Hello, my dear readers! In spirit of Halloween, my favorite holiday, I'm back with another fanfic and this time it's in the original timeline. It's basically a retelling of the musical but definitely different in a lot of ways. One being that they all have spirit animals, Raoul and Christine fall in love first and Erik's asexual. I was also able to put the songs in this as well so be on the lookout for the lyrics! But not all of them are exact because I had to make them fit my story. That was fun doing! lol, Anyway I'm really excited about this one so let's get started! Disclaimer: I do not own Phantom of the Opera, just my stories.

*Note: Asexuals are all different, just like any other sexuality.


Erik had watched his companion shift into multiple forms through the years but had found it amusing when Farren had settled into the shape of a coyote.

It has been a few years since Erik had murdered his tormenter at the circus and was rescue by a young ballet girl, who he later found out was named Antoinette. She had dragged him behind her for he did not know how long, but follow her he did willingly.

He had been surprised to catch sight of the girl once the act of murder had been committed, him standing over his 'master's' body inside his cage. He had spotted her as soon as he looked up. Their eyes had met and instead of recoiling from horror the girl came closer and advised him to get out and follow her.

He did not know what else to do, so he came to her and she grabbed his hand and pulled him away from the cage.

They had to be very quiet of course but Antoinette used her companion, a lynx named Valere, to scope out their path ahead of them. The whole time, she kept his hand firmly in hers and he used his other to clench Farren, who had a beaver form at the time, to his bare chest.

She guided him until they reached the catacombs underneath the Opera Populaire. She told him to stay down there, she will find him and bring him food.

Those catacombs became his home.

Erik had done a lot of exploring for weeks. He would spend all day and good chunks of the night going through the tunnels, finding and remembering what leads to where and marking in his head all the places it was physically impossible to travel too. He made sure to always keep track of time though, for the one time he did not in the beginning of his exploration, he had come across a distraught Antoinette who had become stressed upon finding that Erik was not at their meet up spot for him to get food.

Antoinette had given him a scolding, Valere had done the same to Farren.

He made sure to be there every time the girl and her companion showed up.

Farren had been the one to find the little miniature island on the underground lake. While he had been sleeping, the little beaver had decided to try to find a more suitable place for her human.

She had told Erik after finding the island that she had been searching for weeks for such a place.

The next time Antoinette and Valere had come to visit them and give food, Erik brought them down to the underground haven.

"This is going to be my home." Erik had announced to Antoinette as the two of them watched Farren swim in the lake and Valere follow her along the edge of the water.

"How are you going to do that?" Antoinette had asked uncertainly.

"I can build something. I am good with my hands, I can learn." Erik explained. Then paused thoughtfully. "First, I will need to build a boat."

"And how are you going to get the things to build a boat, then a house?" Antoinette questioned.

He pointed upwards to indicate the opera house above them. "They probably would not notice a few things go missing here and there."

They heard a cry and both turned to see Valere in the water, trying to swim back to the edge. Farren was giggling mischievously.

"Oh, Farren, what have you done?" Antoinette scolded the snickering beaver, hurriedly over to the water and plucking a shaky Valere out.

"The little rat grabbed me and pulled me in!" Valere hissed in Antoinette's arms. She jumped out of her human's arms and landed on the rocks. She shook herself viciously, water spraying everywhere.

Erik began to snickered but quickly stopped as Antoinette's eyes glared at him. He cleared his throat and scowled his companion.

"Apologize now Farren." He told her sternly.

The beaver sighed, her tail whipped out and caused a splash.

"I am sorry." Farren apologized reluctantly.

The lynx hissed in reply and left through the tunnel they had come in. Antoinette sighed.

"Well, she's going to be in a right fit for the rest of the day. I doubt she will want to come down here again for a while."

"What?" Farren questioned uncertainly, she had come out of the water and was standing next to Erik and looking up at Antoinette. "What do you mean?"

"You did something mean to her. You do not do mean things to your friends." Antoinette explained softly.

Erik heard Farren shuffle awkwardly next to him but observed Antoinette. Their eyes met and he was the one who had to look away.

Apparently, this was a lesson for both of them.

"But—I am sorry!" Farren cried and Erik felt her fear at losing her first and only friend. He heard her tail slap repeatedly on the rocks in worry.

