Finn's POV

The next morning we make our way back to Yale and to our next obstetrics appointment. We arrive at the doctors and check in while taking a seat and waiting to be called.

"Are you alright babe?" I ask her while rubbing circles on her hand.

"Yeah my brain is still a bit frazzled over last night" she answers

"What about last night?" I ask her concerned

"Are we doing the right thing you know not getting married?" She asks hesitantly

"Where is this coming from?" I question again.

"Just been on my mind since last night and with what grandpa Straub and grandma Francine said. What if they are right?" She says

"Baby we will figure out what we want. Don't worry about what everyone else thinks, this is about us and our family" I say to her and then her name is called out and we head back to the room for the exam.

"Rory it's good to see you again, how are you feeling now" the doctor asks her as we enter.

"A lot better now that Finn is here and we are handling it together." She replies.

"So you must be Daddy" she says to me.

"Yes I am and I'm excited to finally see my children for the first time" I say to her

"Well let's get this show on the road" she says as we make our way to the bed. Rory lifts her top up and the doctor then puts the gel on her tummy and places the wand on and starts moving it around. I soon see the picture of our babies on the screen and I am mesmerised by it. We created those little bundles of joy.

"I can't believe that's our babies" I say softly watching the screen then the room is filled with the sounds of two heartbeats.

"Finn listen to them" she says to me and I just look at the smile on her face.

"I know baby" I say to her. We soon get our pictures and head back to Rory's dorm.

"Do we want to start looking at apartments? She asks me

"I think we should love, by the time we find something and set it up these two will almost be here" I say to her as I rest my hand on her still flat tummy.

"Ok so what are we looking at wanting in our home?" She asks me.

"Well do we want a seperate bedroom for each or just one to share? Plus I know you will want a library/study anything else you think we need?" I say

"Well I think 4 bedroom minimum, library/study, big living area and if possible a place for movie nights" she says with a shy smile.

"Anything for you my dear" I say to her as I grab my laptop and bring up some apartments on the internet. As we search through the listings we find a few that interest us that we make appointments in inspect.

Later that week

Today we have the inspection appointments we are looking at three apartments today all within a mile of Yale. We arrive at the first one meeting our agent and we enter. The first one has four bedrooms, a study, 2 and a half bathrooms, open plan living and dinning area along with a decent kitchen(not that she can use it) and an in house laundry. The only thing it doesn't have is the movie room that she was hoping for but that was an added bonus if we could get it. We take note of what we like such as the hardwood floors and the butlers pantry there is plenty of closet space also.

We move onto the next one which is five bedrooms 3 and a half bathrooms with a study/library a cinema room, open kitchen and dining area with marble bench tops and a large spacious living area. I can see Rory's eyes light up as she looks around the entire apartment.

"What do you think kitten?" I ask he quietly

"It's amazing Finn I could see us raising our children here while I study plus there is a spare bedroom if we decide to have a live in nanny to help while we are still studying" she says as she smiles at me.

"I like it too baby. I will see what the asking price is" I say as I move towards the agent.

"Asking price?" She questions .

"Yeah all the place we were looking at are to buy. I'm not renting when I can buy for my family and their future plus it's a good investment and when the kids are old enough and go to Yale they can live here and know this was their first home" I say looking at her lovingly and I can tell she is loving the idea. I leave her looking in the master bedroom while I find the agent.

"So what are they asking for this one?" I say to her.

"They are hopping for $650,000" she says

"How soon is that available?" I question further.

"That would be the standard 90 day terms" she answers

"If I offered and extra $100000 do you think they would settle in 30. We are expecting our first twins in 6 months and the sooner we can get in and settle the better. Plus it would be cash up front no loans or anything like that" I say hoping she understand our urgency.

"Well I can make the call to the vendors agent and let you know as soon as I hear. Plus this was the best of the three places I was showing you today" she says with a smile as she pulls out her phone and makes the call. I walk back to Rory and find her in one of the spare rooms.

"Penny for your thoughts?" I ask her as I enter and wrap my arms around her waist.

"Just thinking of what I could do to this room for one of the twins" she says wistfully

"Well hopefully we will know within a few hours and we can start making plans. I'm even more hopeful we can me in here within a month" I say to her and she turns to face me.

"How is that possible? Standard settlement is 90 days" she says to me.

"Well I offered extra to settle in 30 days. I don't want stress you out at 6 months pregnant plus it gives us more time to get rooms set and have you happy and settled" I say as we head out of the apartment and back to campus to the girls dorm.

We walk in and find chaos in the form of the girls clearing out their wardrobes.

"Do I want to know?" I ask.

"We need to get rid of last seasons clothes so we have room for all the shopping we plan to do" Steph says as if it explains everything.

"Well I need to lay down it has been a busy morning with looking at apartments and all" Rory says as she moves through to our room.

"Did you find anything" Juliet asks.

"Yeah I put an offer in just waiting to see if it is accepted" I say as I sit back and turn the tv on and watch whatever I can find. An hour later I head out and grab Chinese for all of us back at the dorm just as I walk back in with bags full of every dish the restaurant had my phone rings.

"Hello" I answer.

"This is he" I continue

"What?" I say

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