The setting is Christmas the year Rory turned 14. Lorelai and Christopher followed the plan laid out by their parents when they announced they were pregnant. Christopher has worked his way up at Richards insurance firm and Rory has never gone without. She was raised in Hartford and went to all prep schools and is excited about going to Chilton in 9 months time. She has her best friends since birth Stephanie Vanderbilt, Rosemary Chase and Juliet Lincoln. Lorelai has managed to open her own boutique inn near the small town of Stars Hollow with her best friend Sookie .

This year the Gilmore-Hayden families decided to spend Christmas overseas on the beautiful coast of Australia at Coffs Harbour. They rented a giant beach house with 10 bedrooms all with their own private bathrooms.

Rory believed this was the worst possible idea she loved her white Christmas's and all the goes along with them and it was the first holiday season she was spending away from her three best friends. She wished they could just see her reasoning but no they all thought it would a great vacation and good family time.

So on December 17th they all board the Hayden jet and head off for their summer Christmas down under.

Rory believes this will be the worst Christmas and New Years ever but she has no idea what is in store for her in the magical country known as Australia.

Just a short description to set the scene and story hope you all like the idea.