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Chapter 4: Fateful Encounter

Skipping forward a little in time, the scene now takes place after a certain winter party. Parties happened, new acquaintances met with one another, and bonds were formed. But of course, everything went bad for Rito in the end, somehow, in some way.

The scene now moves back to the Yuuki residence…

"Here you are, Lala-sama. Please, don't splurge this month's allowance." Zastin handed Lala a small envelope. For those who are now catching up, Zastin happens to now work with Rito's father, Yuuki Saibai.

Rito's father is a mangaka, and his mother is a fashion designer by the name of Yuuki Ringo. Both of them spend a large deal of time towards their work, usually leaving their children by their lonesome. Not to worry though, they do try to spend as much time with their children, despite knowing how mature they can be.

Saibai still lives in Japan, just in another location that he uses to write his stories. He used to have three assistants, but one time, when Rito brought over Lala while helping him, she managed to help him meet a deadline…but at the cost of his assistants quitting. So, to replace them, Lala proposed that Zastin and his men worked for him instead. So, that happened.

"By the way, I do not see Rito-dono around." Zastin started to look around. Lala nodded. "Oh, right. He said that he was going to go shopping for some materials. Something for Rito's Papa I think."

"Oh, now that you mentioned it, we were out of screen tones. Remind me to thank him later." Zastin asked Lala. Lala saluted the commander. "You got it!"

Rito had now finished his shopping for his father. Wearing a black undershirt, a white short sleeved hoodie was worn above it. He wore gray pants that had black stripes on the bottom.

Exiting the last shop, he sighed. "Finally…" He then took a slip out from his pocket. "Well, that's all of it. Now then… I think I deserve something to treat myself…"

Swinging a sashed backpack onto his back, he began to walk down the street he arrived at. Walking around for a minute or so, he eventually eyed what he was looking for. He then drooled slightly.

"Hehehehe…" He wiped his mouth as he approached another taiyaki stand. A certain thought then came to his mind. 'Hmm, I should probably get Zastin and some of the guys some as well. They've been a big help to Dad, after all.'

Buying a bag with thirty taiyaki inside of it, he paid for the treat and walked away to attend to his other business. The vendor thanked him for the patronage as he left. He then took one of the fish-cake delicacies, giving it a large chomp.

"Whoever invented taiyaki was a genius…!" His voice was slothful as walked on. Walking for several seconds, as he swallowed his first taiyaki, his eye caught onto to something.

'Hmm?' He blinked. Looking to the railing, he then noticed a girl sitting on it. She was staring at him, causing Rito to wonder who she was.

'That's…quite the beautiful hair she has…' Rito suddenly said in his mind, causing him to frown and blush a little. He then studied the girl's appearance.

Along with her long, blond hair that were two silver and black hairclips. Rito's first notice was her black gothic-like clothing.

'Hmm, where have I seen her before…' He wondered. The girl's crimson red eyes then darted slightly downward. Rito assumed that she wanted to try a taiyaki, so he walked up to her and took one out of the bag.

"Erm… Wanna try one?" The blond girl looked at the fish-like cake, and after a moment to think, she received it from his hand, chomping on it in the same matter.

'So…cute!' He watched as the girl chewed on it. She quickly finished it up, and then jumped off the railing.

"Earthling food really is strange…" She then said. Rito was about to reply, but then noticed that she was right in front of him, close up in fact, with her hands on his shoulders.

"…?!" His eyes widened. "Earthling… You…"

"You are Yuuki Rito." The girl then said. "I've been looking for you…"

Rito was now wondering who this this girl was. However, his eyes darted down to her lowered right arm, in which her fingers morphed into blades, which then formed into one giant sword.

"You, you're—" Rito tried to say. The girl then attempted to slash him, forcing Rito to drop his taiyaki as he jumped back. He was going to bark at her for wasting his money, but his eyes were more interested in her arm.

"That's… the Trans-ability." Rito's eyes narrowed. The girl then held her sword arm towards him in response.

"You know of it." She simply said. Her eyes widened as Rito stood up, his own eyes now the same color as hers.

"You… Who are you? Why do you have that for?" She then narrowed her own eyes. Rito grunted as he swiped an arm out, generating a blade resembling a longsword from his wrist. "I should be asking you the same thing, golden beauty."

