As I walked forward, the two children stiffened up and slowly backed away to the edge of the path, turning to the side as if to let me past. That didn't make sense to me. Couldn't they tell I wanted to talk to them? Maybe I was better off leaving...

No! What am I thinking? There is no way that leaving children alone in a place like this could ever be a good idea. Who knows what creatures could try to hurt these two? Performing the equivalent of shaking my head (blinking my four smallest eyes in sequence – it's surprisingly natural to me) I stepped closer to them. The boy started to sweat uncontrollably, leaving dark wet marks around his armpits, and the girl was shaking, holding her mallet (the name for a small wooden hammer) in such a tight grip that her knuckles turned a dangerous shade of white (or well, it should have been white. They were still in that greyish state, so I had to guess by how pale here grey skin became). They needed blood to flow through them, not cut itself off.

"Hello- oh, yeah." I almost forgot I couldn't speak. The screeching hardly helped the children in front of me, as if I wasn't sure they were scared then I would have thought that they had hypothermia from their involuntary rocking, or the way they began to clutch one another in such a tight grip I was surprised they could still breathe.

Maybe I could write? My pincers wouldn't be able to help, as when I tried to turn them into the correct shape they failed to twist to a satisfying degree, and it gave me the same feeling I had when I first changed – it was unnatural, as if my thumb and forefinger were trapped separately from the other three fingers, which could not bend or leave each other's side. Nope. The pincers were out of the question. But what about my tail and stinger? It could reach the ground in front of me, and my control was good enough that it was no longer a stabbing motion every time I brought it down in front of me. I figured it was worth a try.

Slowly I brought my tail down in front of me. This was going to be difficult, since I would have to write upside down, but I thought I could manage it. As I began to do so however, the boy began to speak to the girl. Except, I couldn't hear a single thing they were saying. His lips moved up and down, and the girl nodded her head in agreement, but I couldn't hear a thing.

How weird was that?

It almost made me stop, but I continued to burrow crude lines in the dirt, hoping they would understand my intentions soon enough. Slowly, the boy and the girl began to let go of each other and creep towards me on opposite sides. Had my message worked? I had only begun to write the letter H in the mud, but maybe they understood my intentions? I was soon grasped by hope that my cry for help had been answered.

It wasn't.

The moment that the two children were close enough, the boy in (what should have been) the green shirt said one word – I presume the word was "NOW!" – and they both attacked me at once. The girl raised her mallet high and with more strength than I thought someone of her age could have, she smashed it down one of my eyes.

I thought the pain to be unbearable, until the boy used his knife to stab my other eye, twisting it before removing it with a horrifying squelch. Words cannot describe the agony I felt. To have a set of eyes gone, to be stabbed and crushed at the same time... I could not bear the pain. My stinger tore itself from the ground in a spray of mud and grass, and I ran away from the children as fast as I possibly could, not caring what they did when I was gone, just that they were far way from me. Blood was leaking from my eyes and falling into the next lowest pair, blinding those two as well as causing me more pain and distress. It was a natural torture method, because I couldn't remove the blood, and I was too focused on running away from the murderous psychopaths who attacked a defenceless innocent.

I wanted to cover my eyes from the blood as it leaked, to clutch my wounds in the same way all people shouldn't but do when they get hurt, to do something human... but instead I cried out in pain, and fear, and suffering. Those children... what if they came for me again? What if there were more like them? They wanted to kill me! They wanted to end a perfectly innocent life, for no reason! Did they gain satisfaction from this? Did I truly look that horrifying? I ran through the forest, pushing aside any trees in my way until I was convinced I should be tired, then collapsed in a heap on the forest floor, desperately trying to alleviate the pain in some way, or to keep the blood from falling onto my other eyes, but I couldn't.

Those were human actions.

And I wasn't human anymore.

Hours later, I still refused to cry. Even now, despite the temptation being so strong, I refused to utter that terrible sound. Don't mistake my endurance as some form of strength, or courage. It's like having a cramp when your leg is trapped in the most uncomfortable position – you couldn't do anything except wait for the pain to pass. Of course, the pain was an unfathomable amount worse, for I had lost a pair of eyes, but the principle of the idea remained.

Instead, I waited for my wounds to heal in a nearby cave. The cave felt comfortable, and despite the darkness inside it I could see quite well. I was lucky to have found an empty one, because I know that caves don't exactly appear often in forest, and to find one without (my number 1 phobia) bats? I guess it was karma's way of apologising for the atrocious act that it had committed earlier.

The blood had long since dried over another two sets of eyes, making them next to useless, while I had accepted the fact that the children had forever blinded the original set. I wouldn't say I went through this process as calmly as I may have described it, nor did I by any means do the true pain of losing my eyes and not losing consciousness when it happened any justice. It's something I tend to do a lot when I recount particularly stressful situations. Remove myself from the memory, that is. But back to the point at hand.

It was a slightly dizzying feeling, being able to see in front and above me, but to instinctively know that there was something missing in your field of vision. It was not like there was a dark spot halfway through my sight, but it was instead like when you close one of your eyes – the change was instant, but I always knew there was something I couldn't see, and I would have to tilt my body until one of my other non-blind/blinded eyes saw what it hadn't before, at which point I would realise there was still a spot I couldn't see. It would take getting used to, but now that the pain had mostly gone it was bearable. I would have to wash off the blood in a river.

