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Chapter 1: A Taboo Experience.

Walking through the streets of Konoha as a face of depression stood proudly over his features, Naruto trudged through the streets. It had been a year since the Fourth Shinobi War ended. Naruto was recognised as a hero and respected by many others. He finally had everyone thank him for what he did. No one treated him different. People thanked him everytime they could. So why was he depressed? Oh, one word. Hinata.

If he remembered correctly, when Hinata was thought to have been killed by Pain, she told Naruto that she loved him. But after the war, she told him that she no longer wanted to wait for him and hooked up with Kiba.

Many people found this and didn't enjoy such a notion. Naruto asked Sakura if she was willing to date him. But she blew him off when she told him that she was already engaged to Sasuke and she was with child.

Many of the women were already taken and Naruto was not happy about that. He was a hero of fuck sakes. He saved the world. So why was he not getting any action? But little did he know. Was that he was being watched.

Perched on a pole as her purple eyes followed the man below her, she licked her lips as the wind picked up and pulled off her hood to reveal long flowing red hair. She had been watching for some time now. And she had to admit, he did look ravishing. It was a crying shame that he wasn't getting sleepless nights from the girls that qued at his door. Because there weren't any. They were all taken.

Reaching into her pocket she pulled out three paper seals. Smiling as she pocketed them again, she continued to tracking the blonde haired hero.

"Soon, not long now until you're mine." she cooed as she shunshinned away.

When night rolled around, Naruto threw himself onto the bed as he breathed a sigh of depression. Hinata's and Sakura's words playing in his head.

"Sorry, but I can't wait anymore. It's not you, it's me." said Hinata.

"Sorry Naruto-kun. I'm already engaged and pregnant. Sorry." said Sakura.

Clicking his tongue as he threw his jacket to the side, he curled up and wondered what would happen tomorrow. Little did he know, was that a certain red haired woman was having different plans.

With Naruto fast asleep, she made her way to the front door and picked the lock. Slowly opening the door she sneaked in and made her way to Naruto. Seeing his sleeping form, warmed her heart as she lifted his shirt to reveal a well toned body beyond imagine.

"Mmm. Not bad, you're even more ripped then Minato-kun was." she cooed as she reached into her pocket and pulled out the three seals.

Placing one on his forehead, the second on his stomach over the seal, and one over his crotch, she performed some hands signs and instantly, the seals sunk into Naruto's flesh. With that step done, she placed a hand on him and shunshinned both of them away.

Waking up to find a very unfamiliar roof, Naruto looked around. This was definitely not his apartment. Where the heck was he? Looking at his body, he found himself in a bath robe. What the hell was going on? Did he sleep walk?

"Ah, you're finally awake." came a voice at the door.

Turning to see who it was, Naruto instantly had a nose bleed. There stood a red haired woman with a body that could be described as that of a goddess. Her body was emphasized in every way imagined. Her long flowing smooth legs, shapely waist, smooth tone stomach and a heart shaped face. But Naruto's eyes were locked with the assets she held. They were an easy E-cup. And seemed to defy gravity. Not only that but would jiggle about every time she moved her body. Soon, Naruto found his cock harden as he took in the woman before her. But then it hit him.

"Kaa-chan?" asked Naruto.

"We have a winner folks. Yes sochi. I'm here." she said as she licked her lips when she saw her desired reaction from Naruto.

"But I thought you died?" said Naruto.

"Nah, Uzumaki bodies can survive nearly everything. We also live nice long lives. That is also how I survived the Kyuubi being removed from me." said Kushina as she grabbed her breasts and began to play with them.

Giving Naruto a rather good tease as his eyes stayed glued to her chest.

"But, now here is the matter I'm faced with. I haven't had sex in over a decade. And just seeing you so depsressed, made me want to take that from you." said Kushina as she grabbed the belt of her bathrobe and pulled it, letting the front of her body become exposed to Naruto.

"We can't do this. We're mother and son." said Naruto with Kushina chuckling.

"Please sochi. Incest is a common practice among clans. How do you think the Inuzuak, Hyuga and Uchiha clans kept their bloodlines pure?" she stated.

She had a point. He did wonder how those bloodlines remained pure for centuries. But the idea of having sex with his mother was one thing he didn't like. Shaking his head as he tried to calm his raging hard on, he looked to Kushina who already removed the robe and was already walking over to Naruto with a sway in her hips.

"I can't do that, Kaa-chan. Not to my own mother." he said with Kushina crawling onto the bed and undoing his robe.

"Oh please. I've been sex deprived for over a decade. I will not pass up this oppotunity." she said as she made a handsign.

Instantly, Naruto felt his mind go blank as well as his connection to Kyuubi was cut off then and there. Not only that, but his hard on became more powerful as it grew more stiff in Kushina's hands.

Kushina took the time to measure her son's rod. Her eyes widened in surprise while her pussy began to grow wet with excitement.

"Wow, 9 and a half inches. Quite the stud you are. I'm so gonna enjoy this." said Kushina as she gave the head a lick.

Naruto let out a moan of pleasure as he felt her tongue lace his cock. Despite being trapped in this trance like state, it did feel good. But sadly, he didn't want it to happen. He didn't want to ruin the relationship of mother and son. But his body denied his commands as his hands moved on their own and grabbed Kushina's head.

Pushing her head down onto his cock, Kushina almost gagged when it hit her throat. Pulling him out her mouth, she pumped him a few times before looking at his face.