"All I have to say, is that someone asked me to eliminate you. I bare no grudge against you, but I am now…curious." She then said, frowning just a little in response to Rito's words, especially the beauty part.

Rito and the girl then took their stances, before dashing forward with their blades…


"Oh, what is that alarm, Lala-sama?" Zastin then asked. Lala jumped up to her feet, opening Rito's closet. Much to Zastin's surprise, Lala revealed the space to be a fully functioning laboratory. Lala had spent some time developing this space, in regard to Rito's request to have a place of her own to sleep.

Running into another room, Lala jumped onto a seat that was in front of a large screen of static. As Zastin stood next to her, a voice came forth, surprising them both.

"Oh Lalaaaa! My dear…!"

"Who is that?" Zastin barked. Lala cringed. "Geh!"

"It's me! You remember this handsome face, don't you?"

"Gah, Lacospo?! What the hell!" Lala frowned as the screen started to clear up. It then revealed a showed a small frog-like alien with green skin and purple lips. He wore royalty-like clothing, and was surrounded by women with voluptuous appearances.

"The one and only! The prince of Planet Gamma, and your number one fiancé candidate! I'm coming to pick you up Lala-tan, so we can get married!"

"Bleeeeeeh! I already have someone, and he's a great person at that!" Lala stuck her tongue out. Zastin was quite surprised with the amount of females on the screen.

"Oh, you mean that guy, Yuuki Rito? He's probably long dead by now! HA!"

"What?! What do you mean, what the hell did you do to Rito?!" Lala slammed her arms down. Lacospo grinned in response.

"Have you ever heard of the assassin called "Golden Darkness"?"

Lala responded with a confused expression, but that name caused Zastin's attention to quickly rise up. "Golden Darkness?!"

"She has the ability to transform any part of her body into a weapon! It's called the "Trans-ability"! That caused her to become a legendary assassin!"

"And now, I've hired her to eliminate Yuuki Rito. So you might as well give up now, Lala-tan!"

The transmission then cut itself off, prompting Lala to stand up. "Rito!" She then ran off, with Zastin running along with her. 'Golden Darkness… A top-level hitman… This could lead to a trouble situation…' The swordsman thought.

'Please, stay alive until then, Rito-dono!'


Rito and Golden Darkness clashed blades, creating a sharp screeching from the collision. Rito then backed off, earning himself another slash from the blonde assassin. Dodging it, her blade arm caused a chunk of the ground to break down. As Rito dashed away, the two started to cause a lot of collateral damage, as they were currently in the heart of a busy street.

"Stay still." Golden Darkness commanded. Jumping up, she morphed her left foot into a giant spiked ball of steel, slamming her foot down into the floor. Rito dodged by back flipping, narrowly dodging some debris.

"Sheesh, I forget how destructive this stuff can be sometimes…" Rito mumbled. The two then stopped to notice a crowd of hotshot wannabes walk by.

"Hooh! I'll show my true flirting skills today!" Motemitsu bragged.

"Kageyama, is he really going to be using those tickets from the Christmas Party?" Hinata pointed to the playboy wannabe. Kageyama shrugged.

Motemitsu then spotted Golden Darkness. "Oh, a blonde beauty! Hey, do you wanna go to a resort with me?"

"No, thank you." She simply answered, slicing apart the tickets, and his hair with a blade formed from her hair. Rito snickered slightly as he ran away in tears, but then stopped once she charged towards him again.

'Well, so much for the humor.' Rito mused with a dry tone. Golden Darkness then tried to slash him again. The orange head then dodged and started to dash away. The blonde girl was starting to narrow her eyes in minor, minor-ly starting annoyance.

"Please don't run around." She complained with a neutral tone, although Rito could tell the truth behind those words as he jumped over a motorcycle. He sighed as he glanced back at Golden Darkness, who sliced it apart.

As she started to chase Rito once more, the two eventually ended up on a bridge over some train tracks. "Stop running." Golden Darkness protested.

"Well, trying to get away from the public you know. Even if a girl's in front of me, it won't distract me from my environment." Rito averted his gaze slightly as he said that.

Golden Darkness blinked in response to that. Her long hair then morphed into blades, launching them at Rito. The orange head sighed, jumping into the air and launching his own hair blades in response.

