The Brightest end to the Journey of Decade.

Author's Note: Hello there Everyone DSrider here and today I'm giving you the long awaited sequel to a old story that had a good idea but was pretty terribly written "The Darkest End to the Journey of Decade"

Disclaimer: I do not own Kamen Rider it Belongs to Toei company Ltd and Ishinomori Productions enjoy

It had been two years since the last battle with Narutaki and since Tsukasa ran away in shame but since then Kaito Daiki had been tracking the magenta coloured rider ever since, running from Universe to Universe encountering numerous Heroes and their stories.

A world with heroes very similar to super Sentai but less of them on earth, a world with two riders who were based on classic Nintendo consoles similar to one of the more recent riders, A world with riders similar to those who used the Advent Decks, A world where an internet comic book reviewer could transform and had a space ship. But no matter what world Daiki went to he always missed Tsukasa by minutes if not seconds.

Until he finally managed to find him, and as such he was tailing him through the streets, before Tsukasa turned a corner down into an alley Daiki followed but as soon as he turned into the alley he was attacked. Tsukasa threw a punch at Daiki which he dodged before kicking Tsukasa in the stomach. Tsukasa responded by spearing Daiki in the stomach pinning him to the wall. But Daiki broke free by kneeing Tsukasa in the stomach. Once he was free Daiki pulled out his driver and pointed the tip of it's barrel at Tsukasa who did the same with his Ride Booker in its gun mode."

"You are a difficult man to find Tsukasa." Daiki said never breaking eye contact with his once friend. His grip on the Diend Driver never wavering. "You think I wanted to be found, Kaito." Tsukasa said laughing mirthlessly.

"Natsumi- chan misses you." Daiki said "Now I can either drag you back to her world or you can go there your self. Your choice , Tsukasa." Tsukasa then turned his head away "I can't go back, I don't deserve to be with her."

"Bullshit!" Daiki Said. "Natsumi-San doesn't care about that. Tsukasa I understand, I understand why you ran after that last fight with Narutaki, but you did what you did in order to protect her. Her and your child." Daiki revealed. Upon hearing that he had abandoned his at the time unborn child Tsukasa dropped his weapon, clattering on the pavement when it landed. "She would have told me." Tsukasa said denying it but then he thought back to before the battle against Narutaki and his army, how Natsumi wanted to tell him something before he left but he had to rush determined to be the hero as ever.

"Tsukasa, go home, if not then you truly aren't worthy of your family." Daiki said before he turned and walked past Tsukasa and out of the alley way. "Maybe it's time." Tsukasa said as he picked up the ride booker. Tsukasa then turned around and started to walk out of the alley, a wall, shimmering and twisting appeared before Tsukasa as he walked through it disappearing just before the wall did, it was like that no one had been there.

Author's Note: short I know but with the university year starting it's going to be difficult getting Time to publish these things.