Hey! I think I told you guys in one of my stories that I'm gonna update one of my stories, and I guess that this story is this one. I'm not sure if this will be short or long but if it is short, then I apologize. But what happened so far is Chad and Will (the imposter) had a chat and Will calling Ben saying that Chad still loves him, leaving Ben speechless. Johnny is now Will since that he is a doppelgänger of Will Horton and he kidnapped him. In this chapter, we will first start off with the real Will trapped on a weird deserted island. Then we will go back from where we left off. How does Ben feel about this? Will the two former lovers even reconnect at all? Where is Will and how is he? All these questions might be answered in his chapter. Now enjoy chapter five of "survival: will love last?" And have a wonderful thanksgiving. See ya.

Survival: Will Love Last?

By: shimmer star5:

"Let me go you bastard!" Yelled a broken looking young man. That is the real Will Horton. We are now setting the scene at a canoe. Palm tress swaying outside with the bright sun. But the canoe had a wood house on top and inside was a disaster. Will is found inside beat up and chained up. He growled at his kidnappers and refused to look at him when he's suppose to. The mysterious man from chapter 3 smirked at Will, just another petty guy threatening him. Oooh, trying to make him scared. Ha, stupid. "Your really funny man. You can't really make me scared or do anything to me." He turns around and walks out of the canoe house.

He takes out his phone and dials Johnny. At the kirkasas-Horton household, Johnny's phone buzzes and made Johnny waking up annoyed,"who is this petty person calling me at 12 in the morning!" He thought to himself. Johnny looked at his phone and saw that his boyfriend is calling him."What do you want! You made a risky mistake you b*tch." His boyfriend whimpered at the other end of the line,"It's just that...I miss you so much. Even though I let you do this, I just hope that your not actually cheating on..." His boyfriend inturupts him," Shut up!" He hangs up. His boyfriend, the mysterious man, just stood there in shock. The guy's name is Danté Michael Johnson. Yes, he is black.. but the "light skinned" version.

Will saw and heard everything, he felt bad for Danté so much. But Danté couldn't care less about his feelings, he started crying softly and quietly. Why does Johnny treat him this way? Thirty minutes passed until he felt a hand on his hip. His eyes went wide and he slowly turned around, finding Johnny in front of him!"But..how?" Johnny smirked and explained how he told Sonny that he is gonna have a two day vacation, in which he suspiciously agreed. Sonny didn't know the details or the real reason why. "But the only thing that matters is that we have time to work on what we get to do with our little friend here," he nods in Will's direction,"Did you found anything in him?" Danté started to sweat in fear.

He looks around the room and quickly at Johnny, only to find his boyfriend getting angry real quick."Babe.. I'm sorry.." Smack! Wham! Danté receives a hard slap and punch in the face, shocking him for a second then started to whimper again."You damn little f*cking little b*tch! Your a wh*re, no one loves you. That's why you are with me. I'm the only one who can support you and use you for my domain. I hate you." Johnny stares down a very frightened Danté and calmed down a bit. He walks over to his scared lover and eloped him in his arms, giving him love and comfort."I'm sorry baby, I'm so so sorry. I don't hate you at all. I love you." He took Danté's chin and kissed his lips. The scene changes with the two making out.

Now we are going back to the bedroom, finding Ben in shock when he found out Chad knows he is back and that he still loves him. "Ah, what the heck! He doesn't mean anything to me." Thought Ben. He tries his best to ignore the note but couldn't, Ben lays back down on the bed and tries to go back to sleep by closing his eyes. He gets a message from his phone, it says: hey.. want to hang out sometime?

It was from Chad. He growled and placed the volume to silent and made sure his phone wouldn't say or do anything to alert him of any message or calls. Ben also shut off his phone entirely before finally trying to go back to sleep, in which he suceeded on doing. Two hours later, his girlfriend of two weeks Ashley, walked inside the bedroom and sat in the bed. But the thing is, she is really sad. "I love him but, I have to hurt him. The Diméra's caused this war, the Horton's will end it, with it's 'death' once and for all." She thought to herself. Ashley turned towards Ben and a tears ran down her cheek.

Her phone buzzed and saw that it was someone she knew,"Hello. Did you find any info from him yet?" The person on the other side says,"No Ashley, not yet. But we do have a plan to destroy something and someone so precious to him, so that he will be forced to tell us what he know. It's gonna be a shock, it's gonna be on the family 'headlines'," Ashley's eyes went wide but then smirked suspiciously when the person told her these surprising words.

"It's gonna be an affair."

Yes! I'm finally done with this chapter. I hope you all like it. If you read my other chapters really carefully, but still having fun. I bet you guys might make a connection about who are the deceives and what motive is in mind. What's gonna happen with Will? Will Ben make a decision to finally meet his old love? Lastly, what does the person on the phone mean "It's gonna be an affair" and what will happened? All might or might not be answered in the next chapter. See you next time on,"Survival: Will Love Last?" And I really hope that you guys will review, like, follow and favorite my story and other stories I made. See y'all later.