Feilong was just sooooo bored, he spends his entire time in his room with Mikhail, of course because he doesn't want to see his father. So he just sat near the window and red a book, much to Mikhail's annoyance. He wanted to talk with Feilong, to hug him, kiss him, snuggle with him in their bed, but Feilong doesn't want to do anything with him and now he is reading a book and with quite scary glare told Mikhail not to disturb him, and Mikhail knows how Feilong hates when someone disturbs him while he is reading, so afraid of being hit by the book again, Mikhail sucked it up and is being as quite as he can while looking and drooling over Feilong's beauty.

"Aren't you afraid that your eyes will fall off from all this staring?" Feilong said with cold voice as always while Mikhail got all happy for getting Feilong's attention.

"For staring at you? Never. Fei ,just looking at you gives me energy, cleanse my mind and makes my heart happy, it's beating so hard right now and only for you." Mikhail said with a wink.

"I think that you need to go and see a doctor."

"Why do I need to go and to see a doctor, when only being in your presence can cure me from any disease and heal any wound of my." Mikhail said and moved near Feilong, not wanting to anger him or to be hit again Mikhail sat in front of Feilong and smiled. Feilong was just too perfect, how can someone be this beautiful, his heart is too weak for him and he can already imagine how many troubles he will face in the future because of Feilong's beauty. He can already imagine when he will take his Fei to some party a lot of men will try to steal his Fei from him and to charm him.

He knows that Feilong won't be that easily charmed and will probably kick those assholes asses, but he doesn't want his beautiful Feilong to hurt himself while hitting someone else, what will he do if while hitting some bastards face his Fei's knuckles will get bruised? His love can't get hurt.

So without thinking Mikhail gently moved some hair strands from Feilong's face and brushed it behind his ear still with a gentle smile on his face. Feilong looked shocked at him, it took him by surprise, he wasn't prepared for something like that so he immediately became bright red and hitted Mikhail's hand away with a book.

"What the hell do you think you are doing?" Feilong said glaring at Mikhail while still blushing like crazy.

"Sorry, sorry Fei I just wanted to move some of your hair strands away from your face, that it wouldn't disturb you." Mikhail said while showing peace sign with his fingers.

"Humph…. You are allowing too much for yourself Arbatov." Feilong said and stood up while crossing his arms.

"Well we will be getting married soon, so we are engaged. Is it bad to want to touch or kiss you?" Mikhail asked while slowly walking behind Feilong and hugging him.

"It's okay to want to do these kind of things with your fiancé, but remember one thing Arbatov…. I have never agreed on my own free will to marry you, you also have never got on one knee in front of me and proposed to me. So how can we be engaged and how can I want to be close to you when this marriage is being forced upon me." Feilong said and freed himself from Mikhail's embrace, he slowly walked towards his bend and fell on top of it with a sight.

"I know what you mean, that you had nothing to say when it came to this marriage proposition, but Fei…. It is not that we don't love each other." Mikhail said and tried to make Feilong feel better by slowly rubbing his back.

"My luck is indeed rotten… I am in love and will be getting married to a male whore… how lucky for me." Feilong said sarcastically. When Mikhail started talking about love his anger from before rose again… how can he say that he loves Feilong when he left him all alone without saying a word, does he know how ruined and miserable Feilong felt when he left him all alone? Does he know in what kind of hell Feilong had to live all those years without even having a chance to tell anyone about his pain and worries since no one cared, and Mikhail was hell knows where probably fucking some whores.

He knows all those rumors and more than half of them were admitted to be true by himself, everyone knows about Mikhail's Arbatov sex life, it is wild, full of woman also men who caches his interest, drugs and so on… many times he heard on news scandals about him impregnating some movie stars and models and everyone were wondering is it finally time for him, the great Mikhail Arbatov to settle down, get married to a beautiful movie actress or a model and to create a family with them, how does Mikhail think Feilong felt hearing these kind of news, it broke and broke him again. Every time he heard similar news on TV he would just lock himself inside his room and cry for god knows how many hours.

And now Mikhail shows up after such a long time in front of Feilong, he wants to marry him and create a family with him, he says that he loves Feilong, but how can Feilong believe him, that he won't disappear without saying a word again, it's not that it would be the first time. So how can Feilong trust him so easily again? Mikhail so easily left many woman pregnant with his children, later probably forcing them all to do abortion… will Mikhail do the same thing with Feilong after he will get tired of Feilong? Feilong is too scared that if Mikhail will do something like that to him, his heart and trust will be destroyed completely.

"Is it…. How you see me now…?" Mikhail asked with a weak voice full of pain, but Feilong didn't care, he suffered much greater pain because of this man and it's not like Feilong lied, he told his real feelings.

