One month later...

I open my eyes in a snap, sitting up and looking at my sweat soaked clothes.

I sigh in frustration, not again.

Nightmares are a common occurrence, but now I have people to help me deal with them.

I spring out of my bed and land onto the floor.

Moving to the window I can't help but smile a bright smile at the view and the memories.

Ever since the Harry situation, Aunt May and I have been living with the Avengers.

They're great people and I'm glad that I finally have people I can relate with.

I walk through the door and towards the elevator, heading to the common room.

Once arriving there I notice I'm the last to come, except for Aunt May who is going shopping with colleagues.

"Peter, the machine of beans is broken," Thor announces standing by the coffee machine.

"Why me?" I ask playfully.

"Well I'm busy making popcorn, Bruce is writing another thesis, and everyone else is too lazy to help," Steve adds on the other side of the counter, using the microwave to pop the corn.

"What we watching?" I ask as I help Thor make coffee, "and since when do you drink coffee Thor?"

"I decided to try the famous drink."

"We're watching Lord Of The Rings!" Tony announces from the couch.

"Nooooo! We have to watch The Hobbit first!" Clint cries out.

"Okay, who votes for Lord Of The Rings?" Bruce asks, giving up on his writing.

Tony is the only one to raise his hand.

"Ha!" Clint laughs out, "we're watching The Hobbit!"

"But I control Jarvis!" Tony says grinning evilly.

A small smiles tugs at the corners of my mouth.

"Jarvis put on Lord Of The Rings," Tony directs.

"Of course sir," Tony's artificial intelligence replies.

"Jarvis don't listen to Tony, put on The Hobbit," I smirk.

Everyone looks at me in confusion, except for Steve who has some recognition.

"Okay, Peter," Jarvis replies and The Hobbit starts playing.

Tony looks at the ceiling in betrayal.

"What?!" he then switches his direction to me, "what did you do?!"

It was at that moment I burst out laughing, and Clint was close behind.

After a few seconds I caught my breath, "I may have hacked Jarvis."

Clint continues to laugh, and even Steve and Bruce snicker slightly at the look on Tony's face.

Natasha just claps at my achievement to make Tony utterly shocked, and Thor shouts out something about how 'the man in the wall' likes me more.

"When?!" Tony seriously seems to be in a state of shock.

"When I first got to the tower, but I hack it often to see how it works," I shrug.

Tony just gapes at me.

Everyone moves onto the couch as Steve goes and brings out the popcorn.

Tony continues to have his mouth wide open, that is, until Clint makes it his personal mission to throw popcorn into said mouth, and as we know, Clint never misses.

It's at that moment when Tony finally snaps out of it.

"Jarvis, put on Lord Of The Rings!" Tony whines, but he knows it's no use.

"I'm afraid Peter's orders come before yours," Jarvis says.

"But I created you!" he exclaims.

He continues to complain throughout the movie, until about halfway through he comes to his senses and enjoys it as well.

Once the movie finished Tony looks at me, "I congratulate you on hacking my creation, but just you wait, I'll gain control again!"

It's a day later when Tony fixes Jarvis, but then a week later when I hack it again.

Soon a full blown war commences, and no one has control for long.

Clint makes sure to always bring out the popcorn, and Steve leaves as soon as Tony and I start talking about how we hacked or fixed Jarvis.

It's interesting to say the least.

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