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Days went by after unlocking his Aura, yet Jaune was more focused on his Force Abilities than his Aura ones. He learned the foreign energy's name through asking one of his sisters, on the pretext of 'I've heard it from mom' which she bought thankfully.

He wanted to learn more about Aura, but unfortunately, his circumstances had proven it too difficult. The problem was that procuring books or inquiring about Aura will arouse too much suspicion. Jaune was already standing on a thin tightrope ever since he cluelessly demonstrated his swordsmanship to his mother with no regard for the consequences. He does not wish to risk their trust because he did not want to gamble his skill in deception which he lacked.

He had some experience lying to Rahm Kota and the Senators that he was a Jedi, yet he discovered Rahm Kota already knew his identity the moment he met the blinded man in that bar.

In short, he was much more comfortable with his blade than his tongue.

While his family had no connection with the Force, they had another advantage over him.

They know him, and he is their family. They know him as 'Jaune', the little innocent boy they grew to know and love. Now, he was no longer that boy. He cannot further damage their vision of him anymore, as the brittle glass was already cracked the moment he grew distant.

Jaune stood in the clearing again, practicing and improving swordsmanship. Ever since he fought Vader and Palpatine, Jaune felt that his hybridized style had much room to improve. In his free time, he can focus on improving his swordsmanship according to his new Aura environment.

In this world called Remnant, Jaune did not expect to encounter a lightsaber anytime soon. He knew for a fact that the chance of encountering a Kyber Crystal was the same as finding a Death Star on foot. This fact drove him to look for alternatives from crafting a blade himself to his standards or an alternative for his lightsaber. Perhaps the ubiquitous 'dust' he keeps hearing would do, but that would have to wait.

He had some ideas on his current weapon on the other hand using his experience in crafting a lightsaber as a reference. He just hoped it would work well on non-force-connected materials, though.

Speaking of non-laser sword weapons, he must adapt his style to be compatible with the more common blades and integrate other Lightsaber Forms in his current hybridized style. His body was small, so he was practicing two lightsaber forms he never deeply learned before. However, he did learn how to fight against the other forms from his training holodroid, PROXY.

He fought against practically every form there was… minus Form Six now that he thought about it, but he believe he could recreate that form from what learned and his accumulated experience.

There were three forms he should work on.

One, Form Four, Ataru, The Way of the Hawk Bat. It was a fast-paced aggressive form characterized by force augmented acrobatics, thus helping Jaune increase his agility and mobility. This form will aid him in combat utilizing his smaller frame to his advantage along with his body's newfound energy source aiding him by acting as a constant force field shrouding his body.

Next was Form Two, Makashi, The Way of the Ysalamiri, or The Contention Form, one of the more classical forms of lightsaber combat. Makashi was the form heavily based on dueling, lightsaber to lightsaber, but not meant to deflect blaster fire as well as the more modern forms. Shaak Ti was also a user of Form Two, thus giving him a foundation to work with. Jaune wanted to integrate the grace and fluidity of Makashi to better improve his blade sequences, making them cleaner and reducing unneeded waste of energy in his attacks. He remembered the tales of the Sith Lord Count Dooku, how he battled the Chosen One and defeated him numerous times via wit, tactics, and strategy until the climax of the Clone Wars. He even fought PROXY as Count Dooku to experience it first hand, despite it not being the man himself.

Third was Form One, Shii-Cho, the Way of the Sarlacc. It was the most ancient form of lightsaber style, made during the time before lightsabers were invented. He did not know much about the history of the form, but he at least knew the basics.

For Ataru, Jaune moved as swift as the wind, acrobatically jumping from red leaf to leaf around him. He slashed the falling red leaves as ideal practice targets to test his skills to the limit. For Makashi, Jaune continuously swung at a large red tree from all side, treating it as a practice dummy, while practicing his fluidity and minimizing the use of energy within each and every move. Shii-Cho was integrated in each of his swings as he imagined wielding a thin blade or something like a Felucian Skullblade, striking the post with clean angular strikes, groping for the feel of a two-dimensional weapon.

Out of all the lightsaber forms, Jaune had never fought an actual master of Form One in his life, some elements of it, but never one that specialized in it, so it was hard for him to properly form a foundation to work with. He might have to abandon it entirely and just improvise using the other lightsaber forms from two to seven.

