Smothered Vapours

Fire & Water, both be gone. How you shall be missed.

Beginning Recording...

–-¬= ;#{+SX+SX+}#; ¬-

A high pitched whining is heard, as the recording flickers. Black lines form as a new set of images form within the crystal. Slowly it begins to form, the picture clearing, then…


"Damn it." He hissed under his breath. The mocha skin coloured male stumbled to a stop, hand pressed over his oozing wound.

"Move it boy-zo!" The red head smirked, fanged teeth showing. A clawed hand grasped his shoulder in a reassuring grip, it squeezed gently before letting go, as she moved forward, scaled tail flicking in agitation. The smile then slipped off her face, showing a worried grimace instead. Chris leaned down trying to see more into her eyes but she just looked away, shoulders hunching up. "Lemme alone G..."

"She's worried..." Came the gentle voice of his constant companion in this volatile world that seemed to hate their existence. Glancing back over his left shoulder Chris took in the forth person of their little group.

Her blond hair looked like gold in the sunlight, blue eyes glowed with an inner power. Feathers ran down the arms, legs and back creating a beautiful plumage that flared with many different yellows in the right light. Powerful blond coloured wings were folded gently against her back as she stayed seated upon the box that was doubling as a chair right at this time. Her legs were encased in a special hydraulics system that ran into her body, this not only allowed her to stand up, but walk and run as well.

"Helen. Are you sure?" He asked, the halfling was curious and worried at the same time, knowing they were in a bad position if they got caught here.

"No, but we have no other choice. Soleanna is the last free bastion we know to allow freedom without consequence," She took in a deep breath, shifting. "plus..."

"Plus what Hel?" Came the red-head's voice, as she helped Danny settle down upon the ground next to Helen. "What did the shadow broker find?"

"Sonic and the others have finally caught up to this time-line."

Chris took in a sharp breath. His eyes fell to the ground, clawed hands curling into fists. Swallowing he pushed himself up onto unsteady feet and walked a couple of paces away, bushy tail curling around his thighs. "After all this time, all these years, now they APPEAR!?"

His hands curled into his head, claws cutting into his skull. A whine escaped as the halfling hunched his shoulders.

"Hey! Knock it OFF!" A hand smacked into the back of his head. Snarling, he darted around hand grasping into a vulnerable throat and thrusting them into the closest wall. Green eyes glared back as she growled back at him. "Go on you bastard, I dare you to."

"Come on you guys… enough." Danny coughed. Blue eyes were bright but pained as he frowned at them both for making such a ruckus. In the low light scales glittered in the light, giving off colours of blues, yellows and greens. There were slits in the sides of his throat that were shut tight right now, there were more further down on his chest and more on his legs. On his arms, back and legs folded down, almost invisible were versatile fins. His fingers had sharp claws on them, so did his mouth have sharp fangs, making him quite the dangerous creature if he got into water. But at this time, he was stuck bleeding out on the floor. "We must..." He cut off, head turning toward the door ear fins pricking upwards in response.

"Savior?" Chris spoke cautiously, letting go of the red-head's neck in his distraction. Danny had stood up, slowly moving toward the entrance. Helen was at the other side of the building, flitting around fiddling with the windows in case of the need for an emergency exit.

Danny stuck his head out of the metal door, hand clenched around the side as though to steady himself. Then he pulled himself inside frowning in confusion before turning towards them. "I must be loosing it. I thought I had heard something."

"Lemme go Chris!" Hissed the female still being held by his other hand against the wall.

"Oh sorry 'ruptor." Blinking, the halfling took a step back, releasing her.

"Finally." She complained, flipping her head back with a pout, then she grinned with a wink showing off all her sharpened teeth.


It was a crack of a gunshot. Maybe a shotgun, or maybe a sniper rifle. All Chris knew was that Danny was one second shouting in warning and the next was staring with blank eyes, lying on his side, his entrails all over the floor, chest and stomach were just gone. The blue emerald of his soul was lying in the puddle of growing blood, guts and filth growing on the floor that had once been inside of Danny.

"NOOO!" Frances went berserk, power crackled from every pore as she ran towards the entrance that Danny had just died at. "Danny!"

Chris moved, gripping her around the stomach and arms. "Lemmy go! DANNY!" Gritting his teeth he tried to ignore her howls for revenge and heartbreak. "I'll make them pay for this!"

Her foot came down upon his own at an angle and then she head-butted him hard, it staggering him enough to let go and allow her to tear out of the building with her leather wings spread ready for a fight. "FRANCES!" Blinking, he fell over hand gripping his nose that was streaming blood. Getting back up, he moved as quickly as possible toward the front doors but stopped shuddering, as an eerie howl was heard before red and meat splattered up the sides of the windows and trickled in through the doors.

He jumped as a gentle hand grasped his own, turning his attention over to Helen, he buried his head into her shoulder for a long second shivering. "Chris."

"Hm?" Shifting back he looked at her with lost eyes, torment deep inside. "Chris here." She pressed something hard, warm and pulsing into his grip. Shifting his eyes down, they widened at what they saw.

"Chris, she's not coming back. She left it behind." The red emerald of Frances soul was in his grasp, meaning she had gone to her death willingly.

Helen held out a hand, indicating towards the back windows with her head. Blinking he stared at her fingers for a long second, then after placing the two emeralds into the lumpy sack on his back, and rubbing the wet trails of tears from his eyes, he took her hand and they both left, making sure not to look back. For too many nightmares become reality if you look back on the past.

Black lines flicker, as a clawed fingered hand reached down and gripped the camera by the front obscuring the picture. Black fur is seen for a split second before the picture stutters and fades to black.

–-¬= ;#{+SX+SX+}#; ¬-