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Shioon's POV

His foot slammed into Hayate's chest pushing him back several feet. It still wasnt far enough to reach the shadows. Closer but not enough.

Shifting into Tweh he moved backward so that he retreated as a flash of yellow darted forward. A wooden sword in his hand Naruto used the well-practiced katas to try and slip past their mentor's guard. Pushing the man back ever so slightly closer to the trap that lay in waiting.

Hayate grunted as he blocked the blows that came at him never drawing his sword. It was almost as if he was playing with them. Maybe they should step it up a notch. If his count was right they only had five minutes left before the alarm went off. Either capture the jounin before then or they would fail the training exercise.

Shioon knew the plan was well made but it was difficult. Pushing Hayate back took time and a lot of energy. Even with his and Naruto's significant amount of stamina they were running on close to dry.

Sighing under his breath he focused inward drawing on the last of his reserves. Then he called out as he made the hand sign, "Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu!"

Three dozen clones of himself came into existence. His body screamed at him as he took a staggering step forward. It was telling that he had gone too far. Yet his mind declared he had not gone far enough. If they wanted to win they would have to push beyond their limits.

Another plan using shadow clones began to formulate. As Naruto pushed away from Hayate retreating and Shioon rushing forward to give no ground they exchanged a glance. That was all they needed. No words were necessary to convey what they wanted to be done. Shikamaru was smart enough to figure it out on his own. When he saw the change of formation and the use of clones he would know what to do. All they had to do was be in position at just the right moment.

The original and clones went about making the plan into reality. Several moved so that they could extend Shikamaru's shadow further. Others went on the offensive. Lightning coursed through their bodies as they tried to land blows on Hayate.

Brown eyes widened before the man tightened his guard. Clones of a familiar blond joined with his own. The man was forced to draw his sword in the flurry. They pushed him back further and further.

Then a black spidery web shot out along the ground. All their bodies froze unable to move including Hayate. Then the alarm went off signaling the end of their practice.

The black tendrils then released them and the shadow clones disappeared. Both Shioon and Naruto collapsed onto the ground their stamina spent. A warm hand went through his bird nest of hair for a brief before it went through Naruto's.

Hayate began when Shikamaru took a seat on the grass beside them, "Well done you three. It's only been a month and your teamwork has improved tremendously. Next time however you shouldn't make it so obvious that you're trying to lead me into a trap. Any ninja worth their salt would have blown past you both. Shikamaru tomorrow you will be working on taijutsu to improve your fighting capabilities. Relying on shadows will only get you so far. Naruto, Shioon we will be focusing on your control."

"Yes, sensei!"

Hayate helped Shioon and Naruto to their feet. Then as per the tradition they had made overviews the last month they went back to the village for lunch. It was barbeque for lunch this time. After lunch, they would do between three and four Rank D missions.

D missions were boring and didnt pay very well. The only good thing about them was that they gave experience. If they were lucky it wouldn't be too much longer before they were allowed to take a C rank. They were better off than some of the other teams.

Ha Ill complained that his team didn't do much in the way of missions. Most days they only did one or two. This put them well behind their peers when it came to experience. Their jounin focused on the Uchiha boy more than Ha Ill or Sakura.

If they were regular kids it would have built resentment between the Uchiha and his teammates. Instead, though it made the girl swoon over him even more. On the other side of the coin Ha, Ill spent most of his time in the ninja library. He was reading up on any jutsu he could get his hands on.

Shioon spent his extra time in the library and in the training grounds. His focus had been on creating new techniques. The first set was the 3000 Lightning Movement. The first technique of the set was Lightning Flash. That part was almost ready to be tested with more than shadow clones. It just needed a few more changes.

The second was Fanged Destruction. It would be the most destructive and powerful technique in his arsenal. Unlike most of his techniques within the EOTL, it required unpurified ki. The reason being was that it purified a chunk of ki all at once rather than a little at a time.

Out of all his ki techniques that one was the most dangerous. If he wasnt careful his ki could shut down his body completely. Without Yoochun, he wouldn't be able to stop his ki from killing him.

All in all the last month had been eventful in working towards the Murim goals. There were times though that he had to remind himself that they weren't here for vacation. They had a job to do and sooner or later they would be forced back to their own world. Leaving behind the friends and life that they had made here.

Part of Shioon broke at the thought of returning. He was just beginning to live again. Returning would reopen the wounds and make new ones. But what choice did he have? None.