His mind was so immersed in his training and thoughts, he failed to notice his eldest sister, Saphron, approaching his training area while calling for his name. Her face was almost identical to Jaune's, but her cheeks were more round and dimpled. Her hair yellow, but leaning more on golden, while the color of her eyes shared Jaune's blue.

"Jauuunnne! Wheeere arrree yooouuu?!" Her singing voice echoed through the forest for his name. After her voice reached his ears at a certain volume, he snapped out of his trance and ceased all activities, dropping his stick as he ran to his big sister. She was aware of his trips (via accidental discovery), though Jaune had to make peace with her not to ask any questions about his privacy, and she did not let him go without a debt to repay.

"Heeey!" Jaune called out for her attention. Saphron turned her head to his voice, her lips curving up into a warm sisterly smile.

"Jaune! I need to ask you a favor." She happily trotted through the sea of leaves and hugged her baby brother. Jaune played along and hugged her back in return. He still haven't adapted to the warmth of familial love, yet.


"What kind of favor, big sis?" Jaune asked.

"Oh, Jaune…" She paused as her blue eyes gazed into his azure pupils.

"It's that time, again," Her sickly sweet voice eerily chimed in an inquiry.


Saphron smiled as she then grabbed Jaune by the hand and dragged her brother towards their house. After entering their home from the red forest, she spoke a gain.

"You know, for being the only boy in the family, you have one of the most delicate faces of us all and such silky smooth hair." Her hand running through her brother's hair… as if she sealed his fate. As they started to enter her room, any thought of escape vanished.

Not even Vader's grasp left him feeling this helpless.

Once inside her room, he saw the book his sister would always read, Dark Butler. However, what unsettled him wasn't the book itself but the cover. The book showed the titular male character, however, he was garbed in a bright pink dress. His eyes widened as he saw a seemingly homemade replica of this dress next to the book, one that seemed too small for her. It looked as if it was…just his size.

'Oh by the Force, no…' Jaune internally wailed.

All the pain and misery of the Dark Side paled in comparison of Saphron's sadistic hobby. Forcing pain onto another is one thing, but stripping the values of an individual, primarily one's male dignity?

He preferred facing Vader and the Emperor again than this.

Saphron's smile widened as her hands slowly reached for his shirt.

"Please don't run. You agreed to this the moment you asked for our silence." She smiled even more as a nearly perverse glee was etched into her features.

Giving up, now trapped like a mouse in a cage, he closed his eyes as he tried to convince himself this was one of Vader's torturous lessons. As resistance perished within him, she continued.

"You're going to love this."

"No, I won't-"

"Glad you agree. I know I will. You're going to be so pretty, it's almost like having another sister." Saphron answered for him as she grabbed his shirt, commencing the torment.

For the first time in his life, Jaune…no, Galen cried in abject misery in his two lives.

He felt his sister's hands removing his shirt and replacing it with something else of her own design. Unable to bear seeing himself being dressed, Jaune closed his eyes, not wanting to blind himself in spiritual pain, but he cannot resist taking small peeks at himself in the mirror before him.

Every time he caught a glance of himself, he saw his identity's transformation process from the mirror. He can feel some powdery substance slathering all over his face, and his hair being tinkered against his will.


Once Saphron finished, Jaune opened his eyes, bracing himself for the worse. He saw what could very well pass for his sister in the mirror…and it scared him.

He didn't know if he should be terrified that his visage was now so delicately feminine or amazed that his sister was able to change his looks so quickly. As he was mesmerized by the stranger looking back at him, mirroring his every move, he heard a giggle followed by a few quick snaps. The sound fueling his fear, he quickly turned his head to see his sister holding a scroll in hand, followed by even more snaps from the device.

"Wait… Pictures? Are you really taking photos of me in a dress!?" Jaune asked with incredulity and panic.

To which his sister responded with, "We have to commemorate our first sibling bonding moment; you wouldn't want our sisters to miss out on seeing you like this."

His right eye twitching, Jaune's voice clearly expressed his panic.

"First… what do you mean by first? This isn't going to be a regular thing, right? Right?" Jaune asked, his eyes dilated. His sister responded with silence, but her lips twisted into a blood-curdling, perverse smile as if to confirm his greatest fears.

