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There was that beep again. Benny looked at his watch and groaned. It was flashing a red, subtle light that people might mistake for an alarm. And it sort of was. It was alarming him that there were superhuman crimes being committed at the moment.

Great. As if he needed his boss to hate him more. He had already gotten out of work multiple times without explanation, and that got him looks, but he always said that "it was an emergency". Which was … sort of understandable.

Being a criminal researcher did have its perks.

He pressed a button on his watch, making the light turn off, then he walked away from his computer, and looked into the app Ethan had designed for him. And, probably, this was the best app Benny had. Ethan certainly had talents in programming. The app showed him a bit of information about what was going on. It took security camera footage and social media posts to determine the whereabouts of the criminal. There were some extra stuff Ethan did that Benny did not understand, but it did a pretty good job at telling which attacks were made by superhumans, and which were not.

And, of course, the place of the crime was the bank. Seriously, why did criminals think they could get away with robbing banks? It was a heavily guarded place.

He went into a private room outside of the building where there were no cameras. He took out his disguise from his bag, and, in the blink of an eye, they were on him, and his work clothes were neatly folded in his hands. Benny's powers were not typical. He guessed people could call it telekinesis, but it wasn't that. It was more of a combination of telekinesis and teleportation. He could physically move objects, humans, and himself, and he could make himself and anything else disappear and reappear elsewhere. Although he does get tired from prolonged use.

He looked at his clothes, making sure they were fine. Black pants, black shirt, and dark blue hooded leather jacket? Check. Combat boots? Check. Mouth and nose mask? Check. He would bring a weapon with him, but he was a citizen who worked for the law. He would seem fishy if his co-workers accidentally saw him owning weapons. Well, the co-workers who didn't know about his secret identity. He had ones who knew because of his slip-ups, but he supposed that was a good thing. At least a few people understood why he left work sometimes.

Benny closed his eyes, and when he opened them once again, he was near the bank. People were hurrying away from the building in terror. There were a few people who could strike terror in public so easily. Really scary, buff superhumans with guns who were too obvious to ignore, or … Vision.

And, oh was he right. It was Vision yet again, his arch nemesis. Frankly, Benny, or rather, Wizard, as people called him, was scared of this guy. He was the only person who has defeated Benny. But the reason why was the worst. Benny's powers worked every time – except when he was around Vision. Vision had the ability to manipulate a lot of things, including, as he and his fellow analysts came to conclude, powers that required mental effort such as Wizard's. So, by default, Wizard's powers were useless around Vision. The villain could simply disable Benny's powers with ease. Even scarier, the guy seemed to know of the outcomes in battle, hence the name Vision, which meant he could block, or attack back efficiently.

If that wasn't scary enough, his clothes were even creepier. Benny's clothes were mostly black. He liked it this way. But Vision was in all black. He had black shoes, black pants, a black shirt, a long, hooded black coat, black gloves, and a black mask that covered everything except his plain, white eyes. He had seen the hood of the coat pulled back at one point and not surprisingly, the mask covered Vision's whole head. As a criminal researcher, Benny found it hard to even tell one detail about Vision except that he was a male of a certain height. And that detail, too, could be wrong. Disguises made things hard.

"Not you again," Wizard said, sighing. "Okay, can we get this over with? What do you want?"

In one hand, Vision had a big stack of money. He looked at it once, or really, Benny didn't know if he was actually looking at it. No pupils or irises were clear in his eyes. Vision then turned to look at Wizard, and tilted his head. "You know what," said Vision in a distorted, unnaturally deep voice. This effect could either be done by powers, or technology. Benny didn't have much information about Vision's powers to make a good guess yet, but his best bet was that it was some kind of filter on his mouth. "I don't need this."

And Vision threw the money on the ground like it was nothing. "Is that all?" Wizard asked, already tired. He didn't want to face this guy anymore. He gave Benny the creeps.

Vision laugh, and stepped forward. Out of instinct, Benny stepped back, too, and Vision's laugh grew louder, his head tilting back a bit. "You're scared." Another step, and Benny tried to stay in his place this time. But the closer Vision got, the more worried Benny was. He stepped back a few steps, and panicked when he hit a wall. Dammit. He should check his surroundings next time he teleports somewhere. He would teleport now, but he knew Vision was blocking Benny's powers. He didn't even need to try. He could move to the side a bit, but that wouldn't do much, and it would show his cowardice.

