A new President

3 months later

Barack Obama's has been elected as our 44th president and the whole paper is in a hype to have the best information and the best leads and here I am thinking about what I am going to wear to the inauguration dinner tonight that none of the staff know about. We have our three press passes going with one reporter and two photographers but no one knows I will be inside and it's all because of Finn. I never knew his family where backers of Obama but I am glad. The only other thing plaguing my mind it's this issue with Richard or Dick as I like to call him. He won't leave well enough alone and to make matters worse he is the journalist going for our paper so he is going to see me on the red carpet as we enter. As I sit at my desk working on a local issue a delivery guy rocks up with black roses and chocolates and I think that is a really weird thing to send someone. I sign for them and quickly try to find the card as I look around the bouquet I see Richard look over at me and smile and I shiver at the thought of him. I soon find the card and it creeps me out.

Beautiful roses from my black heart for the woman that has enraptured me.


As I sit there staring at the note it starts to scare me at how dark and twisted he is I quickly snap a photo of both the flowers and the note and send it to Finn and see what he thinks I should do. I have been out with the crew a few times since he first tried to hit on me but I always made sure Finn was with me from the start so he knew there was nothing there but with the latest addition I am starting to worry.

* Go to your boss, tell him if it doesn't stop you will file a sexual harassment case*

* Thanks for the advice baby*

After Finn's text I quickly finish my article and file it to my editor but I take a printed copy also and head to office to speak to him about Dick. I knock on the door and wait for a response.

"Come in" He calls and I enter and place the article on the beak and take a seat.

"What can I do for you Gilmore?" Mason says as I take a seat.

"Well that's my newest article and I have a more delicate matter I need to discuss with you" I say trying to figure out how to word it.

"What is it?" He asks as he looks over something on the computer.

"Well I am about ready to make a sexual harassment complaint on one of our staff if he doesn't start backing off" I say trying to be unemotional.

"Who might this case be made against?" He asks looking up from his screen.

"Richard" I answer straight to him

"Well this is delicate, he came in here earlier claiming that you are the instigator and he wants nothing to do with you" he says to me with a slight smile.

"Well how about this for evidence" I say passing my phone with the photo's "or the time he tried to hit on me or any number of times he leers at me in the office" I say starting to get frustrated.

"Well at the moment it's your word against his and he has been here longer. For all I know you want his spot" he says and I can see what's going on.

"Your in on it, he has you paid off some how" I say as it clicks into place.

"The question is how are you going to prove it" he says and I stand up and start walking towards the door.

"You better watch out Mr Houseman you don't want to cut off your nose to spite your face" I say as I take what has been sent to me and make my way to the elevator. I quickly press the button for the 12th floor where senior management is found. I just hope this gamble pays off because of it doesn't this is the end of my time here at the Post. As the elevator pings and opens I make my way to reception and ask if Mr Huntzberger is free. She asks do I have an appointment, I say no but I am a member of staff and it's important. She leads me through to a small meeting room and I sit the evidence on the table and wait for the powerful man to appear.

"Rory, I wasn't expecting you when I was told one of my staff wanted to see me. What can I do for you?" He asks as he sits down and I lay it all out to him about everything that has happened with Richard and then with Mr Houseman I show my evidence and he makes note of it all and then says he will speak with HR in the morning.

"So how are you and Finn going?" He asks and I'm shocked he is being genuine.

"Yeah we are well, I actually have to head of soon we have a dinner tonight" I say as I go to grab the evidence.

"Let me hold on to this for evidence and is it just a private dinner or the public kind" He asks with a knowing smirk.

"You know the Morgan's affiliations we are representing them tonight at the dinner" I say

"Enjoy yourself and I will sort this all out as soon as possible" he says as I grab my bag and head home. I make it home just after 2 and I make a pot of coffee before I head up to our room to change into some shorts. I head back down to the coffee and inhale the first cup and then pour my next and head back to the room to organise my things. I know Finn isn't due home till 3 so I head into my closet and pull out my dress. It's an Elle Saab original, it's a flowing beige gown (picture above). Finn hasn't seen it yet and I can't wait to see his face. I take out my Manolo's and Dior clutch and fins the necklace and earrings grandma and grandpa gave me for my 21st. I hear the door open and I know Finn is home and I make my way to the shower and hop in starting to leather myself up.