Saphron's smile was like that of the Emperor's at his most cunning, vicious moments.

"Not unless you want mom to find out about your secret fashion 'preference'…. oh and what's this evidence I have in this scroll? I do believe you'd look so much better with longer hair too." Her all too innocent voice rang in a musical fashion.

'...Is she a Sith Lord?' Jaune can't help but compare her to the Emperor in terms of how powerless she made him feel.

He cannot help but wonder if this was punishment for his sins, for all the murders he committed under Vader's will before he betrayed him. If this was his penance, then he prayed the Force will punish him no more than this. The worst case scenario was his friends and enemies from before seeing him like this. He can imagine their laughter haunting him forever to his very grave. What would his mother think of him? Worst of all, what would Juno think if he ever saw him like this?

"You're pure evil." Jaune groaned with shame. Smiling with satisfaction, his sister only patted his head in response.

"Silly Jaune. Sisterly love isn't evil~" She continued patting his head, before hugging his small body and resting her chin on his blond hair. Caught off guard and confused by her actions, he felt her warmth coursing through his head until she spoke her thoughts.

"Jaune, please don't let your secrets push your family away. Our mother and sisters miss you, Jaune." Saphron gently admonished her little brother, surprising him with her sudden change of subject.

Jaune remained silent, baffled that she was aware of his private activities to this extent. Words could not express the unease in his heart as his mind raced with the imagination of him revealing his dark past, and them rejecting him because of it.

"Hahaha, look at your big sister trying to lecture her little brother…I don't know what you are doing alone in your spare time, but please Jaune. Don't shun away those who care for you…and please, remember. Don't forget the importance of family no matter what." Saphron let out all of her concerns.

Her unexpected embrace and words touched a part of his heart he never thought was there…his desire for a family. He does not know much about his family besides that they love to dote on him, leading him to treat them on the same level as friends, but she…proved him wrong.

From her actions, she taught him what it was like to have a family, a family he never had in his previous life. With the warm feeling blossoming in his chest, he steadily held his hands on her arms wrapped around his neck and tightened his grips softly. He severely underestimated her perception and character, and her role as a big sister.

"...I won't." Jaune promised.

"Thank you… but that does not mean you will escape our bonding time, teehee." She giggled, sorely reminding Jaune of his predicament.

"Ah…" He then let go of her arms in shock.

"Now, be a good little brother and grow your hair out for me. Or maybe a wig will do? So many possibilities… maybe I should get the others to help me." She pondered aloud.

The crossdressed boy turned his head up in terror.

"No no no no! You alone are enough! Don't drag our sisters into your wicked hobby!" The trapped boy shouted in desperation. He refused to let more of his sisters get a lord over him via blackmail.

"Awwww, but they would so elated…" Saphron complained, her tone laced with a false sadness.

"If they heard you, their hearts would break…" She added.

"No, they won't! Nuh uh, there is no way they will-" He tried to vehemently deny the possibility that they share Saphron's interests, but he was cut off by a cute voice of imploration.

"Pleasssseeeee?" She unwrapped her arms from his neck and stared into his eyes. Staring back, Jaune sees his sister's… blue eyes… as large as dinner plates.

She was giving him the puppy dog eyes.

Something he had never encountered as Galen Marek. It confused him at first but after a few seconds, it finally hit him. He felt a power much stronger than any type of Force Persuasion he had ever faced. Jaune's iron will slowly but effectively eroded upon gazing deeply into her eyes.

Jaune's eyes quivered with resistance.

He knew how to fight against evil, he knew how to deal with the unimaginable pain and torment, was thrown into the fray of battle and murder at the cusp of adulthood… but out of all things that came his way, cuteness was the one thing that he could not handle.

Her golden eyes were wide, puffy, and trembling with a hypnotic softness never before seen.

Jaune strained his mind in a desperate struggle resisting against this ridiculous power.

"Pleeeeeeeaaaaasssse? For your cute sisters…" Saphron pleaded with a cuter, imploring tone. Her final move broke Jaune's last lines of defense, making him slump his shoulders in defeat and drain his eyes of life. In his defeat, Jaune now learned the power of cuteness the hard way, his newest and greatest weakness. Hence, in his last attempt of resistance, he can only say…

"Evil! You really are pure evil!"

