After his betrayal by Samuel Hayden, the Doom Slayer found himself stranded in a alternate dimension. He obviously wasn't in Hell but this place isn't what you would call "safe".

While wandering the ruins of a destroyed city, the Doom Slayer heard roars in the distance. The Slayer moved to investigate these strange roars and saw a group of three girls surrounded by hordes of monsters. One of the girls had orange hair, wearing a shirt with a tie and was armed with a megaphone. The other two had purple hair but one of them was taller than the other and with longer hair. The Doom Slayer pumped his shotgun as he made a menacing grin underneath his helmet. Things were about to get messy.

DOOM OST-Rip and Tear

The Doom Slayer grabbed one of the monsters and slammed its face into the ground causing blood to splatter all over the place. He then pulled out his super shotgun and blasted anything that was in range into chunks of meat. A giant turtle roared at the Slayer as it swung both of its arms around trying to land a hit on him. The Slayer then fired his shotgun into the turtles face temporarily stunning it. He climbed onto its back and ripped off its head causing the neckhole to pour blood everywhere.

The three girls were in shock as they witnessed the Slayer tear apart these monsters like wet paper. A lizardman leaped at the Slayer attempting to land a strike at him but was met with a shotgun blast to face. A giant robot charged at the Slayer but was dodged with ease.

The Slayer then swithed to his rocket launcher and fired a burst of rockets at the robot blowing its arm off. As the robot was stunned the Slayer shoved a grenade into the main chasis of the robots torso while watching it expolde into scrap. The last monster attempted to flee but was shredded apart by the Slayers chainsaw. The three girls were left speechless as to what they just witnessed. "What the hell are you?!" The orange haired one shouted in horror. The other two were just frozen in place. "Pl-Please don't kill us!" The long haired one begged for mercy as the Doom Slayer walked up to her.

"Huh?! You-You're not gonna kill us? The Doom Slayer shook his head in response "*sigh of relief* Oh thank goodness, I thought we were done there. Thank you for helping us. What's your name?" The Doom Slayer said nothing in response "Me thinks that he dosen't speak. But he could be a friend soooo I'll introduce ourselves. I'm Neptune and that's my sister, Nepgear." Nepgear giggled as Neptune mentioned her. "Oh yeah I forgot to mention, that's Uzume Tenayoshi" "It's Tennouboshi! Anyways, we were on our way back to base as the monsters attacked us. That's when you showed up. With those... abilities of yours, we could use your help to fight back against the monsters. Whaddya say, you in or out?" The Doom Slayer shook Uzume's hand in aggrement "Alright! I don't know about you but I have a feelin' that were gonna get along just fine."

Chapter end.

(Author's note) So for anybody who reads this fanfic. Just note that this is my first story so I may not be that good. Anyways, I'm a huge fan of both DOOM and the Neptunia franchise. After I finish this story, I might consider making a Neptunia Fanfic Universe, so I might write a Wolfenstein: The New Order story after this one were the Nazis discover interdimensional travel and invade Gamindustri and it's up to B.J Blazkowicz with his new exo suit (Wolfenstein 2) to stop them. And after that, Half Life 2 and so on. It was really tricky to write this chapter and I will try to continue this fanfic but it might take a while to write the next chapter. Bye bye.