'I wonder how this will turn ou—'


The two Trans-users then glanced over to a figure that flew towards them. Attempting to grasp Rito in a hug, Rito clicked his tongue as he landed on the ground. "Great, now she's here…" He muttered.

Lala pouted as she landed next to him. As Rito and Golden Darkness retracted their weapons, the Devilukean blinked in surprise. "Hey Rito, since when could you grow swords from your hair? And why are your eyes red? Is it that the Trans-ability that Lacopso mentioned?"

'Lacopso? The prince of Planet Gamma… Oh, I see now. He sent her to eliminate me.' Rito now understood the situation. Golden Darkness then gazed upon Lala's figure.

"You are Lala Satalin Deviluke, the first princess of the royal family." She started. "Please do not get in my way. That man is my target." Rito couldn't help but think that she tried to emphasize on the word "man".

"I can't let you go with that, Rito's an important person!" Lala countered her. The blonde then blinked. "I see. Then you are an obstacle that I will be forced to get out of my way—"

Suddenly, Zastin appeared from behind. Golden Darkness' pupils turned to her side as she morphed her left hand into a blade, blocking the Devilukean's sword swing.

"Zastin." Rito blinked.

"I shall fight you, Golden Darkness!" The swordsman spoke as he stood in front of Rito and Lala. Much to his surprise however, Rito placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Rito-dono?" Zastin turned his face. His eyes widened once he saw Rito's eyes change color. "You…"

"Zastin. This is a battle between me and her. Please, leave us be." He requested. Zastin was reluctant to do so, but he complied with his request, backing up next to Lala.

Rito's body then glowed a misty red, changing him to his own Trans attire. Lala and Zastin watched as the two fighters materialized their weapons in their hands.

"Now then…"

"Let us…"


The two then dashed towards each other. Clashing with dual blades to dual blades, Rito quickly jerked to the left, pushing Golden Darkness off the bridge. Landing on the floor and on her feet, Golden Darkness then heard the sound of a nearby train approaching.

"There! The beast that is known as the Train!" Zastin clenched a fist. Golden Darkness crouched down, before leaping high into the sky. From her back then materialized a pair of white, angelic wings.

"What?!" The swordsman was bamboozled. Rito then created his own wings, flying up to meet the blonde hitman. She then launched several locks of her hair, with them now morphing into dragon faces.

Dodging by moving to the right, they ended up slamming against the ground, causing quite the tremor. From a few blocks, a red haired woman noticed the newly created smoke screen.

"That's… Golden Darkness? Why is she on Earth…wait, who's she fighting?" It was revealed to be Mikado Ryouko, the nurse of Sainan High, and an alien in fact. As Rito turned around, her own eyes widened. "…Him? …I should probably stay out of this…" She then started to walk away…

Back to the fight!

Golden Darkness launched herself at Rito, pushing him into a nearby building with fists made of hair. Rito grunted as he smashed through the material and out of a person's room.

"Well, talk about…" Rito was about to say something as he crashed through another wall, only to stumble into a hot springs full of women. "…Crap."


Rito quickly flew out by going through the ceiling, meeting Golden Darkness back in the air as he avoided bottles of shampoo and other cleaning utilities. "I don't want to get labeled as an ecchi person…" He grumbled.

"I hate ecchi people." The blond replied, much to Rito's sarcastic chuckling. From his shoulders then materialized a pair of shoulder rocket launchers. Golden Darkness flinched momentarily, before dodging a pair of small speeding missiles.

Rito then continued to fire his projectiles, with Golden Darkness continuing to dodge with elegant aerial movements. Rito was starting to enjoy this, not because he was able to let loose, but because the person in front of him seemed to be really attractive in his eyes.

"Not enough." Golden Darkness aimed some more hair locks at him, this time in the form of metal teeth. As Rito drew closer, his launchers dissipated, and his arms morphed into metal bats. Slugging them away, Rito charged at Golden Darkness, zooming pass her and quickly turning around, delivering a kick towards her back.

She quickly turned around though, blocking the attack with her arms, though the force of the kick caused her to get pushed back. That also caused her battle dress to lift up slightly.

As she tried to recover, a certain principal looked up from reading his perverted magazine. "Oh? OH! A blonde beauty's beautiful bottom!"