It came to the point where Vision was a few centimeters away from Wizard. Wizard closed his eyes. Okay, maybe he was sort of a coward. He really should have learned better combat. He knew basics, but nothing worked on Vision. Vision could tell what moves Wizard could make. He was grabbed by the collar, but he wasn't lifted up, or slammed harder against the wall, which was what he expected. There were the mind games again. "You should have a little bit of confidence in yourself, Benny Weir."

Benny's heart started racing. How did he know his name? What else did he know? Did he know his secrets? His love life? Family life? What was there for Benny to hide anymore? The only thing he was thankful for at this point was that Vision was whispering so that no one else heard him. But at the same time, his whispers where a thousand times creepier than his normal tone, especially with the distortion.

Benny dared to open his eyes, and he was met with the white eyes of his enemy. This was his first time being this close to his enemy, and to his surprise, his eyes weren't completely white. There was a faint, dark ring that was probably the outline of his irises. He could, for the first time, see Vision's eyes moving. It reassured him that this guy did in fact have human features. And he didn't know why that was so comforting. "I'm more powerful than you think, Wizard." He imagined if he could see the villain's expression, he would be smiling. "You haven't even seen the worst of me, yet you're terrified." He let go of Benny, but didn't step away from him. "I'll see you later, Weir."

With that, the villain walked away, and Benny didn't bother fighting back. As usual, it would be useless. He always felt useless around Vision.

Benny got back to work, worried for himself, not just because of what had happened, but because of his boss's reaction. As expected, one of his co-workers, Hanna Price, told him to go see the boss, and he was livid. "You should tell him, you know," she suggested.

"Are you crazy?" he said, getting off his chair. "He's gonna laugh at my face."

"Okay, he's not as mean as you make him out to be. He's just sick of your lies," she said. She slapped him on his back. "Come on, go."

"Fine, fine." When he had gone to the office, Mr. Hicks started yelling at him again. For the fifth time, he had found out Benny had lied about the excuse. There was no official basis for it. He had contacted the affected family involved in the case Benny had mentioned for his excuse, and they said Benny didn't come for investigations.

Erica Jones, a lawyer who was frequently around or in the police station, came to the office. Oh, thank God. She was one out of about seven people in this place who knew about him. Yes, he was stupid enough to allow seven people to know, but at least he had Erica. She was the most trustworthy person, and the smartest, here. Well, second most trustworthy. Officer Rory Keaner was even kinder than her. She could possibly be smarter than Ethan, though he would never tell Ethan that. The other boy would be jealous.

"Actually," she said, coming in, perhaps having heard the screams, "I wanted him for something. I know he's not officially on my case, but he's the best at his job. I needed some insight from him outside the office."

Aside from her brains, her skills were highly valued in this town, so Mr. Hicks let Benny off this time. He stepped outside, and Erica told him to come join her in the meeting room. He walked in, and she sat in the fancy chair, her eyes piercing through him. He sat down, having no other choice. "You should be more careful, moron. At least plan some lies with me. You're seriously the worst at keeping your secret."

"I know," he sighed, huffing. "But what am I supposed to do when attacks happen frequently?"

"Like I said, be smarter about your lies," she said, seemingly frustrated. "I swear, it's like whatever I say enters one ear and goes out the other."

He smiled a bit, knowing well that she wasn't completely mad at him. She was his friend, even if she doesn't want to admit it. "But you love me."

"You wish," she said, crossing her arms. "Now get back to work. You need to fuel that empty head of yours."

"Hey!" he protested, but he left anyway, and decided to get to the lab for some analysis. He may complain about a lot of stuff, but he definitely loved his job.

He had gotten back home a bit late, like he sometimes did, and fell on the couch, tired. Although he did smell something good. "Are we having spaghetti tonight?" he yelled out.

"Hello to you, too," came his boyfriend's voice. Benny looked to his right to see his boyfriend looking at him from the open kitchen, an amused smile on his face.

"How dare you not answer my question?" he asked, pretending to be angry.

"Oh, no. I'm so scared," Ethan said sarcastic. Why did he always sass Benny and make him feel ridiculous? "I'm sorry. I forget that you're sensitive. I'll try to be less mean." He came over to Benny and leaned down, kissing him on the cheek. Benny did not complain. "Yes, we're having spaghetti." He sat on the edge of the couch by Benny legs. "How's my scientist?"

