Hey you guys, I decided to make another story, this time it will be about the necktie killer. We get to learn his darkest secrets, regrets, fantasies and hope. Also, will he ever find love again, after Abby left him for a rich man? Now let's get on the story people, please review but don't judge me on my timing and other stuff.

Survival: Will love last?

By: shimmer star 5

He couldn't breath... Why would he do this, to his best friend and man for his called off wedding?! She will never love him now, especially this guy... the father of her baby. He is just a perfect rich man after his happiness, this man wants to ruin his life. Now the necktie killer killed his best friend. He is in trouble now. The man who ruined everything, was his everything before he loved the woman of his dreams. Ever since they broke up, that guy went after the necktie killer and wanted to ruin every chance his former lover gotten. But worse of all, steal the woman of his life and impregnated her. Here is a story of their late love, the origin of the necktie killer.

April 15th, 2003

Ben walked down the streets of Salem, with leaves and pink flower petals falling down over his glistening face. His smile was as bright as the sun. For he just finished a date with his beloved, Chad Dimera (sorry if I spelled or got the name wrong). They have been together for a month now. He is really in love with him so much. When he got to his apartment door, there stand a young handsome man, holding flowers."Chad!" Ben ran up the stairs and into Chad's arms. "Miss me? (Chuckles)" he asked. Ben could only kiss him in the sun light. The two started to make out and went inside the home without breaking the kiss and being able to lock the door. They went upstairs to Ben's bedroom and made love all night. It was their first time.

In the morning, Ben woke up and looked into the loving eyes of his beloved."Hey." said Ben."Hey yourself hotshot, how was your beauty sleep?" asked Chad. Ben chuckles softly as he was getting out of bed. He smiled at Chad,"It's good, what about you?" Chad soon began to chuckle also and kissed him, despite their, um, morning breath. Ben laughs along and returned the kiss. When they finally pulled apart, minutes later, they look into each other's eyes." last night was wonderful... I love you." Ben said. Chad couldn't help but kiss Ben again, he smiled and said,"I love you too Ben." He lifts Ben up into his arms like a bride and carries him to the bathroom. The two finally got ready to go to work.

The two would go on to date for a couple more months until, something bad happens and everything went downhill from there.

September 3rd, 2004

Chad and Ben got into another fight again. This time, Ben accuses Chad of cheating on him with not men, but women. He and Chad are barley affectionate anymore, Only coldness is aside. It unfortunately, only escalates higher into the last straw. Ben made Chad feel like nothing and one reason because of that, Chad cheats on Ben by raping and impregnating a 14 year old girl. Sadly, the baby soon died and the girl died two months after. Ben was furious at the news. He went up to Chad and got into his face,"YOU LYING SON OF A BITCH! YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENED DIDN'T YOU? YOU KNOW WHAT? IM DONE WITH YOU!" Ben ran away from Chad as fast as he can, packed up his things and left Salem. Chad tried to beg Ben to take him back and forgive him but Ben will have none of it.

Ben got on a plane to San Diego, hours later. His heart is heavy with grief. Why would Chad do this? He will never have Chad back again, even though he still loves him."Chad...Chad...why? I really... Loved you." Tears harshly went down his cheeks. He will never feel his kisses, his caressing hands on his body, especially his love. Ben will never find love again, or so he thought. Ben touched his lips, remembering his last kiss with Chad before all of this hell happened.

Ben hugged Chad tightly, fearing that he would lose Chad forever. He was crying for a long time."Babe, what's wrong? Tell me baby, please." Ben looked into his boyfriend's eyes," I don't want to lose you." He crushed his lips harshly to Chad's. As Chad's eyes went wide, Ben plunged his tongue inside his and twirled it with his lover's. Lips going open and close, open and close, open and close. Ben couldn't stop kissing Chad hard, so hard that Chad's lips are bruising with harsh kisses. Chad finally caught on and rammed his hands all over Ben's body, the two went to the couch and made love, long and slow. It lasted for two hours. The two looked in each other's eyes, proclaiming their love for each other. This moment was 3 months ago.

Chad couldn't believe his eyes, Ben is really... gone. He knew that he shouldn't made that mistake. But he's also angry that Benjamin wouldn't give him a chance to speak and just slammed the door in his face. For Chad, it's like, who does that? But oh well, he's gone. Ben is never gonna come back now.

July 4,2014

Ben is taking a plane back to Salem, to meet a girl named Abigail. She seems pretty enough to date. They have been talking with each other for a while now. "Last stop, Salem NH( I think, sorry if I'm wrong), Last stop Salem!" Ben took his bags and got off the plane. He saw the bright sun shining down at the plane, wow... Salem definitely changed. In a really beautiful way, just like Abigail.