Should I be working on another chapter of High School Story? Probably. Am I writing this intead? Yes. Yes I am.

Katherine stood in front of a full length mirror, staring at herself in disbelief. Wearing a simple but elegant white dress with a small train, puffed sleeves, a high neck, and delicately embroidered detailing on the bodice and skirt, she looked radiant. Her Auburn hair was pulled into a simple updo, a few loose pieces framing her face, and in her hands she held a small bouquet of lilies. There was no veil covering her face, despite her mother's protests that it was tradition. This led to an hour long argument where Katherine pointed out that the origin of a veil covering the bride's face was from the days when marriage was a business transaction, not a personal decision, and she refused to take part in such things. In the end her mother decided to drop it, Katherine's wedding was going to be unorthodox anyway. A soft knock at the door caused Katherine to jump in suprise, her nerves being as on edge as they were. "Come in," she called, and the door swung open, revealing her mother and father. "Oh, Kathy," her mother sighed when she saw her, trying unsuccessfully to blink away the tears that filled her eyes. "You look very nice, Katherine," her father said stiffly, though a hint of a smile tugged at his lips. "Thank you," Katherine grinned, taking her father's arm. Taking a deep breath, she allowed herself one last look in the mirror before she turned around and walked out the door towards her future.

"Jack, stop. You look fine," Davey reassured for what felt like the hundredth time, watching Jack tug at his collar. "That ain't what I'm worried about, Davey," Jack sighed, dropping his hand to his side and beginning to pace up and down in front of the altar nervously. "Then what are you worried about?" Race exclaimed, fiddling with his hands that for once weren't clutching a cigar. "She already said she was gonna marry you, why would she back out now?" Jack stopped pacing, looking at his friends as he tried to calm down. He would have liked to have eloped and married the love of his life without all the fuss and frills of a formal wedding, but Katherine wouldn't hear of it, insisting they get married at church with all of their family and friends watching. This meant that Jack had to pick groomsmen, wear a suit, and sit through what felt like thousands of afternoon tea parties listening to Katherine and her mother discuss what type of cake to serve at the reception. In the end, Jack had picked Davey, Crutchie, and Race as his groomsmen, and made the other Newsies wait outside, not trusting them to behave in a place as solemn and grand as a church. Because of this, all of the people sitting in the pews were Katherine's friends and family, although Jack did invite Ms. Medda who, he was glad to see, looked to be shocking Katherine's aunt with her boisterous personality and scandalous tales of theater life. Seeing that Jack was still extremely nervous, Crutchie reached out and placed his hand on his arm reassuringly. "Hey, it'll all be fine, Jack. I know it will." Jack smiled gratefully at him, before looking up in suprise when the doors were suddenly thrown open.

Katherine's heart beat nervously as she watched her two younger sisters, Constance Helen and Edith, walk down the aisle before her. Glancing nervously up at her father, she tried to read his expression, but it remained stony cold and stern. Sighing, she turned her attention back to the altar, where she could just see Jack, looking just as nervous as she felt. Suddenly, at an unseen signal, Katherine and her father began to slowly move forward, entering the church as the organ played.

When Jack caught sight of Katherine, his breath caught in his throat. She looked absolutely stunning, more beautiful than he'd ever seen her before. When she saw him staring at her she grinned, and Jack couldn't help but grin back. It seemed like hours until she finally reached the altar, where her father gave Jack a stern look before kissing Katherine softly on the cheek and going to sit down next to his wife. Still grinning, Jack took Katherine's hands in his, then turned his attention to the bishop who had begun to read the vows. He didn't understand much of it, since he hadn't been a regular churchgoer for years, but when the bishop asked him if he would take Katherine as his wife as long as they both lived, his "I will," rang out clearly and loudly. And then he was leaning towards Katherine for a sweet and tender kiss punctuated by a loud whistle from Race, who was promptly shushed by Crutchie and glared at by Davey.

A/N: There it is. This idea has been in my head for a while now, and I finally decided to write it. I'm planning on it being very long, and chronicling Jack and Katherine's married life. Do you like that idea? Let me know, and maybe I'll post part two of this chapter later today. (Side note, this takes place around 1902, so Jack and Katherine are both 20. Also, if you want to see Katherine's dress, google '1902 Wedding Dress' and around the third or so picture on images is the dress she's wearing.)