Around 4 weeks later

Rory's POV

Tonight is the night that the Hayden's will announce me as their heiress it is being held in the Rose room. I'm all ready in the one of the preparation rooms as I stand there in my cobalt blue floor length dress that I bought the other week, It hugs all my curves with and open back with silver straps along the back.

As I'm looking at myself in the floor length mirror I hear a knock at the door. I open the door and see Colin standing there in awe of how I look.

"Hey baby is it time?" I ask him

"Almost, just thought I would come a little earlier to see how you are holding up?" He says to me.

"I'm holding up well, I just want to get this over with then deal with the shit storm that is Lorelai Victoria Gilmore" I say just thinking about how mom will take this.

"I'm right here babe just like both sets of grandparents and Logan and Finn are always happy to help you out" he says to me with a smile and he gives me a chaste kiss. We break apart when we hear a knock on the door. Colin walks over to the door as I recheck my make-up and straighten my dress.

"Time to go guys" The event coordinator says to us as we walk towards the door.

We make our way down the hall towards the grand staircase, we stand waiting up the top for the announcement to be made.

"Thank you all for coming tonight. Myself and Francine have requested your presence here tonight to make a big announcement that will affect the future of our family and our business. Today we are here to announce the future of the Hayden family, we are here to tell everyone that our granddaughter Lorelai Leigh Hayden will be the sole heiress for the business and family. So may you please all join me in standing up and welcoming our granddaughter to the newest role in her life being escorted by her boyfriend Colin Andrew McCrea" Straub says as we take our turn down the stairs to the great room. As we reach the bottom we are handed a glass of champagne and a toast is made.

"To Lorelai Leigh Hayden" Grandpa Straub says

"To Lorelai Leigh Hayden" everyone follows.

We have our drinks and then move around everyone making polite conversation soon I feel like I have spoken to everyone here except for the one person I really want to see. I take another look around the room and I finally see her sitting off to the side I grab a bottle of champagne and two glasses.

"I'm just going to speak to mom" I whisper to Colin as I move towards mom. I reach her a few minutes later and she looks up at me with a scowl on her face.

"How about we have this conversation elsewhere" I say to her as I walk back to one of the preparation rooms.

"So I know your dying to say something so out with it I guess" I say to her as I take a drink and pour her a glass. She gulps it down and I pour her another and top up my glass and take a seat on one of the couches.

"Where do I start, wait I know what about the fact that you changed your name, what's that all about?" she starts but I cut of her rant off before she can go further.

"The name change was brought on by a few things really but the main one is you keep that side of my family away from me that I couldn't do it anymore. I want to acknowledge where I came from plus I want to start a fresh with all of this" I say to her and she just scoffs.

"Ok, then how about the fact that I can see you becoming a Stepford wife, you already changed your dream and now that your an heiress you will never work in your life. This wasn't the life we had planned and you know it, I took over as the Gilmore heiress so you didn't have to deal with this. I wanted more for you, so much more." She says with tears falling from her eyes.

"Mom, the only way the plan changes is if I change it not anyone else and all the changes that have happened are my choices no one else's. Why can't you see that everything I'm doing is my choice and why can't you realise I'm not your mini-me anymore and what do you mean you become the Gilmore heiress?" I say getting aggravated.

"I can tell that ever since you came back from Miami, the hair, the attitude its all different and I swear I don't know who you are anymore and yes I took over being the Gilmore heiress so you wouldn't have to be in this world because its not what I wanted for you." She says with the tears streaming down her face.

" I should be able to choose what I want to do not everything you believe I should. I am still me mom, I'm just learning to stand on my own two feet and be who I truly feel I am meant to be not who everyone else thinks I am and Colin is amazing he is there for me in anyway I need and he helps me through anything and everything. Can't you just be happy for me?" I ask in desperation.

"How can I be happy when you are no longer who I thought you were? How can I be happy for you when I don't know who you are?" She asks me and now I am crying.

