The scene opens to a man in his mid thirties with dark hair, a five o'clock shadow and a wide smile, this man is better known as Chris McLean. " Welcome Total Drama fans, you know who I am, but if not then..This is Chris McLean coming to you live from Bakers Penitentiary, one of the scariest, dangerous and haunted place in all of Canada!" Chris exclaimed, featuring to the old and rather decrepit looking building behind him. "Ah, Bakers Penitentiary, back in the 1800's this place was home to some of the most violent and dangerous criminals known to man, but fell in abandonment in the 1920's after a prison riot, most likely caused by abuse from the guards, forced labor and general overcrowding led to the deaths of almost fifty percent of inmates and staff who many believe to still be here till this day."

As if on cue thunder booms and lighting crashes in the distance, giving a somewhat creepy atmosphere. " See, what I mean? But there's just one problem..We have no contestants. But you, if you sign up today, will get their opportunity on the best reality show ever and the chance to win one million dollars. So, what are you waiting for? Get those audition tapes going!" Chris finishes, making a hurry motion with his hand and smiling his signature tv host smile.

"Ugh, finally done with this stupid intro. That's the fourth take today." Chris muttered, rubbing his temples in annoyance. "The dang place isn't even haunted or a prison! It's a renovated apartment building from the 1980's! I swear the producers are running out of ideas.."

"Uh, Chris?"

" Yes, Chef? "

"The camera's still on."

" I'll start take five in a moment.. "

Well, howdy, I'm LillyShepard. A long time reader and OC creator but a first time writer, at least on FF.N, but, since it's fall and the month of my favorite holiday, Halloween, I thought it'd be fun to try my hand at one of my favorite things, SYOC's. Rules and form will be on my profile, for easy copy and paste and to keep those pesky rule lawyers off my back. I will be accepting 16 characters to fill out a 18 member cast, my two oc's created solely for this story will be here also. Neither of which will win, or stay past the merge, if that long. I'll most likely update next Saturday, either to confirm a full cast or filler until I get one. And, remember, pm me your app, don't review.

Also, for those of you will weak constitution to anything scary, don't worry, I promise this story while is based of some of my favorite horror stories and tropes will not actually be scary, more of a cheesy monster movie scary or Addams Family style dark comedy.

That said, have a good evening guys and dolls, I'll see you next update!

PS. Constructive criticism is appreciated, insults and being rude is not.