"And I will tell her that." Antoinette soothed. "She will come around eventually, but remember this next time you think a prank would be a good idea."

"I promise!" Farren vowed and Erik shifted from side to side when Antoinette gave him a look.

"I am not making that promise." He stated.

"Oh, come now Erik." Antoinette huffed. "How about, do not prank your friends or loved ones?"

"So you mean only you?" Erik answered. He did not mention Valere, she already knew that he would never do anything to a companion.

"I doubt I will be your only friend for your entire life." Antoinette countered and waited with her arms crossed expectantly.

Farren slapped her tail on the back of his leg when he did not say anything and he sent her another scowl. She smiled at him cheeky in reply.

"Fine." He finally mumbled. "I promise."

Antoinette nodded and relaxed her arms.

"Can you take me back now? I do not want the other dancers to realize I am gone." She asked.

Erik nodded and took her hand in his and showed her the way out, Farren trailed after them a few feet behind. He led her through the tunnels until they got to their meeting place. Once there, he stopped her.

"Can you grant me a favor?" he asked nervously.

"It depends." Antoinette began. "But if it is within my power then yes."

"I need you to bring me a few things," Erik told her what he needed.

She frowned. "What would that get you?"

Erik gestured towards his face that was covered with the bag he had gotten from the circus. "I want to make a mask. It would be a lot better than this thing."

Antoinette hesitated. "If that is what you wish. I will see what I can do."

"Thank you." Erik replied warmly.

Antoinette nodded in goodbye and left them.

Antoinette had taken a couple weeks to get what he needed for the mask but he was grateful when she came and gave him the items.

Farren, however, had not been too happy with him.

"Why do you have to cover you face? It is fine the way it is." She whined as he made the mask.

"I know, you know, that what you say is not true." Erik answered.

He heard a tail slap. "Companions do not lie!"

"Fine." Erik conceded. "But that does not mean that just because you accept me, others will too. People did laugh and taunt me a lot in that cage."

"Erik…" Farren warned and he noticed that his hands had clenched tightly into fists. He forced himself to loosen his grip.

"I refuse to let another see my face again!" Erik declared. "No one will ever laugh at me again. No one will ever have the chance to torment me. Not because of my face!"

Farren sighed and stumbled awkwardly over the rocks to get to him. She nudged his wrist up until his hand fell on her head. She looked up at him with large brown eyes.

"To me, you are the most beautiful human there is. No soul will ever compare, not to me." She told him firmly.

Erik grinned and rubbed his thumb over her forehead. "Thank you."

After that Erik made his mask and wore it everywhere. It was a pale white and covered the majority of his face, only leaving the area below his cheekbones expose and of course his eyes. Erik and Farren soon began preparations for their future boat and home. Both of them had been very careful in gathering supplies for the boat. They quickly learned and memorized the layout of the Opera Populaire and all of its hidden passageways and dark corners. They had to wait and get one or two things at a time so the opera employees would not notice. For the most part it was okay, though Antoinette informed them the times people realized something was missing, making the two of them hold off on getting what they needed. Those days were spent exploring or Erik drawing boat plans with the pencils and paper Antoinette had given to him.

Eventually, they had everything to build a boat and they got to work. It took a couple weeks, and Erik had gotten injured multiple times but he was satisfied with the final product.

Erik used it to take him to the island on the lake and him and Farren spent the rest of that first day on it. Farren playing and Erik sketching what he planned to do for his house. The first thing he brought was candles, and lots of them. Every trip he made into the opera house, he took as many as he dared to with the rest of the supplies. He built as he got them, the layout of his future home memorized in his mind.

It took him months to complete his home, but he was satisfied with it. Antoinette was impressed when he had shown it to her.

"This is better than the sleeping quarters of the theatre company." She remarked with a grin, Valere sniffing around behind her.

"You can visit me whenever you like." Erik replied and shrugged. "I, ah, I made an extra bedroom for you. In case…"

Antoinette's grin turned into a smile, putting his nervous heart at ease. "That is kind of you Erik. I am not sure I will be able to take you up on your offer, but I will never forget the gesture."

She looked around and pointed at a large open space on one wall. "Was something supposed to go there?"