"How can you say you don't know who I am, I am the same person I have always been except I will go by Hayden instead of Gilmore and I will do more society based things but I still love to write and study like crazy, can quote wacky pop culture references and can rant with the best of them" I say

"But you have changed kid and if you can't see it I can't help you" She says and walks out of the room all I do is sit back and drink the rest of the champagne as the tears fall slowly from my eyes. I sit there for god knows how long before someone walks into the room. I soon feel a warm and comforting set of arms and I leaned into him.

"So I'm guessing it didn't go as well as you hoped it would" He says to me.

"She just can't seem to understand that I am happy with who I am becoming and that this is the life that I want" I say to him.

"Its all right baby, lets get back to our hotel for the night then I will take you back to Yale and me and the boys will go to Stars Hollow to get all your things from your mom's. You won't have to see her again if you don't wish to." He says to me and I realise that my Stars Hollow life will now cease to exist and that I am officially a trust fund brat as she calls them but at the same time I realise I am sad but not for the reasons I think I should be but for the reason that I may not see those people I still consider my extended family.

"That would be great Col, lets say goodbye to both my grandparents first before we go they would kill me if I didn't say a proper goodbye" I say as we walk back towards the ballroom and find both sets of Grandparents together with Colin's father and stepmom, we say goodbye and head into the limo and back to the hotel that Colin has booked us into.

I wake up late the next morning I roll over to find the bed empty, I look around and I find a note sitting on the pillow next to me.


Logan, Finn and I have got Finn's Escalade and my SUV to get all your things from Stars Hollow, relax order some breakfast(the healthy stuff I know you try to hide) and I will be back before you know it and we will head back to Yale

Love Colin

I roll off the bed and place a robe on and move towards the room service menu and phone, I pick up the phone.

"Hi, can I please get an egg white omelette with cheese, tomato and onion on wholewheat toast and a fruit salad with granola and yogurt, some green tea and coffee too please" I ask the attendant

"Is that all Mrs McCrea?" She asks

"Yes it is but its Ms Hayden, Mr McCrea is not married" I say as I hang up the phone damn presumptuous server. I make myself comfortable on the couch and turn on the TV to see what is going on in the news. 20 minutes later there is a knock at the door and the server brings the cart in with the food and places it on the table I grab some money for a tip as he leaves and tuck into my food hoping to demolish it before the guys get back.

Colin POV

The guys and I arrive at Rory's childhood home by 10 am and knowing Gilmore girls I know Lorelai will not be awake well at this time of the morning so I have four coffees for her and I head to the door while the guys grab the boxes and packing tape as I knock on the door. A few minutes later the door is swung open by a crazy rambling woman saying nothing coherant.

"Have these then come find me in Rory's old room" I say to her as I hand off the four coffees and move towards her old room and the guys follow me with the supplies.

"Guys you can get the books, they are in the shelves and under the bed I will get her clothes, then move onto other personal affects then we will get out of here. Rory made me a list of things we cannot forget" I say to them as we put the boxes together as I start to put her underwear into a box I see Finn's eyes look my way.

"Back to your task Finn, stop looking at my girlfriends underwear" I say and at the same time I see Lorelai walk into the room and look at the three of us.

"What are you doing here with boxes and Rory's stuff" She asks

"Let's see after your conversation with Rory last night, she was fully ready to move her life to where its going to be in the future. She doesn't want to see you again unless you have a change of heart now if you will excuse me, I have work to do because I need to get back to my amazing girlfriend" I say to her and turn back to packing her clothes, she can figure out what she wants to keep when she goes through it all. We spend the next hour going through her stuff and packing it up and loading up the two cars. Just before I leave I look back at Lorelai " If you want to keep having a relationship with your daughter I suggest you grow up and take a look at the big picture" I say just before I walk out and quickly get into my car and drive back to the storage space I have in Hartford. Once finished there I head back to the hotel and up to our room, I walk in to find Rory laying out on the couch watching a movie.

"Honey, you ready to head back to Yale?" I ask her as I place a kiss on her head and go and pack our stuff up.

"Sounds good" she says as she gets up. We are soon on our way back to Yale and back to some normalcy. At least I hope so.

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