"Wha?!" Golden Darkness blushed a little as she tried to cover her rear. Rito then growled at the Principal once he came closer.

"Hey, keep tyour eyes off of her, you creep!" He then launched his arm out, causing an anchor attached to chains to materialize out. The attack smashed the Principal, giving him a large blunt mark to the face.

Golden Darkness turned back to Rito in surprise. Rito glared at the Principal. "You…" She was curious to why he did that for her.

"It's not right for a girl to get exposed by a pervert like that…" Rito answered her with a sincere tone. "He…didn't see anything, did he?"

The blonde shook her head. "Well, that's good." Rito smiled a little. Golden Darkness blushed a little upon viewing it, before going back to her emotionless expression.

"I thought you were supposed to be an atrocious fiend that threatened to take over Planet Deviluke." She suddenly said with suspicious eyes. "That's what my client told me."

"And you're really going to believe the guy who literally has women all over him?" Rito retorted. She then thought about that.

"Hmm… Perhaps, but regardless. I will deal with anyone that I am hired to combat. That is the duty of "Golden Darkness"." She responded. Right as Rito was about to respond to that, an alien saucer came down, hovering above them. By now, Lala and Zastin arrived to see it as well.

"Oi, why are you taking so long for, Golden Darkness?!"

A ray of light blasted from the middle of the bottom of the ship, transporting Lacospo. Everyone watched as he landed on the floor, extravagant appearance and everything presented.

"And here comes to mullah! Lacospo is here to visit!" He laughed. He then started to walk towards Lala. "Now then Lala-tan, come with me and we'll get married!"

"Never! You ordered an assassin to kill Rito! You're a horrible person!" The pink head growled. That caused the green alien to gasp. "H-Horrible?!"

"Lala-tan, why… Why don't you get it? I have such feelings for you, and yet… Grr! Yuuki Rito, this is all your fault!" He then pointed at the orange head.

"Really now…" Rito rolled his eyes. The prince of Gamma then turned to Golden Darkness. "And you, what are you doing?!"

"I have recently obtained new information regarding my…target." The blonde started. "It is entirely different from the information that you provided me for Yuuki Rito."

"A-Ah! Er, well…" Lacospo sweated.

"I believe I've told you my policy. Information that I am given is supposed to be factual, not created from lies and fabrications. …You are not trying to deceive me, are you now?" She narrowed her eyes as a lock of hair morphed into a sharp knife.

"S-Shut up! Yuuki Rito has been deceiving Lala-tan! Why would I have a reason to lie to you?" The nervous alien pointed at her. Lala growled.

"Yami-chan! Don't listen to that ugly mug!" Lala suddenly said. "Yami-chan?" Peke sweat dropped in regard to Lala's nicknaming of the assassin. Rito glanced over to her, to which she gave Lacospo a cold glare.

"O-Oi, what's with that look? I-I'm your master!" The small alien then backed up. "F-Fine then, how about this then?!"

"Gama-tan, come to me!"

Raising an arm up, a flash of light spawned a giant green frog to his position. Peke shuddered. "An Irogaama?!"

"Peke? What is that thing? You know it?" Lala asked her companion. Peke nodded, well, she would, if she could.

"Yes… If I dare so say so, that thing's my natural enemy!" Lacospo pointed to everyone else.

"Now, Gama-tan, spray them and show them why they should fear me!" He commanded. The giant alien frog opened its large mouth, spraying out a green liquid at Rito and Golden Darkness.

The two dodged by jumping sideways, however, the liquid splashed off the ground. As a little landed on Yami, she gasped as her clothes started to deteriorate at those spots.

"My clothes!" She gasped. Rito blushed a little upon seeing it. He then glared at Lacospo, who was laughing as if he brought in a nuclear warhead.

"Ha! How do you like that?! Gamatan's mucus dissolves all clothing!" He boasted. "This is why Gamatan's my favorite pet!"

Yami then landed on the ground next to Rito. "Now then, I'm going to strip you both naked! Feel the embarrassing sensation of being nude out in the open!"

"Such an absurd beast!" Rito and Yami then responded. The two glanced at each other, blinking at the same time. Yami huffed, charging at the frog with an arm blade.