Which only made her smile with satisfaction.

"Tee hee!"

Jaune groaned and whined as she dragged him by the arm away out of the frying pan and into the fire. Thirty minutes later, the unfortunate boy entered a room followed by a small mob of doting sisters (four of them) behind him cooing over his current feminized form, dress and all.

"Did you arrive in Vacuo, Qrow?" Joana spoke to her scroll by her ear while walking out with three of her daughters shopping for groceries. She received his phone number from Glynda the next day so she could keep in contact with the man.

"Ahhhhhah… Almost. Just give me six more hours …" The Branwen's yawning voice resounded from the other end. He was traveling by boat instead of by plane, as doing so will raise suspicions from Ozpin and Ironwood should he head there that fast.

His lethargic voice irked Joana. She can tell he was more willing to go to bed than carry out his responsibilities.

"Qrow, don't you dare go to sleep on me." The mother warned severely with a dark tone. The man just groaned and clicked his tongue.

"Ugggh, what's the rush? I tried to come here as fast as I could, and I am tired like hell." Qrow complained in return.

"The reason is that one: Jaune is in severe need of guidance. And two: I need someone to keep an eye on him whenever I'm away. And three-" She cut herself off when she caught the eyes of a passerby staring at her. She failed to notice her rising volume during her conversation. Noticing the awkward stares, she smiled with equal awkwardness in response in the market.

"And?" Qrow, however, did not notice.

"...And three: I want to know what is happening to my son. He… changed. He used to be so…innocent, and energetic. But now, he is more self-aware, and… the way he speaks does not fit his age." She stated.

"...Explain." Her words intrigued the remainder of his attention span.

"...He knows words that most children his age should not know, and his manner of speech is much more mature. I don't know what happened to him, but as a mother, it is my responsibility to take care of his well-being." She enlightened as she spoke her heart out.

A silent pause ensued as the drunkard pondered the information.

"I see. You are afraid that he might've been traumatized or something, eh? And it somehow led to him unlocking his own Aura as Glynda said. Kay, I got it." He surmised.

"Though I am not kidding about the six hours. It will take quite some time to get here." He added through the phone. Joana was about to demand him to hurry up but then one of her daughters interrupted her.

"Mom, can we go buy some Pumpkin Petes and chocolate? We want sweets." She asked. Joana covered the speaker of the scroll as she replied.

"Alright, but only one for each of you. Now Indicus, Casia, Denima, go buy the vegetables and put them into the cart. I will go pick up the fish and pork." She requested. They nodded and dispersed with youthful energy across the market. She then heard a stifled laugh from the scroll.

"Pfff, are you calling me while you're shopping? Really?" Qrow was amused by their short conversation. Joana does not share his amusement, evident by her deathly silent treatment.

"Alright, alright. Anyways, see you in at least six hours. I'm gonna go take a nap now." He dismissed as he ended the call before she could have a say. The mother grimaced at the man's irksome personality. She does not know if she can trust him to take care of Jaune, but she will find out soon enough.

On Qrow's end, however, he turned off his scroll and returned it to his pocket, while walking out of the boat and onto the port harbor. His steps casually tapped the wooden planks as he strolled towards the road to Vacuo. The gentle ocean breeze blew through his hair and clothes.

'Heh. Sorry Joana, but I can't resist.'

He arrived at his destination earlier than expected, the crafty crow deciding to spy on Joana's estranged son first. He found it very amusing to tease the woman, most likely because she was friends with Glynda. Doing so felt like teasing Glynda in a way, even if indirectly.

He whistled on his pleasant thoughts as he wondered what the boy will be like.

'A boy with profound never before seen talent, eh, Glynda? Reminds me of a similar person…' Qrow thought, comparing the kid to a certain old man running Beacon.

'But there's no way it can be that.'

After hours and hours of indignities and tribulation, the sisters finally freed Jaune from further torment. His four sisters' doting was too overbearing, too heavy for his self-esteem to uphold. They braided his yellow hair, put makeup on his face, and dressed him the Force knows how many times. Their reactions varied from squealing in joy to having minor nosebleeds, to some of them even forcing Jaune to 'act cute'.

