Everything up to season 5 episode 3 has happened she is with Dean I there will be a lot of references to begin with then there will be more AU. Some character maybe OOC but forgive me it's the only way for me to make it work. Disclaimer: I don't own any characters or initial story lines.

Colin's POV

We amble towards our dorm after a big night out and an early breakfast. As we approach the coffee cart I see a beautiful brunette talking to a sloppy looking guy who anyone with an eye can tell is mad about her but she has no idea. I decide to have some fun and see what can happen. I bump into him as I walk past.

"Oh sorry" he says and I think let the games begin.

"No, seriously, you couldn't see me there?" I say with irritation.

"Not everyone's staring at you Colin" Finn replies as he does Logan and his current flavour of the week turn around.

"Hey, I know you. No, wait-wait, don't tell me. I'm seeing a uniform of some sort" he says and I start checking out the girl properly and damn she is fine.

"Maytag repairman" Finn says with sarcasm and I chuckle inside my head.

"I've bartended to you - for your parties" the guy responds.

"That's right, you have. You're a talented man, he makes a kickass margarita" Logan tells the girl. While I continue to check her out I mean damn I can't take my eyes off her. Those blue eyes are like the ocean and I get lost in them. I see her getting annoyed at us but it's just too much fun.

"Thanks" he says with a nervous chuckle

"It's good to see you again. What's your name?" Logan asks and I'm trying to remember his name but nothing comes to me.

"Marty. Uh, this is Rory" Marty tells us. Rory my blue eyed angels name is Rory, such an original name.

"Hi. So, assuming your services are still for hire this year, your financial situation hasn't changed at all?" Logan says and inside I'm laughing out loud. By this point Finn is hanging over my shoulder bored and probably hanging out for more booze.

"Nope" he replies

"Good. Okay, I'll give you a call. Where are you living now?" Logan asks him.

"Branford" he replies

"Oh, excellent - Branford. All right. Good running into you." Logan says as he starts walking away with his blonde.

"Excellent shirt" I say to him then look towards Rory "I can see what you see in him." I finish and start waking backwards taking her in one last time.

"Don't be an ass Colin" Logan says to me.

"Me? Never. I'm a friend to all people, large and very, very small." I say as I start to walk away.

"You can't be serious, can you?" She says and I turn around.

"What?" I say

"You heard me. What did Marty ever do to you to deserve to be treated like that? Just because he doesn't have money from mommy and daddy to live off doesn't mean he is below you" she rants and I look at her incredulously.

"Where do you get off judging me? Just because I don't think the sun shines out of your boyfriend's ass. I can have my own opinion on whatever I want" I bite back hoping to find out if he is involved with her.

"Number and one I'm only voicing an opinion on what I see, number two I don't think that I just know him as a person and know he is a great person and three he isn't my boyfriend" she says to me.

"Well I'm sorry if I offended you or your friend. I hope to see you again and under better circumstances next time" I say with a smile to her and as I turn I swear I saw a little smile. I jog to catch up with the guys as we head to our dorm.

"So what's going on with you and the brunette?" Logan asks me.

"She hot and feisty" I say with nonchalance.

"Oh yeah so how you going to find out more about her to devise your plan of attack?" He asks

"I hope I can met her again and maybe make a connection I don't know. I just hope she can see past my snobbish remarks" I muse as I grab a drink from the bar and sit back on the couch and think about her.

Rory's POV

What the hell just happened? I think to myself. I have finished my coffee and need more to think about just what happened.

"Hey Marty do you mind if I grab another coffee and then we can head back?" I ask him

"Yeah that's fine Rory" he replies. I quickly jump back in line order another large coffee pay and collect once I have it we start walking back to my dorm.

"What the heck was his problem?" I ask Marty.

"He was into you" he tells me.

"No way he's a snobbish ass" I reply

"He is but he was checking you out hardcore Ror" he says to me as we reach my door and head inside.

"I moved things around I hope you don't mind and I switched our rooms too. You will thank me in 20 years when your skin is still like porcelain" Paris says as we enter.

"Hey Paris glad you made it. How are you doing?" I ask her genuinely.

"I'm fine. I'm actually relieved to be anywhere that people aren't arguing over the first-edition Faulkners. His granddaughter Sarah is the worst. If she thought the casket was worth anything, she would have stuffed it in her purse" Paris replies

"I'm sorry for your loss Paris" Marty says

"Thanks Marty, don't you have elsewhere to be?" She asks him and he scurries out of the suite with a mumble of goodbyes.

"Seriously Paris" I ask her in a huff and head into my 'new' room and lay on my bed. I grab my phone and call the one person I know will listen and give me sage advise after she mocks me that is.

"Lorelai's house of seduction, how may we seduce you today?" She says

"MOM! What if I was grandma?" I say

"It's called caller ID babe maybe you have heard of it. So what does mommy owe this phone call to? Not that I'm saying I don't like talking to you sweets" she rants like we do.

"I need a little advice and a sounding board that isn't crazy like Paris or male like Marty" I tell her.

"What's up sweets?" She asks curiously.

"How can you tell if a guy likes you or not? You know that I have always been a little obtuse and oblivious to those kind of things" I say to her

"Well it depends on what has brought this on? Without a full breakdown of the situation i can't weigh in properly" she replies and I go into detail about what happened by the coffee cart earlier and my verbal sparring match with the guy called Colin.

"Sound like you definitely have a college guy after you but what about Dean?" She asks

"I don't know, I don't even know this guy apart from the fact his name is Colin and he is a stuck up and pretentious snob with too much money" I say annoyed

"Well it looks like someone has managed to work you up. You know what I say get some friends together and go to the pub and enjoy yourself before college life starts taking over and you get too busy with the paper and classes and your sick study schedule" mom tells me.

"Your right I need some fun, I will see who will go maybe I can get Paris out and help her mourn Asher" I say as we start to finish up.

"Wait mourn Asher what happened?" Mom asks

"Oh Paris's professor boyfriend dies of a heart attack over summer" I say with as much notchalance as possible.

"Since when was Paris dating a professor?" She asks

"Since around the Yale-Harvard game last year I guess but that doesn't matter now. Well I'm going to go mom see who wants to join us and then change and get ready" I say and end the call and head out and see Paris.

"Paris, want to go to the pub tonight?" I ask as she sits in the common room smoking a pipe.

"Yeah why not anyone else you inviting?" She asks

"Maybe some of the YDN girls? Sheila, Michelle and maybe Jodie" I say

"Sounds good what time we going to leave?" She asks

"Well I will text the girls tell them to meet us around 9 how bout we go get some food around 7" I say

"Sounds good" she replies and I head back to my room to choose my outfit for the night.