A young boy shivered in the cold, barely covered in the ragged clothes supplied to him by his Aunt and Uncle, he stumbled through the snow, feeling frostbite trying to take his bare feet right out from under him. His throat already to numb and dry to cry out for help no matter how much he tried it always came out as a dry and painful whisper. As he let himself fall, ready to pass out and die, he saw black boots and dark green pants in front of him as well as hearing a faint voice asking about his well being.

.:':. ***Hetalia!*** .:':.

Emerald green eyes slowly opened and slowly focused on the bright lighted room. The young boy tried to stand up but ended up falling out of the bed he had woken up in, he quickly yet carefully got back into the bed very much aware of the injuries covering himself. Even at only eight he knew exactly what had happened, to the second of when it happened. While he was making an attempt at orienting himself the door creaked open and the young boy's eyes met another pair of bright green eyes that belonged to a man with blonde hair and huge eyebrows.

The man noticed that he was awake, he hurriedly put down a tray of delicious smelling food and rushed over to begin a bunch of health checks. He re-wrapped the boy's frostbitten feet with minimal protest, his brow creased with worry. "What is your name?" He asked gently even though he was already having suspicions, "And why were you out in that storm?"

The young boy looked at him warily, the man seemed to have noticed this and the young boy speaks in a quiet and raspy voice "My name, sir? I don't know it. My Aunt and Uncle call me freak while my Cousin calls me punching bag. My parents are dead, they died in a car crash." He answered innocently, deciding that the man would have hurt him already if that was his intention. "I was kicked out of the house by my Uncle and decided to run away before he could come after me, but then I got lost and passed out. Now, who are you?"

Looking slightly shocked, the man replied "My name is Arthur Kirkland. Do you believe in magic, young one?"