As she attempted to cut it however, it did nothing to the frog's body, shocking her slightly as it whacked her away with its tongue. Her left arm sleeved dissolved. Rito yelped as she landed on him, catching her bridal style.

"Uhm…" He looked down at her face while blushing a bit. Yami blushed a little as well, before jumping off of him. Rito then shook his head, clearing his thoughts. Looking back at the frog, Rito tried to glance back at the blonde.

"I have a plan. Cover me?" He proposed. Yami looked at him for a moment, before acknowledging his idea. As Rito crouched down, he aimed his arm at Lacospo like it was a sniper rifle. His arm then started to glow.

"Spray them, Gama-tan!" Lacospo continued to order his pet. Yami darted back and forth, flying around while attacking the amphibian. As she continued to do so, Lala and Zastin watched as Rito's right arm morphed into a large cannon, even larger than the one he used to destroy Vacuum-kun.

"Alright, move!" He barked. Yami quickly backed off, delivering one final wave of hair fists. As the frog backed up due to get punched in the face, Lacospo squealed.

"Get outta here!" Rito then charged his weapon arm, blasting a large sphere of energy towards the frog and its owner. The large capsule of energy then collided with the two, sending off into space with a high pitched scream. Lacospo's space craft soon followed, leaving everyone alone.

As Rito finished his attack, he sighed. The cannon faded away, with his arm replacing it. Yami then approached Rito, holding her arm while slightly averting her eyes.

"Why did you help me? We are supposed to be enemies." She asked. Lala walked up to her.

"Well, because Lacospo's a bad guy!" Lala tried to answer for Rito. "And besides, Rito wouldn't let anything happen to a cute girl like you, Yami-chan!"

Both of the Trans blushed at that comment. "Cute… Me?" Yami gestured to herself with a confused expression. "That's the first time…that someone's called me that." She then glanced over to Rito. The orange head noticed this, causing the both of them to avoid eye contact.

"Say, Lala. Why are you calling her Yami for?" Rito suddenly asked, curious for the pink head's reasoning.

"Eh? Isn't Golden Darkness her name?" Lala responded. Rito sweat dropped. "That's more like a code name, isn't it…" However, much to his surprise…

"It's…alright. You can call me that." Yami turned to him. Rito ruffled his hair. "Erm…well, now that Lacospo's gone, you can stop targeting me, right?"

However, Yami then walked up to him. "No…" She started. "It would go against my regulations to abandon a job that I accepted." Her cheeks went a bit red as she said that. Looking up to him, Rito's cheeks went a little red too.

"Yuuki Rito… Until I settle things with you personally, I shall remain here on Earth.

Rito sweated a little. "This…might actually kill me then." He mumbled…

A little while after this…

A day had now passed. After Yami bade farewell to Lala and Rito, Rito opted to stay home, but Mikan insisted on going ice skating. Much to his reluctance, he only went with her and Lala because she threatened him by saying she wouldn't cook for him, and for a week at that.

Now in Sainan Skating, the location of the ice skating grounds, Lala attempted her first try at the sport, and surprisingly, she turned out to be a natural.

"Mikan-chan, Rito, check me out!" She waved to them. Rito grunted from where he was, holding onto the edge that is. Mikan smiled.

"Ho ho! You're a natural, Lala-san!" She then turned to Rito. "Compared to this guy…"

Rito struggled to balance himself, and ended up falling onto his rear. "Eugh, shut it, Mikan. I've never ice skated before you know…" He groaned. His little sister giggled at the sight.

"Well, it's Lala-san's first time too." She then pointed out. Rito huffed. "She's special! Her alien heritage must be helping her balance." He pointed at her, referring to her tail. He then got up, sighing as he leaned back against the edge.

"I really should have stayed home… But, then again, she might come…" Rito mumbled, however, Mikan overheard that last part.

"Oh right, you have some girl that's stalking you now right? How do you say it again? If I'm not mistaken, it's Golden something or..."

"Golden Darkness…"

Rito then dodged a swipe from Yami, spinning to avoid a metal crunch. Yami seemed to be pouting, or at least in Rito's eyes. As she landed on the ice floor, Rito unknowingly balancing himself as well.

"Yami-san…" Rito called her out. Yami glanced at him. "Yuuki Rito."

