Steve sat in the corner of the sterile room. Two beds were laid out before him containing an injured teenager and billionaire. Tony had to be sedated for a surgery on a collapsed lung. When his suit was crushed, it impaled his defenseless body. Peter's major injury list was much longer including a shattered wrist and several infected wounds. Neither superhero had woken up yet, but Steve was content to listen to the gentle beeping of synchronized heart monitors.

He stood and walked from the room. The two were meant to support each other. Eventually, Captain America knew, the two would be family by everything but blood.

Doctor Stephen Strange had also been through a somewhat-successful surgery, even if he coded twice on the operating table. He was sure the doctors that preformed the miracle were now passed out on a chair somewhere from stress. Steve had to agree with Wong's suspicion of a death wish.

Sorcerers and superheroes alike would have to bond and fight as one if they wanted to keep the Earth safe. Just as the Mastermind had said, the captain reflected, evil was drawn to the Earth like a moth to a flame.

Steve walked down the bloody, broken street outside, letting the hospital door swing shut softly behind him.

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