I open my eyes and sit up, my back was sore and my head is thumping. I groan and my lips bleed, they were already cracked and my mouth is so dry. I shake June until he wakes up, "We need to get some water. My head hurts so bad." June nods, "My head hurts too.. shit.." He rubs his temple and we crawl out of our makeshift shelter, "We could get lost." June says while sticking a long stick into the ground, I guess to mark our territory, "We'll die soon without water." I say while throwing the spear to Jute and throwing the bag over my shoulder.

I take the knife out and start walking. It seems like we walk forever until we hear some rustling in the bushes, "What was that?" I say quickly and stop dead in my tracks, "I'll see what it is." June cautiously walks up to the bush and I hold my breath. A girl jumps out of the bushes and tackles June, making him scream. She has a knife to his throat and I realize it's his district partner.

"Oliver! What are you doing!" He screams and I run towards them. Oliver smiles, "Come close to him and I'll slit his throat." I stop and stare at her, "Why are you doing this?" "You killed my ally! Apricot." "He tried to kill me!" "So what? I don't care." Our screaming and yelling brought some other people. I turn around and notice it's careers.

Gold laughs, "This is pathetic." Oliver quickly gets up and tries to run away. The boy next to him swiftly throws a knife into her skull. The cannon booms and she falls onto the ground. I back away slowly and June picks up his spear and gets up, "What are you going to do with that little boy? It's 2 against 4." "June run!"

He stumbles and runs as fast as he can. I run after him and I hear them running behind us. We are obviously faster then them. I see a lake in the distance and quickly push June into the bush. I throw myself into them too. We don't speak and stay in there for awhile. They never come near the bush. I walk out of the bush and grab June's hand and pull him up.

"That was a close call. I always knew something was off with Oliver." "Good thing we don't have to worry about her now." June nods and looks into the distance. We run towards the water and I put my bag on the ground, "Good no one's around." Suddenly the cannon booms again and I jump, "Another one down." June sighs and takes the bottle and filter out of the bag "You know Judy?" "Yeah?" I look at him while filtering the water into the bottle, "I lost my sister in these games. My mother lost her cousin to it. Now im going to die to it. I think my family just has bad luck." "My mother says when you get old you will always know some kid who dies in the games. But I'm sorry for your losses." June just sighs.

I quickly take gulp down the water in the bottle until June yells at me, "Hey leave some for me man!" He snatches it and gulps the rest down, "Ahh. I needed that." I collect more water until we are satisfied and get more for later. Once we are finished someone screams and I turn my head quickly. A girl stumbles out the jungle, bloody and falls onto the ground.

We rush over to her and once I see her face I realize it's Ana, "Ana! Oh my god!" I start crying and I kiss her lips while hugging her. Judy smiles, "Oh Ana!" I let her go and she opens her eyes, "J-Judy." She stampers then passes out again, "We need to get help her quick!" He nods and I throw the bag to him. I rip a piece of my shirt off and wrap it around Ana's wound. I pick her up and we go as quickly as we can back to our base.

When we finally get there I lay her on the ground and put my hand on her hand, "She's burning up. Shit! Shit! Please send us some medicine!" I scream, "Shh." Suddenly there's a beeping nose and a little parachute falls out the sky.