"Ah, Yami-chan!" Lala came over, waving at her. Yami glanced over to her. "Good morning, Princess. She then took something out from her pocket. Rito instantly recognized the scent, because both he and Yami started to drool a little.

"Here…a gift." Yami held a taiyaki out to Lala, to which she took. She then noticed Rito's hungry expression. She then slowly took another one out, extending her arm out to Rito while averting her eyes.

"Fine…you can have one too. I just happened to buy a few too many a little while ago, that's all…" She made up an excuse. Mikan smiled at the sight.

"Oho… A tsundere and a kuudere, eh? And Rito seems to actually react to this person as well…" She then made a mental note of the things she was currently witnessing.

Yami then started to walk away, furiously munching on her taiyakis. Rito already finished his, and was trying to reach out to her for more, but then…

"Oho! They're here! Lala-chii and Yuuki!" A familiar voice came. Mikan, Rito, and Lala then turned around to see Risa, Mio, and Haruna outside the edge. "Huh? Why are they here for?" Rito asked Lala. The pink head smirked as she chomped onto her taiyaki. "I called them! Said the more the merrier!"

"Well, at least I can stop for now…" Rito sighed as he got off the ice. The trio then came to greet the other trio.

"Morning, Yuuki-kun. It's been a while too, hasn't it Mikan-chan?" Haruna greeted the siblings. They both nodded, but Mikan seemed to eye Rito as they did that.

'He doesn't seem to be reacting all fluffy when he's with Haruna-san. As I thought, it's…' She confirmed in her mind. While the six began to chatter, they eventually got back onto the ice. Risa and Mio were preoccupied with Lala, so Mikan decided to try to leave Rito and Haruna alone.

Rito groaned. "How did she land so perfectly on the ice…" He was talking about how Yami did a perfect landing, and was able to balance herself without slipping.

Sitting a fair distance away, Yami watched Rito from afar. "Ice skating… Earth seems to possess a primitive kind of entertainment, eh?" She then watched as Lala tried to modify her ice skates.

"What's she trying to do now…" Rito eyed her as he tried to balance himself. Sliding over to Yami, Haruna tripped, pushing him accidentally.

"Peke, let's test this…woah!" Lala then started to spin rapidly. Going so fast, Peke fell off her head, and flew towards Yami.

"Eh?" She then caught Peke, however… Peke's dizziness caused a malfunction in her programming. Yami's clothes then flashed with a bright light, replacing it with a school swimsuit. Rito happened to be right there, so the both of them blushed.

"NOOOOOOOOO!" She then formed a hair fist, and punched Rito away. The orange head wasn't able to block it due to his imbalance, so he got flung away. Yami then threw Peke away, reforming her clothes.

Much to her chagrin though, Peke landed on Mio, causing her clothes to become a maid's. Gasping, Risa tried to see what was wrong, grasping her shoulder. However, that caused Peke to get transferred to her, transforming her outfit into a sexy style of lingerie.

"What is this?!" Risa blushed due to embarrassment. Peke then flew off, now not as dizzy. "Ugh… Have to find Lala-sama…"

Peke eventually landed on the pink head, reforming her clothes. Rito sighed once everything was over. "We really should get you actual clothes…"

A then, a little while after that!

Now back at Sainan High, the students returned to their winter uniforms. As Rito walked on the first floor, he groaned a little as he walked pass a food vendor. He then fiddled a slip of paper out of his pocket.

"What the hell is he going to use a Hamadryas Baboon for? Some kind of animal manga?" He sweat dropped as he looked at it. Saibai requested for Rito to look for a zoological reference book for him.

Rito decided to go during the lunch break, since he probably would have to deal with another one of Lala's shenanigan-al inventions afterwards. So he waited until then.

Walking to the library, he opened the door, sighing a little as he rubbed his neck in discomfort. "Ouch… Used my Trans-ability a little too much during that one time…" With the little incident with Lacospo now past, Rito had tried to rest as much as he could. The nanomachines in his body needed a little time to cool off, and not just due to his fight with Yami and Lacospo's alien frog, but that large cannon he materialized to send him off planet especially.

As he entered the library and he started to look around, he noticed that there weren't any people inside. As he started to look around for his reference book, he tried to find the aisle with books on animals.