Erik felt his cheeks heat up underneath his mask. "It is something I have in mind but might not do."

"What?" Antoinette asked curious as she watched Farren give Valere a tour around a few feet away from them.

"I want to put an organ there." Erik answered sheepishly, not being able to meet her eyes.

"You play?!" she inquired in surprise, both of her eyebrows up.

"No, but I listen to the orchestra play and like the sound of it." Erik shook his head quickly. "Never mind, it was a stupid idea. I cannot teach myself how to play—"

"Erik." Antoinette interrupted with a firm tone that made him look up at her. She waved to encompass the house around them. "You built this! You built a house from the bottom up without any prior knowledge!"

She walked up to him and took his shoulders in her hands. "Trust me. If there is anyone who can teach themselves to play the organ, it would be you. You are the determined dreamer after all."

She finished the last part with a glance shot to Farren before coming back to him.

"Yes." Erik replied softly. He reached up and placed his hands over hers. "Yes, I am."

Antoinette grinned.

Erik slowly got an organ down there. It was long and hard, but it got there. He and Farren would go into the opera house and watch the actors rehearse, the dancers practice, and the orchestra play. It was hard to do because during the day, the place was busy but Erik made do.

He had also decided to make his own entrances and exits around the opera house to make things easier for him. Of course that led to him feeling the need to create traps in case someone found one of them and decided to explore his domain.

Most of the times he would travel up would be to watch Antoinette dance or to listen to the orchestra. Observing and learning what he could as he did.

He taught himself how to play his organ and to sing as well. He had known he was a good singer before, the only thing his mother had liked about him, but he wanted to be better so he practiced.

Antoinette would visit him and she taught him how to read and write. Afterwards, he would offer to play and/or sing for her. She would always accept then praise him once it ended.

Erik had never felt praised, and he loved the feeling.

"Let me show you where you can come in from now on. It is a lot easier than the other one." Erik suggested one night as Antoinette stood up to leave.

Antoinette frowned. "I thought there was only one way to get inside the opera from here."

Erik shuffled his feet. "Ah, not anymore."

"Erik, what did you do?" she demanded.

He hurriedly brought his hands in front of him. "I only made a few entrances from the tunnels to certain points of the theatre. Only I know the locations and no one would be able to find them even if they were looking. And if they did find one, I have traps set up."

"Erik…" Antoinette sighed.

"I promise, no one will find me!" Erik assured her. "Not unless I want them to. The traps will not hurt them, they only make someone unconscious, so that I can find them and return them above."

Antoinette had stared at him for a few moments then let out a deep breath through her nose.

"Fine. Show me this new path."

It was three years later, when Erik was settled as comfortably as he could be in his underground lake house, that Farren had shifted forms.

He should not have been as startled as he was after it had happen. He had been spotted recently in the Opera Populaire and rumors had gone around about there being a ghost. Erik had taken a liking to the idea and designs of harmless pranks began to form inside his head. He never put them into action, but one day he had woken up and instead of a beaver sleeping next to him, it was a black coyote.

Once he had gotten over his initial shock, he found the situation exciting. Farren's form changing meant that he was entering a new phase in his life. One that involved more stealth and the pleasure of pranks.

Farren had woken up and was amazed by her larger shape but then sulked.

"I am not going to be able to hold my breath as long." She moped.

"Yes, but you can still swim and I think that is the important feature here." Erik comforted.

The next time he saw Antoinette, she had taken in Farren's form and let out an exasperated sigh.

"You are going to be trouble from now on, I just know it." She grumbled as Farren walked over to them to greet Valere.

Erik grinned largely.

And so it begins! I did match everyone up with a specific animal for a reason. Tried to match them with an animal that matches them, you know? Anyway I made a list of sorts, it has the name origin and meaning. It has the traits that they represent. I'll add more as the story progresses. Here it is:

Erik's companion - Farren (English-Wanderer)

Beaver- Determined, strong-willed, builder, overseer, dreamer, protector, subconscious.

Coyote- Trickster, intelligence, stealth, wisdom and folly, guile, innocence, skill.

Madam Giry's companion - Valere (French-to be strong)

Lynx- Keeper of secrets, guardian, listener, guide, aware, intuitive, unconventional.

See ya next time. Don't forget to comment!