Spider-Man dragged himself out from underneath a pile of debris that the weirdo he had teasingly named 'Dog Breath' had buried him under. He webbed the fur on the back of the creature and ripped it off, effectively waxing part of its back. It roared in pain.

Definitely not human. At least in this state.

"So, Dog Breath, how did this," the superhero motioned to the brown and grey hair on the creature, "happen? Please tell it wasn't a failed science experiment. That's how everything happens these days." The wolf turned and narrowed its eyes at the red and blue spider who took it as an answer. "Oh, so unoriginal! I'm disappointed!"

He dodged a few uncomfortable-looking claws.

"Okay! I get it! You don't want to play!" Spider-Man exclaimed. The creature roared again, sending drops of spit all over the superhero. "Someone needs to brush..." The comment was muttered and lost in the screeching of fleeing cars.

After several failed attempts to get in close enough to "fist-fight" with the creature, the spider resorted to his web-shooters.

Spider-Man sent a few webs towards the wolf, hitting the fur and connecting the ends to surrounding buildings. The creature struggled and yelped as he tugged at his fur. Peter raised an eyebrow underneath his mask. A giant paw ripped through the webs instead leaving white spots the decorate the fur.

Said paw came swinging toward the side of his head before he even realized the beast could completely move.

White pain joined the symphony. "Ahw!" The gasp echoed through his ringing head. Spider-Man couldn't gain his senses fast enough after he fell to the concrete. Where's Dog Breath?

With a moan, he picked his head up off the ground, shaking it and focusing it. The creature wasn't even aware of the superhero laying on the street.

A glowing suit of armor was defensively flying between the wolf and the teenage superhero.

Spider-Man joined the avenger in the fight, battling his own pain. With a crisp thwip! Spider-Man shot himself towards the wolf, feet first. It sidestepped a repulser blast but failed to dodge the second onslaught. It whimpered as Spider-Man bruised or potentially cracked one of its ribs. Iron Man singed its fur before it could recover.

Before long, Spider-Man and Iron Man had the creature webbed and secured. "SHEILD will take care of it later," the avenger commented.

"Good to know, Tin Can. I don't want to have to wait with this...this whatever," Spider-Man waved at the creature, and he thought he could hear someone laughing from the faceplate on the suit.

"Tin Can? Seriously. I'm offended. Kids these days. No respect for their elders."

Peter flushed behind his mask. "Why do you think I'm a kid?"

"Your voice sounds like you haven't even hit puberty yet." Iron Man said smugly.

"Well at least I don't act like a kid completely," Spider-Man coughed, but rushed a quick "Thanks" in before the billionaire continued to argue more. Iron Man gave a playful salute before turning back towards Avengers Tower.

Peter beamed under his mask. He always geeked out when he fought with an avenger.

He returned to his backpack before changing and heading home at two in the morning.

Several books and a dusty room filtered in light that outlined a man with closed eyes and a calm face. His breath hitched, and his eyes flicked open.

"Wong!" He called. Another man joined him in the room. A foot extended towards the ground from its crisscrossed position in the dusty air. He joined Wong near the door.

"I believe that there is a threat in another dimension that may involve ours in the future. I might send my astral form there to check it out."

Wong blinked.

Then sighed.

"Which dimension this time?" Wong asked, a dosage of boredom coloring his tone.

"The Ularian Dimension. They contacted me for help."

"I'm assuming you will be personally visiting them in a few days after you check it out?" Wong muttered dryly.


"And what are they contacting about?"

"A new branch of magic. Dark magic," the man finished uneasily.

"Good luck."

The man's cloak rippled. "I shall be back in a day or two. Goodbye until then."

Wong watched as Doctor Strange's eyes rolled back into his head and his body tipped backwards. He wrapped his arms around the other man before he could fall and pulled him to his bedroom. Once the man was situated on the bed with a little help from the relic, Wong left the room and returned to the sanctum's library. A few minutes later, the sorcerer was buried in a book, ignoring a small warning in his head.

"What is a white hole?" Mr. Lowery announced as he wrote the words on the board in the front of the classroom.

Peter imagined yawning in his head, but he raised his hand instead. The teacher looked for anyone else, but as his hand was the only on up, he was chosen after his teacher grumbled about nobody paying attention in class. Peter almost laughed.

"Scientists believe that white holes are the exact opposite of black holes. They spit out matter, while black holes suck in matter. Some even theorize that a black hole becomes a white hole when it dies. Others believe that it could just be the other end of the "worm hole", but that's more about black holes. They are not proven yet, though, but I understand where they got the idea. The Law of Conservation of Matter says that matter cannot be created nor destroyed, so I guess it has to go somewhere."

Peter rattled off before slouching back further into his seat. He caught Mary Jane's proud glance.

Mr. Lowery began to write the facts underneath the underlined word. "Does anyone else have anything to add?" He asked. A couple of other kids joined in the discussion, adding giant gamma ray readings, sudden matter in certain solar systems, among other details and proof. They wrapped up the topic with a worksheet. Peter scribbled as many answered down as he could before the bell rang, ignoring his currently terrible handwriting and jumbled words. He was planning on heading out as Spidey tonight, and the teenager was beginning to run out of excuses.

At lunch, he sat with MJ, discussing Iron Man and the weird wolf-like creature he encountered a few days ago. Peter told her about the man he followed through the streets. He could escape her to go to his next class until he promised to let her see his wounds after school. They were just bruises and scabs by now though.

After his seventh period, he texted his Aunt and told her that he would be going to MJ's house after school and that he should be home by ten. He got a quick response asking him if her parents were there, too, and he texted a yes.

Once Mary Jane had checked on his wounds, they began to review the classes' material before he left through the front door with a goodbye to the Watsons.

Soon he was swinging through the streets of New York sighing and trying to let off stress.

A week from that day, Peter eagerly stood with MJ in front of Avengers Tower. The sun was setting, and the street was buzzing with people. Tonight the Stark Expo was being held on the lower levels of the tower. MJ had managed to snag two tickets (to Peter's amazement), and he couldn't wait to see what Stark came out with.

Several people were pushing towards the doors; they had just opened. The couple just shuffled with the crowd, trying not to get trampled. After a couple claustrophobic moments later, the teenagers were successfully inside a spacious auditorium.

Peter enjoyed every second. He understood every concept. He may not have enough time to get his homework done, but he easily understood any material he came across.

Cheers and applause greeted the great Tony Stark once he was finished with his grand performance of tech and arrogance.

And screams.

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