"Animals…animals…" Rito mumbled as he waved his fingers over some books. Moving his eyes across to the left, the sound of toppling books garnered his attention.

"Eh? …Yami?" Rito peeked his head over, only to see Yami on her knees. She still had her listless expression, but Rito was curious to see why she was here.

"Yuuki…Rito." Yami slowly stood up. Rito attempted to walk up to her. "Er…what're you doing here?" He asked, a bit hesitant because of the mess around her.

"Because there are many books here… No, it's none of your business…" She then turned to him. Rito was starting to get a bit suspicious about her condition. "Wait, don't tell you're…"

"It has nothing to do with you…?!" Yami generated a bladed arm. She was going to try slashing him, but her eyes suddenly widened. She then stopped, with her bodily motions neutralized as her weapon degenerated. She then fell forward, landing on Rito's chest.

"I knew it…you've overused your nanomachines. Geez…" Rito caught her in his arms. Yami grunted. "It…is none of your business…"

Rito sighed. He then placed the palm of his hand on her forehead. To his expectation, her forehead felt blazing hot. "You sure you're going to be okay with this?"

"It's no big deal…" She tried to display a strong front. Pushing herself off him, she tried to walk away, only to stumble every so often. Rito ruffled his hair, thinking if he should do the action that he was currently thinking of.

"Well, no harm in helping her…" Rito mumbled. Yami's eyes widened once more as Rito decided to carry her. First going in front of her, he grabbed her hips. Tossing her a little into the air, he quickly turned around, catching her by holding onto the back of her knees.

"Wah…?!" Yami gasped in surprise. "What…are you doing?"

"Well, for now, I'm going to take you to a doctor. She also deals with aliens." Rito turned to face her. Yami was forced to hold onto his shoulders as he ran out of the library.

"But…it's not really…necessary. Please, put me down..." She then tried to protest. Yami then felt a surge of discomfort. Panting a little, she leaned against Rito's back, her face now flustered and starting to sweat a bit. The orange head blushed a bit. "See, that's what happens…baka."

Quickly dashing to the Nurse's Office, Rito slid it open with one of his feet. "Mikado-sensei!" He yelled out. Unfortunately for him, she was not present at the moment. "Great…" He then ran out.

"Rito?" Lala tried to ask what Rito was doing, only to get ignored as he passed by her. She blinked a few times as he watched him go off…

Now outside Sainan High…

Running out to the school's entrance. Rito's eyes flickered to Trans mode. Generating boosters on his legs, he jumped over the gate that blocked off the students. Rito then started to jump higher as he landed, looking down at the town's area.

"Where's her house…there!" He then eyed a large house as he bounced a few times. It had brick wall as its perimeter, with a gate at the middle. Using his boosters to dash over to them, he jumped over the gate and landed in front of the doorway. A few locks of hair then morphed into hands. Rito then used them to knock on the door. He did so for several seconds, until he finally heard a response.

"…I'm coming, I'm coming!" A familiar voice was heard. A few moments later, the door opened, revealing Mikado in…her underwear? She wore a lab coat over it, but her voluptuous body was fully presented to Rito, causing him to blush a bit.

"Huh… What's with all the racket…?" Mikado yawned a bit. Rito tried to avert his gaze. "Sensei, why are you dressed like that…"

"I was busy handling some emergency cases, so I just woke up now…" She answered. She then noticed Rito's sweating body, and not just a little either.

Mikado then noticed Yami on his back. "Wait, that girl!"

She proceeded to bring the two inside her place. Bringing Rito and Yami to a room for patients, she instructed him to lay her down on the bed that was there. Leaving them alone for a bit, she quickly changed and returned.

"Well, we need to bring her into a healing capsule." She then pointed to a door on the other side of the room. Rito blinked. "You have a healing capsule here on Earth? How does it work?"

"Yes, but to answer that, the first thing we need to do is strip her! Give me a hand, Yuuki-kun." She then said as she examined Yami's body. Rito blushed immensely as she said that. "W-What?! Why?!"

"Well, clothing just interferes with those things!" She smirked. As Rito continued to blush, he held her waist as Mikado began to take various things off her.

