Hey, guys just thought I would do like a wonderful one-shot. After I watched the My Little Pony The Movie. I got very inspired from the characters in the movie, I also loved the animation in it to, and lets not forget the songs to.

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Finding Light in a Shadow

Right after Tempest captured Twilight. Twilight was trying her best to escape from the cage that she was held prisoner in by blasting beams of magic at the cage's bars but it was no use she couldn't break free.

Twilight thought to herself tirelessly 'There has to be a way out of here somehow...' But then her thoughts were interrupted when Tempest showed up.

Twilight spoke "Why are you doing this your a pony like me?" Then this made Tempest angry and then she stomped near Twilight's cage and said "You know nothing about me! I'm far superior than you! I'm nothing like you in anyway!"

Then Twilight got a little scare from her outburst. Then Tempest starting walking away from the cage. Then Twilight said "But didn't you at one time have friends?"

Then Tempest stopped from what Twilight said and then she responded with "I did at one time but then they betrayed me and left me alone calling me a freak even after I got are ball that rolled into a cave that also happened to the home of a baby ursa manor and ran as fast as I could from it and it knocked me into a wall which was how I broken my horn in the first place, but at first I didn't notice. Then I got away from the baby ursa manor and ran out of the cave with are ball."

"Then when I got out of the cave my so called friends were giving me weird and frighten looks. Then I asked them what is wrong then that's when I realize something when I felt my forehead my horn was broken. Then my friends were backing away from me when I was trying to give them the ball back so we could continue to play. "

"But what did they do they called me a freak a monster. That they don't want to be friends with a unicorn with a broken horn. Then to make matters even worse my so called friends went to Celestia's school for Gifted Unicorns without me and when we promised we would go together to achieve are dreams. Then when I tried to get in I was rejected they said I wasn't quailed to use or wield magic!"

"And it was there fault I was only trying to get are ball back and when they were the ones that threw it in there in the first place and they were just to scare to go in and get it! Then I decide to go out of Equestria. Then that was the day I learned friendship is for the weak minded and that you shouldn't realize on someone other than yourself. " Tempest with little tears in her eyes.

Then Twilight was shocked and felt sorry for Tempest "I'm sorry for what happened to you Tempest no pony should treat there friend or someone like that. But not all ponies are like that some ponies don't mind the flaws in you and they don't care what you look like it's with ..." But Twilight didn't get to finish what she was going to say when Tempest interrupted her.

"Friendship? Was that what you were going to say sorry but I don't do friendship no more. And besides if you are the Princess of Friendship where are your friends?" said Tempest with a smirk.

Then Twilight was about to say something when she stopped herself from saying anything and then she looked away from Tempest and said nothing.

"That's what I thought." said Tempest smirking at Twilight and walking up to her cage. With Tempest and Twilight being face to face with each other. Then Tempest moving away from the cage and smirked an evil smile. With Tempest saying "Listen up Princess it's time to open your eyes to the truth." Then there was music starting to play in the background.

"Open Up Your Eyes"

It's time you learned a lesson

It's time that you understand

Don't ever count on anybody else

In this or any other land

I once hoped for friendship

To find a place among my kind

But those were the childish wishes

Of someone who was blind

Open up your eyes

See the World from where I stand

Me among the mighty

You caged at my command

Open up your eyes

Give up your sweet fantasy land

It's time to grow up and get wise

Come now, little one, open up your eyes

We all start out the same

With simple naïve trust

Shielded from the many ways

That life's not fair or just

But then there comes a moment

A simple truth that you must face

If you depend on others

You'll never find your place

And as you take that first step

Upon a path that's all your own

You see it all so clearly

The best way to survive is all alone!

Open up your eyes

See the world from where I stand

Me among the mighty

You caged at my command

Open up your eyes

And behold, the faded light

It's time to grow up and get wise

Come on, little one, open up your eyes

Open Up Your Eyes!

"Time to face the facts princess your friends have abandon you just like my friends have done to me long ago." said Tempest.

Then Twilight snapped at Tempest "My friends didn't abandon me..." as she stopped and thought about what she said to Pinkie.


"I wish I never had a friend like you!" said Twilight with anger in her voice. Then quickly regretting what she said trying to apologize. Ending with Pinkie saying "I think I need to be alone right now," Pinkie walking away. Along with Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Rarity, and Fluttershy.

End of Flashback...

"I see having second thoughts about your friends abandoning you?" said Tempest. "No! There probably on there way here right now!" said Twilight.

"Then how come your doubting on what you are saying?" said Tempest with a evil smirk. "I don't know." said Twilight coming with nothing more to say than those simple words.

With Tempest now getting to her Tempest knew how to hit you where it hurt where Twilight begun to doubt herself and the journey she went on with her friends where she made horrible choices like failing to get help from the Hippogriffs to stop the Storm King and it was she fault for getting capture by Tempest.

Then Twilight started to cry in the cage and kept saying "It's all my fault." over and over again. Then Tempest smirked and she knew she was getting to her.

"You know I think you are were right about one thing." said Tempest with fake compassion in her voice Twilight. Then Twilight looked up at her with tears in her eyes and said "What's that?"

"We both have a thing in common and that is that we were both were betrayed by are friends in the end, but unlike you I learned at young age that friendship is a weakness." said Tempest in a taunting voice.

Then Twilight looked down depressed saying nothing.

"Nothing to say Princess? Well it doesn't matter anyway as soon as I bring you to the Storm King and gets all four of your alicorn's magic he'll restore my horn to its former glory. I will show you ponies what real power is." said Tempest looking at Twilight with eyebrow slight raised. Deciding she had a enough taunting the Princess of Friendship she was about to turn and leave when Twilight decide to speak again.

"How do you know that once that the Storm King takes my magic and the princesses that he'll restore your horn?" Tempest coming to a halt at what Twilight just said. Tempest all of sudden her magic aura being around the cage pulled it near her making Twilight a little nervous.

With a sinister look on her face she said "Oh he will I'm a powerful follower of his second in command he would be a foul without me he would have never found the Staff of Sacanas to store and wield all four of your alicorn magic."

Then with a determined look on her face said "Even if you are a powerful ally of his he just using you? What will stop him from not keeping his side of the deal in restoring your..." being cut of by a shout of rage Tempest.

"ENOUGH! You know nothing! I worked up from the bottom up to the top to get where I'm at in the Storm King's army beating down anyone that was in my way in order to keep me from reaching top rank! It wasn't friendship that got me there it was through fear and manipulation that got me where I'm today and I'm not going to let some Princess of Friendship tell otherwise!" with a look of pure hatred with in Tempest's eyes staring at Twilight.

Finally done looking at Twilight with a hatred look in her eyes released her magic aura from the cage and personally calling to her own personal storm guards to watch Twilight in the cage. Then Twilight not saying a word but taking one last look at Tempest with her walking out of the room with the cage and guards slamming the door behind her.

With Tempest walking back up to the main area of the ship thinking what Princess Twilight said to her and denying what the princess said to her, but also plant a bit of doubt of the Storm King too.

Wow this was the first ever one-shot I ever made and I think it's not that bad if I do say so my self. :) Also I changed a few things when it came to Tempest Shadow's past a bit like with her friends like in her actual backstory they didn't call her a freak they felt sorry for her. If you want to learn more go check out the My Little Pony the Movie Prequel book.

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