"Kitten?" He calls

"In the shower babe" I answer as I lather my hair.

"How did your boss take the information you gave him?" He asks as I continue washing my hair and he rids himself of his work suit.

"Oh Richard is in cahoots with him, I went above both their heads to Mitchum and he is taking it up with HR" I answer as I let the shower remove the tension from my body.

"That's what you had to do baby" he says as he hops in with me and massages my shoulders. We spend the next 20 minutes getting washed up and I hope out feeling refreshed. I move to my side of the bathroom and start to work the dryer over my hair, once dried I start to work it into a very delicate chignon. Once it is done I get my makeup out and start working on the very delicate colours to match the dress. I come out of the bathroom an hour and a half after Finn. I go to my draws and find my lingerie that match the dress. I spend the next 10minutes putting everything together and once done I walk out of the room and towards the living area where I know Finn will be waiting for me all ready to go. I walk in and see Finn turn and look at me and I see his face just light up with admiration and desire.

"Wow kitten, if we didn't have to be at this dinner I would be whisking you back up to our bedroom but alas we have to get on our way" he says to me as he holds out his arm and leads me out of the apartment. We hop into the town car and it moves slowly towards the hotel and ballroom where the dinner is being held. We arrive 40 minutes later a staff opens the door and Finn hops out gracefully fixing his tuxedo jacket before placing his hand out to help me out of limousine. As we move towards the press waiting line we pose as required and I see the Post photographs snapping photos of us and I realise I have been made. I see a massive scowl on Richard's face and I continue to smile for all the photos before Finn give our correct names and spellings for the papers. We continue into the ballroom and Finn greets many people while introducing me to them. We move along taking some champagne and we are soon approaching our newest president and the First Lady.

"Miss Gilmore, where have you been this last five months we have missed you" Michelle says to me as she gives me a kiss on the cheek.

"Oh Mrs Obama your too kind, I found the trail too draining and got a better position at The Post in New York, plus this wonderful man here showed me it might be time to stay in one place" I say with a smile as I rub my hand down his arm and he swooped in behind me wrapping me in his arms.

"Barack, Michelle it's wonderful to see you again. I didn't realise you knew my girlfriend so well" he says smiling at them.

"Your girlfriend? Did I hear that correctly Finn?" Barack says with a laugh.

"Yes sir" he says with a smirk.

"How do you two know each other?" Michelle asks the ever curious woman.

"We went to college together and she dated one of my best friends for almost three years" he answers and they nod knowing my story about Logan.

"Well it's been great to see you both again. Don't be strangers and we expect an invitation to the wedding" he says as he starts to move away.

"We aren't even engaged" I say to him with a laugh.

"They know it's just a matter of time" he says with a smile. He then leads us to our table where we sit and enjoy our meal once the speeches are over I excuse myself to the ladies room as I am approaching the door I hear my name called out. I turn around to see none other than Richard staring me down.

"How can I help you Richard?" I say with total society voice.

"What are you doing here? I'm the only writing member of the staff to be here" he says snidely

"I'm here in a private capacity with my boyfriend his family are major contributors to the Obama campaign and he is representing his family" I answer as I move towards the ladies room again and he quickly swoops in on me.

"Did you like my gift today?" He asks leaning in close to my ear.

"It was disturbing and I recommend you stop before you regret it" I say and squirm out of his space and quickly into the ladies room. I come out 5 minutes later and he is gone and I head back to the table to Finn and he leads me to the dance floor.

"Is everything alright kitten you were gone a while" He asks me.

"Everything's fine babe, just had to handle Richard" I answer smiling for the cameras going off around the dance floor. We dance away to the music completely oblivious to everyone watching us including the president and First Lady. After dancing for what seemed like hours and just before the fireworks Finn leads me out to the gardens and we walk around till we arrive at the fountain in the centre of it.

"Rory baby" he says as I turn to look at him he leads me to the edge of the fountain and I take a seat as he stands in front of me pacing nervously.

"What's wrong Finn?" I ask getting worried about what he could be about to say.

"Since I ran into you 6 months ago, my life has been turned upside down but it's a good thing because I found the love of my life, the one person I want to spend the rest of my life with. Will you Rory Gilmore do me the honour of becoming my wife?" He asks.

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