"Ana and me."

I walk out of the factory with my best friend Ana, we have known eachother for years now. My brother and father are working late and Ana is scared of walking alone at night.
"Judy.." Ana grabs my arm and lays her head against me.
Despite her having smog all over her face, she still looked pretty. "What?" I say as a smile at her.
"Look," She says quietly as she points at a few boys, obviously they were in a gang. "Don't worry about them, I'll protect you," Luckily, they didn't notice us walking by.
After a minute of silence Ana says, "Judy.. you are so kind."
"Huh?" I raise an eyebrow, thinking that was out of nowhere.
"I mean, you always stick up for me and help me feel better when I'm sad... *most people in this district aren't like you*."
I feel my cheeks get warmer and I do a big toothy grin.
"Well, thank you."
After all that talking I didn't even realize we were really close to Ana's house.
"Aww, I have to go now.." She let's go of me while frowning.
I sigh and put my hands in my pockets. Ana knocks on the door, her elder sister soon comes to the door. "Finally. Took you long enough." Her sister, Thread says while looking down at her.
Ana quickly turns to face me, she hugs me tight and says "Bye Judy, I'll see you tomorrow. Thanks for walking me home."
I hug her back and smile "Anytime."
Ana lets go and hurrys into her house, shutting the door behind her. I walk home fast, it's cold and I'm starving. I make it home and open the door, yelling "Mother, i'm home!"
My mother runs to me and hugs me, she always does. Like she's afraid to lose me or something. "Judy, you are so dirty," She warmly smiles at me and rubs my cheek. "Yeah. I'll get in the tub after I eat." I smile back at her. I look at the table and see that it's just broth and bread, probably stale too. My mother has a look of sadness in her eyes "Sorry..this is all we have."
"It's okay mom. I promise." I reassure her as I sit down. The broth was mostly water and I can tell by touching the bread that it was stale. I try to look happy anyways and gobble down my food.
"It dosent taste that bad," I say while wiping broth off my chin. Even though I was longing for more, I didn't want to make my mother feel bad by demanding more. "You don't have to lie to me Judy." She says while she walks towards her small tiny room. I frown and put my bowl in the sink.
I soon walk to the tub, it was wooden and uncomfortable. We had to get water to bathe in from the tap. I take off my clothes and get in the tub, I scrub myself clean as quick as I can. I just hate bathing for a long time. I get out of the tub and I feel alot cleaner, I look alot cleaner too. I put on my old beat up pajamas and go to my room, me and my brother share it. I got into my bed, realising that reaping day was tomorrow. I had honestly forgot, I usually have my mind on so much. I just hope it isn't anyone I know, it may be wrong but I rather it be someone elses love ones then mine. I sigh and soon drift off into a deep sleep.