"Am I saying something wrong? If sleeping with god knows how many woman, getting some of them pregnant and leaving them, then moving to another ones is not labeled as being a male whore, than I don't know what the right description is. I must say by being with so many woman and men you indeed got yourself quite a reputation and fans…" Feilong said it while trying to bury his face as deep as possible in to the covers so that his tears wouldn't be visible, which now are slowly falling down his porcelain white cheeks.

"Fei… I only love you, I really love you, they never meant me anything, I would never do something like that to you like I did with them, I love you and only you, I would never leave you." Mikhail tried to make Feilong to look at him.

"Then why did you sleep with them?! Why did you do that?! You knew that I will hear about it and how miserable I will feel after hearing it, you made everything on purpose to ruin me didn't you?! You never loved me! All you know is how to lie and leave me behind all alone, not caring what will happen next to me, when I will be all alone once again! Get out, I don't want to see your face!" Feilong screamed every word to Mikhail's face, while tears streamed down his face and clouded his eyesight. Feilong felt so miserable now, the emotions that he wanted to hide, to kill… once again rose from the depth of his heart, only for this one person, now Mikhail is probably disgusted by him, now he is so weak… so vulnerable, so ugly… the man that he loves more than anything in the world isn't even denying that he slept with many other people…. So miserable… he is so miserable…

Feilong hoped soon to hear a sound of closing doors, a sign that Mikhail left and he can continue to cry his heart out and drown in self-pity and disgust, if his father saw him now he would be probably grossed out by his weakness, but at times even strong people has a right to break down and cry that they could once again after they will feel less pain to rise again and act as if nothing happened, to act strong again.

But instead of a closing door sound, Feilong was greeted by warm hands who strongly hugged him and by hot lips which started to kiss his tear stained face. Feilong tried to push him away, but Mikhail held on to him strongly, not even budging.

When Feilong finally opened his eye, he was about to yell at Mikhail to let him go, but the sight which greeted him made him cry even stronger, the great Mikhail Arbatov, extremely feared for his cruelty and his sinister mind by others is kneeling in front of Feilong and also crying like a child.

"I am so sorry… Feilong please believe me, I love you, I have never once in my entire life loved anyone else besides you, you are my only one, no one else…. I know it may sound stupid and fake, but please believe me… everything I have done so far is all for you, I have done everything for you, only to keep you safe, but it looks like that I was wrong, I expected too much from you, I wanted to protect you, and here I am the one who wanted to protect you the most have harmed and broke you down the most… I have hurt my Queen so much… I am such a miserable lover aren't I Fei?" Mikhail said it with a sad smile and kissed slowly Feilong's hot lips.

"What kind of protection was that? What was everything done only for me?" Feilong asked quietly.

"I am sorry, I can't tell you now, I need more time, I swear I will tell you everything when time will come please believe me." Mikhail said while looking at Feilong's teary eyes.

"After you will leave me?" Feilong asked.

"No no no no… Feilong I will never leave you again, I won't…. I will stay forever with you and I will love only you." Mikhail said and deeply kissed Feilong pouring all his feelings in to that kiss, he wanted so much to tell everything to Feilong now, but he couldn't, it was still too early.

'It looks like that I wasn't the only one who suffered…' Feilong thought and hugged Mikhail back while deepening their kiss.

Soon their kiss turned in to heated make out session, it's crazy how one moment Feilong wanted to leave and to never see this man's face again for all the pain that he made Feilong go through, but now he only wanted to stay with him forever and all his pain and anger to forget only for few moments and to drown in to this kiss… he missed this warmth and these kind of kisses, but the moment when he thought that Mikhail have kissed someone else the same way made him feel insecure and angry again so he pushed Mikhail away.

Mikhail looked at Feilong who sat with still teary eyes, moist and bruised lips from their make out sessions and his head cast down, he soon understand why he was pushed away. He stood up, crawled on top of bed again and kissed Feilong's forehead.

"Sorry… was it too quickly? Feilong, I want you to always remember and know one thing… I will forever love you and I will do anything for you."

Feilong only once again casted his eyes down and bit his lower lip.

"You must be tired, let's take a nap, okay?" Mikhail gently laid down while hugging Feilong and buried his head in to Feilong's black as night hair, he turned Feilong's face towards his and looked at those perfect dark brown eyes, he smiled lovingly and kissed Feilong's lips gently.

"Have a great rest my love, don't worry when you will wake up, you will find me by your side."

Feilong haven't answered anything, he just blushed and hid his face in to Mikhail's neck, Feilong strongly hugged Mikhail and heard a chuckle coming from Mikhail. Feilong prayed that it is reality and not one of those cruel dreams that he used to have.

Now he really wanted to believe that since Mikhail is back everything can be good again, now he can smile again.

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