Galen never, ever acted cute before. It defied his identity as the former apprentice of Darth Vader on so many levels… yet they managed to coerce him into doing so with cuteness. And worse, they won't be satisfied unless his act was truly genuine in their perspective. He lost an important piece of himself that day… and it will take some time to get it back.

Now in his room, his haven from his demon sisters, Jaune sprawled his body all over his comfy bed, snuggling comfortably onto his yellow silk sheets. He relaxed his exhausted body and released all his pent up fatigue. He silently wailed at his weakness, his inability to defy the will of his innocent.

His mind was exhausted, in desperate need for a nap.

He undid the makeup, swapped his clothes for his male pajamas, and unbranded his hair. After undoing his sisters' damage, Jaune closed his eyes, ready to nap his troubles away and replenish his depleted mental fortitude.

After an hour, his mind drifted away into his personal world, but it quickly transformed into a nightmare about his sisters…putting him in a cage for them to play with later on. In this reality, his sisters bore twice the size of Rancors, and their faces shrouded in malevolent shadows giving them the appearance of demons wearing human faces. And as if to make matters worse, an infinite number of dresses, so many dresses, littered the ground as far as the eyes can see the boundless sea. When they picked a dress too pink and frilly for his liking and reached their hands for Jaune, he woke up from his nightmare, heavily heaving for his life. His head darted around looking for the demons, but only saw the calm mundane setting of his room instead… allowing him to sigh in relief.

'Just a bad dream…just a bad dream…' He thought as he looked out the window beside his bed, seeing the sun slowly darkening into dusk.

'Maybe some training to take my mind off today…' He thought, in critical need to relieve his pent-up agitation one way or another. What better way than pumping some much-needed adrenaline through his veins? He looked at the clock on the nightstand beside his bed, seeing that he had about one or two hours until dinner at six.

He dismounted his bed and went to the wooden drawer searching for a change of clothes. After finding a simple brown shirt and blue jeans, he then exited the room and headed to his eldest sister's room, one with the name Joana written on the wooden door

Thankfully, the mother was downstairs in the kitchen with the other three. His mother was already used to him taking the bokken so he should be fine if he returned it.

Jaune walked downstairs to the lobby and secretly snuck out of the house. His father had yet to return from his work as a chef. His cooking skills earned him praise during his time as a hunter, thus leading his retirement to a simple humble job, one that he treated as a hobby.

After walking for around ten minutes, he returned to the clearing standing in the center of the sea of leaves. Jaune closed his eyes and took a deep breath to calm his mind to prepare himself. He then started his daily routine by blasting the ground with audible Force Push, scattering the leaves into the air around him. The design of the training this time was to test his perception, reflexes, and skill by aiming for the yellow leaves treating them as targets, while the red leaves were the sword and shield. He must not allow any of the red leaves to make contact on his body.

Jaune spread his senses, taking in the red blizzard of leaves surrounding him, and detected around three yellow leaves amongst the swarms of red. Locking onto the yellow leaves, Jaune reverse gripped his practice sword and charged through the red storm and swung.

He swung up his weapon and cleaved himself a path to a yellow leaf forty degrees to his left and dashed to his target while twirling his blade around him like a dome shield. This way, he deflected any falling leaves that might touch him in his path.

With impeccable timing, blade work and precision, Jaune evaded red leaves of symbolic defeat as they nearly brushed against his skin and clothes. For every leaf about to make contact, Jaune merely shifted his body accordingly letting them marginally flutter by him as if they moved past him of their own volition, depicting him as if he was harmonizing with nature, as one with the forest itself. He then reached within striking distance of his target and swiped his wooden blade knocking it away.

Turning his focus to the next target, he did the same with the other leaf and hit his mark. And then for the last one, Jaune simply tossed his weapon with a Force Saber throw, the weapon clock spinning towards the last leaf, bypassing the red obstacles using the Force and hitting its mark before spinning back to his hand.

Finishing his objective, he nodded at his work in satisfaction before all the leaves made contact with the earth, painting the land around him scarlet fall again. As he was about to leave, after taking a few steps, he turned his head right looking at a certain bird. A single gray crow perching inconspicuously on a branch of a tall tree staring directly into his eyes.

