sun and a bit of girl talk." I tell him

"Fair enough do their gents know they are here?" He asks hoping they will join this evening it's been a few weeks since they spent time together.

"I don't know, do they girls?" I ask

"Colin will be by after work." Steph says

"Robert doesn't know but I can get him to come over if you like." Paris answered

"Finn knows I'm here but is waiting for the invite, he has turned a little bit polite society recently which is very different for him." Rosemary tells us and Logan looks at her gobsmacked "are we talking about the same Finn?" He asked her "yes we are he had become responsible and respectful don't ask me I did nothing but agree to be in a relationship with him" she says defensively.

Logan texts Finn to get his ass to our place and the Paris contacts Robert telling him to come and join.

"What do you think for dinner Ace within our group of 8?" He asks me

"How about we do a BBQ we girls can whip up some sides?." I respond thinking we have this great entertaining area and we should start using it as we are now in the spring time.

"Sounds great I will grab all the meat and come back up and start cooking." He says and heads back down stairs.

"How the hell did you settle the wild stallion down?" They asked me as we got up to head down stairs.

"He grew up and was ready to settle down I didn't do anything but tell him I was ready for him." I say as we head down the stairs.

We make our way to the kitchen and start organising some salads and some corn to cook on the BBQ. We take everything up stairs when we are done to find all the guys there.

"How did you guys get up here without us seeing or hearing you." I ask them very worried if they can get passed 4 women in the kitchen.

"You were all gabbing away we didn't want to disturb so we came up stairs to the chef." Colin said as Steph made her way to him and kissed him hello. I took the corn over to Logan and he gave me a kiss on the head and put them on with the meat that was cooking away.

Paris went over and kissed Robert hello too and settled into his arms which he put around her and Rosemary practically jumped Finn when she reached him.

"How is our nephew going love?" Finn asks once he can talk after that hello

"He is going well kicking up a storm, I do have other news to tell you guys too." I say

"Oh yeah what is it?" Robert asks while enjoying his scotch.

"I can say I officially finished my book today and I have a meeting with my friend that is a publisher tomorrow to see how he can help me get it published. Before you say what about the HPG I want to do this on my own merit without the name which is why it is being published under my maiden name also." I tell them before they jump in.

"That's great news Rory we all couldn't be happier for you." Colin says

The rest of the evening goes by easily everyone enjoys all the food and the stories that are being brought up from our Yale days. Before we know it it's 10 pm and everyone realised they had to get going home.

We said goodbye and finished cleaning up before we went and changed and got into bed.

The next day we awoke to Logan's alarm and he got up and made breakfast while I had the first shower and then I went and had breakfast while he got ready for work.

"So I have my meeting with Jess today in Stars Hollow at 1 pm so I should get home around the same time as you I hope, I was going to ask frank to drive me as it is safer for us that way." I tell him

"Sounds good to me Ace glad to see you use frank it's what he is there for." He tells me

"Can you send him back once he has dropped you off I want to get there early as I want to catch up with people in town." I add

"Don't worry ace I will leave him here and take a taxi so you can go as soon as your ready." He finishes and gives me a kiss and grabs his work stuff and heads out.

I go back to our room and figure out what out of all my maternity clothes look some what professional. I find a pair of stretch waisted charcoal pants and a cream satin blouse along with a charcoal jacket and my black flats as my heals are no good for my feet anymore.

I grab the manuscript and put it in my business bag and head downstairs to frank and hopped in and told him to head to Stars Hollow.

It took just over 2 hours today due to traffic getting out of the city. I'm so glad I left early to give me time to see everyone.

We first stopped of at the dragonfly to see mom and michel.

"Hey mom." I say as I walk into the inn, "hey sweets what do we owe this honour?" She asks me. "I have a meeting with Jess because I have done it." I say "done what something dirty?Did you leave Logan?" She asks in a shocked voice.

"No, Logan and I are great, I finished the book didn't I" I answered "and I want jess' help to get some publishers to look at it." I finish "why not get Logan's help he has HPG at his disposal" she replies and I tell her the same story as I told everyone else and she understands. "So how long do I get you for?" She asks me "about another 30 mins then it's Lane time" I tell her matter of factly as I only have another 1 and 45 mins till my meeting with Jess. So we go and sit in the dinning room and talk about everything going on till I realise it's time to see Lane.

Once with Lane I repeat all that I told mom and more of what Lane wants to know before I realise I have 10 minutes before I have to meet Jess.

"I have to go meet Jess now I will talk soon ok. Love you and the boys" I say as I leave and I get back in the car and have frank drive us to the diner.

I get out of the car and see Jess sitting there waiting for me to arrive. I think I am so lucky he will still work with me as I know that he was still in love with me only a matter of months ago but he knows that's over so we move on professionally.

I reach Jess and give him and hug and we order some cheese burgers and fries and I get a decaf coffee and we go up stairs to the murmur of the towns people eating lunch in the diner.

"You know we have just started a town rumour yeah" he says to me " I know but mum and Luke will put a quash to it."

"So what did you want to discuss." He asks me getting straight down to business while we start eating.

"I finished it" I tell him "what the book? Already?" He asks

"Yes, this last month things have just flowed with the new office and the fact we are having a boy it all just came out." I say

"What do you need me for?" He asks "help with finding a publishers." I say as he looks at me weirdly "but your husband owns and controls HPG the biggest publishers in the world." With incredulation in his voice. "I'm doing this on my own in my maiden name." As if that answers it all. "Ok I will send it out to my connections and see what they can dig up for me." He says we finish our meals and talk about life. I find out he is dating a girl named Chelsea for the last 2 months and that the business is doing well. Once all is done I look at the clock it's already 3.30 "I have to get going if I'm going to make it back home at a decent time" I say to jess and I give him a hug good bye walk out and down stairs and into the car where I left frank. "Home please frank" I say to him and we head home.

I know this is a long one I hope you like it and more will be on its way soon as I have a good idea where I am taking everything now.