"First off, these hair clips…" She slowly took them off, as if she was purposely trying to tease Rito. He continued to blush as she then took off Yami's arm sleeves, her boots, the belt buckles on her legs, and then…

"Oya~? What's the matter, Yuuki-kun!" She then unzipped the back of Yami's dress, causing the front to drop. Rito's eyes widened immensely as his head puffed cherry red.

"!" Rito's nose splurged a bit of blood. He then let go of her waist to cover his nose, quickly turning around to avoid any more damage to his body. Mikado giggled. "Hehehe… Who would've thought that the Scarlet Blood would have such a weakness?"

Mikado then proceeded to take the rest of Yami's clothes off. After she stood back up straight, she turned back to Rito. "Alright Yuuki-kun, let me handle it from here. Go and get Yami-chan here a "Get Well" gift, yeah?"

"Y-Yes…" Rito continued to blush as he left Mikado's residence. The red head giggled at the youth's embarrassed state as he left…


Inside the healing capsule room…

"…Uhm?" Yami slowly opened her eyes. Taking a look around her, she noticed that she was floating in a capsule full of green liquid. She then notices the person in front of her.

"…Dr. Mikado?" Yami blinked at the alien doctor. Mikado smiled at her while placing her hands in her coat's pockets.

"It's been a while, Golden Darkness. Or perhaps I should call you "Yami-chan" now." The doctor responded. Yami then started to look around. "Where…"

"This is my medical clinic here on Earth." Mikado answered her question as she folded her arms. "And it seems that you've been recklessly using your transformation powers. That caused your vital functions to drop considerably."

Yami then started to dwell back into her memories. As much as she and Rito told her, she was forced to admit that all of those Trans that she used on the orange head caused her to tire herself out. Even though Rito himself was a bit affected by his own over usage, she didn't want to admit. And look where that got her.

She then blushed a bit in response to her embarrassing state. "I've told you the last time you came to me, and that was when you were seriously injured. Your powers and strength carry a large responsibility. You have to be careful not to overuse them." Mikado smiled as she tried to explain Yami's deal to herself.

"I forgot." Yami blatantly lied as she averted her eyes.

"This girl…" Mikado popped a vein on her forehead as she gave the blonde girl a sarcastic smile. She then decided to use her "trump card".

"Anyways, you owe Yuuki-kun a big thank you, Yami-chan." Mikado began. Yami bore a confused look in response. "He carried you all the way here on his back. Even though he too was suffering from the over usage of his own nanomachines, he did so regardless. He was sweating quite a lot." Yami took a moment to consume those words. Mikado knew it was starting to take an effect on her thoughts.

Pressing a button, the green liquid started to get sucked into a draining tube. After several seconds, Yami's feet touched the bottom of the capsule. Mikado then pressed another one, opening the hatch. As the blonde girl stepped out, she began to dry her with a towel.

"You should be alright now." She confirmed her condition. Yami nodded as she followed her back into the previous room.

"Though…why? I'm his enemy, aren't I?" She wondered why Rito continued to do such things for her. Mikado smiled as she picked up a clipboard. "Maybe he doesn't see you as an enemy? Maybe he sees you as something more…important, perhaps…"

Yami blushed a little, somewhat aware of what the alien doctor was trying to suggest. As she put her underwear back on, she continued to dry her hair as she thought of the orange headed youth.

"Anyhow, you can pay your medical fees in Earth currency." Mikado stood up. Yami nodded once more as she took the towel off her head. As she started to grab her dress…

"Erm, I'm back, Mikado-senseeeeei…" Rito and Yami stared at each other.

"Ah." The two blushed at each other. Yami then started to cover her chest as her hair morphed into countless blades.

"AH, WAIT! I DIDN'T MEAN TO, I MEAN, I CAN'T BLOCK THAT! MY NANOMACHINES ARE—" Rito swiped his arms, trying to explain himself.


Launching her blades at the orange head, Rito tried to dodge, only to get smacked around by a few of them, and then smashed out of the room. Yami's attack of embarrassment caused a part of Mikado's house to get blown up, shocking the doctor.

"Please don't do that in my house!" The alien doctor cried out. Rito continue to scream as Yami continued her barrage on the orange head.

"Die, die, die, die!" The blonde yelled. Rito would have to get into the healing capsule himself after this…

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