"Excuse me, I'm a criminologist. Get your facts right," he said, and sat up. "And I'm … meh."

"Meh?" Ethan asked. "Were you bullied again?" Benny nodded. "Yeah, I saw on TV."

Benny pouted. "You're so lucky you work at home."

"Am I?" Ethan asked.

Oh, yeah. He tended to forget how horrible Ethan must be feeling, despite what he let on. Ethan had studied computer science, and had a focus on artificial intelligence, but his anxiety was getting in the way of him getting a job. He had done countless job interviews, but his lack of confidence was a concern for the employers, so no one hired him, although he was considered for his outstanding grades. Other than that, there were great opportunities for him to get a job, but he didn't pursue them, scared of what would happen if he did. And Benny understood. Mental disorders tended to do that to a person, but Benny was proud of Ethan.

He may not be able to get a job in his field of study, but he did make money off of his artistic capabilities. He started drawing online, and eventually started accepting requests from people for a certain amount of money. Benny, for the portion he spent in the apartment, would see Ethan take out his digital drawing tools, or sometimes his pencil and paper, and create something. To say the least, he was amazing at his work, even if he didn't believe he was.

"You know what I mean," Benny said. "You don't have to go to work, and then excuse yourself to go fight villains. It's exhausting."

"You don't have to fight villains, but you do it, anyway." Ethan smiled, and poked Benny. "You're a good person. Plus, you work in a field that I love. I don't think I need to say this for like the hundredth time that I'm jealous."

"I know, but my boss hates me, I can't win my battles, I can't do anything!" Benny exclaimed.

Ethan chuckled. "You should have a little bit of confidence in yourself, Benjamin Weir."

Benny, who was looking at the ceiling, turned to Ethan. The sentence was familiar. He had heard it today from Vision, except the villain said Benny instead of Benjamin. This was strange. But maybe he was overreacting. This was Ethan he was talking about. Anxious, friendly Ethan. Even looking at the man, he was smiling at Benny. Oh, he was definitely going crazy. How could he even doubt his boyfriend? Besides, this was a common sentence. People often said it. It was okay. He was okay. Ethan kissed Benny on the cheek, and Benny got up.

"I'll go change. I'm sick of these clothes," he said. At least he didn't have to wear a uniform. He could wear anything formal.

"Okay, I'll check on the spaghetti. Might be ready," he said, and headed back to the kitchen, rolling his sleeves up.

Benny looked at Ethan with admiration, then went to their room, took out his clothes, and got changed.

Ethan did not check on the spaghetti. He was too busy panicking to even care. "Why am I so stupid?" he whispered to himself. He couldn't let Benny find out. Not now. Not when they were this far into the relationship of two years.

And the way Benny looked at him … Ethan was sure that Benny had caught him. And maybe Benny was on to him now. Either way, he had to pretend as if nothing happened. Or else, he was going to lose everything, including Benny and the life he had with him.

Whatever he did, he was determined not to let Benny know that he was Vision.

It wasn't as if he hated Benny. Not at all. He loved him with all his heart. This whole "enemies" thing – it happened before they had even met. By the time they had started dating, they were already neck-and-neck. Not as if they were both equal in power, but still. When Ethan had tapped into his powers while touching Wizard, he was taken aback. He had seen Benny's face side-by-side with Wizard's, and he thought it was impossible for Benny to be Wizard. This dork … he was Wizard? It couldn't be. But there he was, after a few months admitting that he had a secret identity.

They were certainly a strange pair: a villain attracted to a hero, but they still felt compatible. Sometimes, Ethan would forget that he ever went against Benny because of how nice their moments together were.

He had tried breaking up with Benny multiple times, but it was hard. He loved him too much to let him go. And he knew Benny loved him a lot, too. After all, the other male proposed to him a month ago, but Ethan had said no, scared that getting engaged would only make the betrayal hurt more despite wanting to marry Benny so badly.

"Hey, is it done?" Benny asked.

Ethan looked at Benny, saying, "Huh?" Then he realized he had spaghetti cooking. He took the lid off, and cursed. The spaghetti had slightly overcooked. Great. He took it off the heat, and drained the water. Everything was going wrong today.

He guessed that was obvious, too, because Benny came behind him and wrapped his arms around Ethan. Ethan was scared Benny was going to say something like 'caught you', but no. He kissed Ethan on the cheek, and said in a low, calming voice, "It's okay, baby. You tried your best."