1 year later

Nothing much had changed since then. I had washed off the blood from my face, giving me back the sight of two extra pairs of eyes, but the dizzying feeling remained. I continued to follow the path, not because I needed or wanted to, but because I had nothing better to do. If there were ever any travellers then I would run into the forest and run parallel to the path until I was ahead of them. I didn't want a repeat of the child incident, and I still had issues with trusting others. I always had, really. I just thought that, those were children, and as an adult I should take responsibility, or at least not have to worry about what they thought. But then... well. I had issues trusting everybody now.

When I reached a cross-road, I decided to turn left. It was this path that led me to the coastal towns. I saw them from a fair distance away, or at least the walls of one. Why did they need walls? Was there something that would attack them? I didn't know. I decided to walk closer, maybe get a feel for what was going on. Not my smartest choice by any means, but humans are curious creatures, and I was adamant about retaining some human features to keep me sane.

So I walked up to the wall and began to inspect it. It was made out of wooden poles, each with a spiked tip at the top, and all in all it looked to be quite sturdy. While it did fully enclose the town (I didn't walk around the whole thing to figure this out – it would just be stupid to have a wall you can walk around) there was a drawbridge type door on the path. To open it, there was a sign saying to ring the bell, once if you were safe, and twice if surrounded by Grimm. I didn't know what the Grimm were, so I thought "Hey, what's the worst that could happen?" I rang the bell.

I waited for roughly two minutes, shifting my feet in anticipation as I began to consider what might actually happen. I only just realised how they might react to my appearance, of which I still wasn't very clear – I knew the number of eyes I had left, the rough shape of my tail, my colour (unless that also changed) and that I had red markings, but that wasn't a very exact look, even if I knew I was a scorpion. I had just been thinking I was human again, and that I would be treated as such. That was what made me lose my eyes!

But it was too late to worry, and curiosity had always been my downfall, especially when there was something I should avoid. I almost got injured in a construction site because of it. Anyway, back to the point at hand.

Eventually, someone did appear above the wall. While I could only see her face, it was clear by the small wrinkles on her face she was middle-aged, maybe in her late thirties? Although if she asked, I would always go with the safer option of her being 22. When they're young they want to be older, when they're older they want to be younger... it always leads to 22 years old. Moving on, she had brown hair, green eyes, and a terrified expression on her face as she stared into my eyes.

I wouldn't have thought that I looked that intimidating – after all, I hadn't done anything wrong – but she immediately screamed at the sight of my eyes and blew on a whistle hanging around her neck. It still surprised me I couldn't hear a thing that came out of her mouth, but I was soon becoming used to it. When I walked through the forest I couldn't hear the sounds of birds or animals – all of which ignored me, so it was far more interesting than any walks I had been on before – but I could hear their footsteps, or when things hit the ground in general. The only downside was that rain sounded like some kind of out of tune Dubstep, and if there was one thing I hated more than people calling classical music boring, it was Dubstep.

I thought "Well, she isn't attacking me, and she doesn't have a weapon. I haven't done anything threatening to her, or anything that could be misinterpreted. Maybe if I stayed perfectly still, things would turn out okay? For the first minute or so, things went well. The woman had disappeared from the top of the tower for a little bit, but soon reappeared with a look of confusion on her face. I wasn't sure why since I hadn't done anything, but I figured that if I wanted to get inside I couldn't just stand still. So I knocked the bell with my claw again. Did it count as a doorbell? Who knows?

At this, the woman at the top grew even more confused. She kept looking at me as if she expected something to happen. Maybe something to do with my tail, as she kept eying that as it swayed around (that isn't wind related, but instead it was like how your hands swing when you walk – it's totally natural), but overall she just seemed confused.

This soon changed as the door-bridge began to open. Stepping back to avoid having it hit me, the first thing I saw when it fell were two teenage girls dressed in leather armour. One wore a bright yellow tunic that was an absolute eyesore to see, but was made manageable by the streaks of sky-blue running through it in a swirly pattern. The other was instead wearing a foam-green skirt with dark-blue leggings. It reminded me of when I was at the beach, and comparing the sky and the sea with each other on the horizon. Maybe they intended for that theme? I didn't know.

Either way I wasn't sure what it was they were planning to do, but judging by the weapons they were carrying they were prepared for a fight. In fact, the moment that they got a good look at me the one with the shotgun fired.

Thankfully I wasn't hurt. Maybe my exoskeleton was really tough, and would have been able to take some heavy shots while I laid waste to them with my pincers and tail, which may or may not have poison in it (I wasn't certain, having never used it in that way before). Maybe I could have then moved on to the town behind it, crushing the weaker people beneath my enormous weight. Maybe I would have been the greatest fighter to have ever lived, and it all started here. Maybe.

I screamed in fear and ran the other way.

I almost forgot to do this, so thank goodness for the ability to edit chapters after they've been posted, but I would like to give a quick shout-out to Hofund for giving me a new direction to take this story (Honestly, what I had originally planned for was for there to be the 1 year time-skip that you can see now, then after stuff happens a 2 year time-skip where Jaune appears, then another time-skip at which point we are up to date with everything that has happened up until RWBY episode 1), and thank you to Hard Boiled Eggs, because I figured that Beowolves were just too easy for this type of story. Oh, you aren't human now? Be humanoid instead, because it's easier. A good author accepts a challenge! Anyway, I need to finish a chapter for my crossover story, so see you guys later!