Sensing an unusual peculiarity within the crow, Jaune turned his body left, his feet shuffling through the leaves as he walked towards the lone small bird atop the tree branch. Unlike the small forest animals he encountered so far, this one's beady eyes had purpose and not only that, its Aura felt out of place. Thus, trusting his instincts, Jaune decided to closely inspect the small animal with meticulous care and uncover the source of his unease.

Qrow was astounded. No, more liked dumbfounded beyond belief.

He transformed into a crow to snoop on the boy early.

At first, he did not consider the boy to be special minus the humorous revelation that his sisters forced him to become their dress-up doll (by peeping through the window in the girl's room). The crafty crow laughed like there was no tomorrow as he found hilarious blackmail material he never thought he encountered.

He would've left the boy alone (after getting bored from watching him nap) if it weren't for the fact that he took a wooden practice sword and left the house the next moment for purposes unknown. He tailed the boy from a distance, perching from tree to tree until he stopped upon a clearing.

After perching a tree with a suitable vantage point, he spectated the blond boy scattering the leaves and dancing around them profound fluidity and grace he did not expect from the eight-year-old. He watched him perform from beginning to end, so immersed in the scene he forgot to maintain his distance from the boy when he unintentionally moved closer to him on his path to home.

Now, he was having a deadly staring contest with the kid.

'How in Ohm's name did he notice me?' The moment he got within his radius, he just spontaneously turned his head to him despite the crow perching inconspicuously on a tree. Joana did warn him about the boy's sensing capabilities, but he never thought it would be to this extent. The boy was indeed abnormal like Joana said in every sense of the word.

And to make things worse, the boy started to walk towards him, stoking his fears more and more with each and every step. Qrow's mind fell into chaos as he went over his options.

One, he can just fly away hoping that he won't chase him, but considering the boy's eyes filled with suspicion, he would most likely chase him down.

Two, reveal his identity and true form at the cost of ruining Joana's request.

Three, just stare at him until he goes away, though it would take a miracle for that to happen.

Many more options raced through his mind. However, the boy raised his hand at Qrow, snapping the disguised Branwen out of his thoughts.

He was a bit confused until he felt some invisible force holding him in a grip.

'What the dark hell?!' Qrow was panicking as his bird body started levitating up in midair.

He did not know what was happening, but he believed he figured out what the boy's Semblance was.

He wondered if he is related to Glynda by any chance, as he shares her blond hair, glaring eyes, and now a form of telekinesis. Although the boy's eyes were much more…darker than Glynda's. He wondered if he would follow Glynda's future when he grows up…

Musings aside, now that he was caught, he must transform to free himself before he gets on the wrong foot with the child… but doing so meant failing Joana's request…

'Crap. Joana's gonna kill me…' Qrow thought as he was about to undo his disguise, but then…

"Jauuuunnnneeee! Dinner's ready! We're having Baked Potato Salmon and Honey Roasted Pork Tenderloins!" The voice of the boy's sister echoed through the forest with impeccable timing.

Both Qrow and Jaune turned their heads to see the cheerful face of Jaune's eldest sister from afar. Qrow then heard something akin to an Ursa growling from the boy's stomach. He wondered how the boy was even that hungry after a good workout. And to his miraculous luck, even though his Semblance was to always bring bad luck, Jaune released him from his hold, dropping him back to his branch before turning his attention to his doting sister.

"I'm coming!" Jaune shouted back to his sister.

"Hurry up! The dinner will get cold!" She replied.

Acknowledging this, Jaune began his journey back home, but not before giving one last look at Qrow, briefly narrowing his azure eyes at him, before resuming his journey.

Qrow, on the other hand, fell on his talons, taken back at the coincidental rescue.

'Oh thank you, lady luck.' Seeing the miracle successful, Qrow decided to honor the invisible forces at work by swearing off liquor in their honor… for one whole day.

Back to the situation, he warily waited until the boy walked far away enough from his position, not wanting to risk another unfortunate capture. After Jaune disappeared from his sight, he then flapped his wings away to his motel, ready to make a certain call to a certain mother.

Along the way, he wondered if the boy will take after Glynda's example when he grows up, becoming another Headmaster's assistant after Glynda's image… he nearly burst out laughing when he imagined the boy wearing Glynda's attire, her white long-sleeved pleated top, black thigh high heeled boots and all. And seeing how his sisters treated him, it was definitely a possibility.