He didn't know how the other male did this, but always managed to calm Ethan down. "Okay," he said, and emptied the spaghetti onto a big plate. He almost touched a hot part in the pot, but Benny had moved it with his powers. He sometimes forgot that Benny had powers since, well, he didn't let him use them during fighting. And they weren't a necessity in the house.

Benny removed his hands, and stood beside Ethan. "Mistakes happen," he said casually. "Believe me, I'm worse than you. I burn every food I touch. Except brownies. Or dessert. Basically, I can just bake. You're good at everything." Ethan stared at the disaster in front of him, and sighed. "Hey, it's not even that overcooked." He gave a goofy grin, and brought the sauce Ethan had made, and put it on the spaghetti.

Ethan smiled slightly. "How are you even taken seriously at work? I bet you see a plant and apologize to it for making it see blood."

"Ah, there he goes," Benny said, and lifted the plate of spaghetti. "Also, don't stereotype me like Americans do to us!"

"We're Americans, too," Ethan said, bringing two cups and some water to the table.

"Okay, Mr. Logic," Benny said, sitting down.

"Brazilians are also Americans, so are-"

"Okay, I get it. I'm stupid, and you're awesome."

"Thank you for acknowledging that," Ethan said, and started eating the horribly done spaghetti. At least, Benny seemed to like it. He could always count on Benny.

After sketching his ideas down for a request, Ethan decided it was time for him to sleep. He went to their room, and sat down on the bed. Benny was in the bathroom, so he relaxed a bit on the bed, adding to his drawing on his tablet.

Even after all of that, Ethan wouldn't calm down completely. He still worried about what would happen to him. He looked at his closet. He had a mess in it, yes, but that was for the purpose of hiding his Vision-related stuff. Also, he was messy by nature, but besides that- well, he had hidden his clothes well. He had locked away his outfit, written plans, and gadgets in a box. When he'd open it, especially when Benny was there, the box would seem normal. It had Ethan's Copics, and Prismacolors, and all the coloring tools, but it would take significant digging inside to get to the outfit. That is if you weren't Ethan. Ethan had a strategy to get it efficiently. After all, he was a science enthusiast, and one of the sciences he loved was physics. He took advantage of his knowledge and used that to be smart with his secret identity.

His only worry was that Benny was also smart, despite what he gave off. He was a criminologist, which meant he was good at various fields of science. But not programming.

The only reason Ethan had programmed an app and an alarm system for Benny was because he wanted Benny to find him. Though a sign of Benny's smartness was that he had figured it out – Ethan was playing mind games with him. Ethan might be a person with mental issues, but Vision wasn't. Out there, in all that black, he felt different. He didn't feel like himself. And he loved it. He loved feeling confident. He loved being someone who wasn't pathetic and sensitive. He loved being bad.

And, of course, like any villain did, he had a backstory – a reason. But it was too dark. It was too horrible that he didn't even want to remember that there was a reason. He loved his life, but he didn't love his past.

Looking at his phone, he noticed that he got a notification. He opened his phone, and looked at the picture Sarah had sent him. 'So beautiful,' he wrote to her.

'Who, me?' she typed back. 'JK! JK! But I AM awesome'.

He sent her a laughing emoji. 'Of course,' he wrote. Just then, Benny got out of the bathroom, his hair wet, a towel around his shoulders. His torso was bare, as well. Benny wasn't muscular. He was skinny and pale. But Ethan loved that about him.

Benny sat down beside Ethan, and looked at the sketch. "Woah," he said. "The background looks so magical."

Ethan chuckled and put his phone aside. "I'm still not done with it, though."

"A beautiful work-in-progress," Benny added.

"Just like me," Ethan said, laughing, knowing Benny's coming response.

"You mean an arrogant bitch." Benny shook his head, and shoved Ethan aside lightly.

Still laughing, Ethan got off the bed. "Okay, okay. I'll leave you." He went to the bathroom, brushed his teeth, did his business, washed his hands, then came outside. He took off his shirt, and lied down, sketched some more, then when he was done, he came closer towards his boyfriend.

Ethan looked at Benny, smiling a bit. "I love you," he said, hoping Benny wouldn't forget this sentence. Ethan truly wanted Benny to know that whatever happened, he still loved the guy.

"Me too," said Benny sleepily. "Go to sleep, narcissist."

Ethan smiled, and closed his eyes, enjoying the feeling of Benny wrapping his arms around him, and slept in peace.

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