"Such a naughty boy you are. I'm gonna so enjoy this." she purred as she went back down and began to suck on his cock.

Naruto never experienced a blowjob before. It felt rather weird seeing that it was from his own mother, but it did feel good despite this fact. Kushina was completely on cloud nine as she bobbed her head back and forth on Naruto's cock. She was feeling so alive in over a decade. She was so horny it wasn't even funny. And for her to finally have a cock in her mouth, sparked something primitive in her.

She began to pick up speed as she massaged her son's sack. That did it and Naruto exploded deep into her mouth. Kushina let out a long needed moan as she swallowed down his seed. It was so delicious to her as she drank it all up as she pulled his cock out her mouth with a pop as a final shot of Naruto's cum hit her face.

"Oh wow, sochi. That was so good." said Kushina as she scooped up the cum and licked her hands clean.

With foreplay over, Kushina decided now was the time for the main course. Slowly moving up, Kushina rubbed her body her body against his. Feeling him against her body was such a thrill as she moved to have her dripping pussy directly over his cock.

Without warning, Kushina slammed herself onto his cock. Stealing his virginity then and there. Kushina howled in pleasure as she felt her insides stretch from such a large tool inside her. Her fingers and sex toys never did anything like this. Due to the sheer size of her son, she came then an there.

Relaxing her muscles, she soon began to ride him. Her nails digging into his flesh as she felt the head of his cock push into her womb with every thrust. The looks she was getting from Naruto was like nothing she ever saw before. And it turned her on even more. Naruto held a face of a mix between pleasure and shock. Pleasure due to this being his first ever pussy to have. The shock was because the pussy belonged to his mother.

Watching as her wonderous breasts bounced up and down as she rode him, Naruto found them to be near the same size and Tsunade's, if not bigger.

"Oh yeah. That's it. Right there. Fuck me. Fuck your slutty Kaa-chan." moaned Kushina as she rode Naruto with more vigor.

Naruto could feel her walls clamping down on his cock. Desperately wanting to milk his cock for her prize. But Naruto was motionless as Kushina layed down on his body but continued to slam herself into his cock.

But soon enough, Kushina let out a long, much needed cry of pleasure as she had her first orgasm in such a long time. She soon felt Naruto fire his load into her soon after which only caused her to cum even more from the feeling.

Dropping ontop of him, she breathed in sharply as she felt the hot cum move into her womb. Such a thrill of doing such a taboo thing sent shivers down her spine. And it turned her on even more. Forbidden fruit never tasted so sweet. But she soon felt Naruto harden again within her. Smiling at this, she got off him and got onto her hands and knees.

Making a few hand signs, she controlled Naruto to be behind her. Looking back at him, she shook her ass as she made a rather slutty expression.

"Fuck me now." she ordered.

Naruto took the order in his controlled state and plunged his full length into her in one thrust. Kushina threw her head back as she felt him deeper than before. Naruto felt her more tighter than when she rode him, such tightness was never experienced before in his eyes.

But he never stood idle as he began to thrust in and out of her. Occasionally giving her ass cheeks a few slaps here and there. Kushina was right now in heaven. When Minato was still alive, he would have sex with her, but he was always so gentle and kind. Kushina liked her sex rough. And she was right now getting her wish as Naruto held no remorse as he fucked her from behind.

"Oh yeah. That's it. That feels so good. Fuck me. Fuck me hard." she moaned as she began to push back against Naruto's thrusts, bringing her closer to her climax.

Naruto felt like there was something involved here. An unseen force making him do this to her. His own mother. Sure he was controlled by her to do this, but this wasn't that. It was...his own pleasure. He was enjoying this sensation of fucking his mother? His mind was too blank for him to understand why, so he just kept thrusting with as much power as his hips could make.

A few more thrusts of power from Naruto, he soon felt his release coming up soon, and the way Kushina's walls were clamping onto him, he knew she was close as well.

"You wanna cum? Are you gonna cum? Well then do it. Cum inside my pussy. Cum inside me you fucking naughty boy." moaned Kushina as she turned her head to look at Naruto.

Giving a few more thrusts, Naruto came deep into Kushina's womb. Kushina threw her head back as she felt Naruto cum deep inside her. Her son's hot seed filling her up beyond measure. Such ecsatsy was what she craved. Now that she had found it. She would make sure she'd never lose it. She wanted to hold onto it.

After a full minute of firing the biggest load of his life into her womb, Naruto felt the seals on him turn off with him dropping onto the bed as he pulled himself out of her pussy.

A bit of cum poured out Kushina's pussy as she made a handsign to stop Naruto which caused him to drop down like that. She was completely filled to the brim. Smiling at how she found her new and only fuck toy, she got out the bed and took a shower.

"I will never let you go." she said as she rinsed her body of her son's cum that leaked out of her body.

Tomorrow, she'd be doing it again. But where? Then it hit her. There were so many places she could have sex in. The bathroom for starters. The toilet, shower and bath. The walk in closet. The kitchen. The dining room table. The couch in the living room. The garden. The possibilities were endless. But then she thought even more. If there were more women, then she'd get double to dose. It was perfect. She had to do it.

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So the first chapter has been done. And Naruto has been reunited with his mother. But not in the way he was hoping for. Having such powerful sex with her Naruto is now her sex slave. Thanks to the seals she placed on him.

With Kushina now having her new and only sex toy, she begins to think of other places to have sex with Naruto. Not only has this crossed her mind, but she is also thinking on having other women fuck her son. Such an idea thrills her beyond imagine.

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