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Chapter 5: Confrontation

"Why did I even play that damn game of Color Twist for…?" Rito shook his head in negative remembrance. "And she revealed her alien identity too! Just more trouble for me…"

Yesterday, Rito went with some of his friends to Haruna's apartment. To celebrate the blue head's birthday, Risa, Mio, and to some part, Saruyama helped plan out a party. They invited Rito and Lala to come along with them, and the group seemed to enjoy their messing around with drinks and junk food.

The orange head grumbled again, thinking back about the worst part of it.

As the group of high school students continued to celebrate, it was then that Saruyama took out a box containing the game Color Twist. The rules were to place a body part on a specific color on the board, with two people playing at the same time. Saruyama hoped to play with the girls, but it was too late, as Lala already suggested for Rito and Haruna to play with her, despite it being made to be a two player game.

To add more fuel to the fire, Risa and Mio sped up the rate in which the three had to move to different spots. Eventually, it got too fast for the trio, and they started to collide with each other. What really got it going was that Haruna tried to reach a tile that was a bit too far away for her arm, so she ended up grabbing Lala's tail, and revealing her identity.

For people's information, Devilukean Tails are sensitive spots for a majority of the species. The sensitivity may vary between each one, but Lala's seemed to be on the high scaling of it…

But, moving on from that bad memory, Rito yawned as he started to exit from the Sainan High's main entrance. Rito wasn't concerned with Lala's location, but he still had a horrible feeling that something was going to occur. Call it his… Rito Danger Alarm, yeah?

"Why do I have a feeling that…hm?" The orange head blinked as he went through the door and down the few steps. In front of him were three girls, who were being approached by what seemed to be a little kid with black hair.

The one that he was talking to had light gold hair, belonging to Tenjoujin Saki, a queen bee of a person who claimed her rivalry over Lala for the status of empress of the school. Following her were her two other girls. To her right was a girl with dark brown hair that was tied in a ponytail and bangs hanging down. She was Kujou Rin, Saki's best friend and bodyguard. And to her right was a slightly shorter girl with smooth dark blue hair, along with glasses with large lenses. It was Fujisaki Ayako, another loyal friend of the blonde.

Rito's eyes then turned to the blonde and her friends. "Tenjoujin Saki…and, wait, who's that?" He gaze then went down to the youth. It seemed to Rito that the kid was asking to be carried by Saki. The queen bee was apparently stricken by the appearance of this appearing youth, so she crouched down.

"Alright then, get on my back." She glanced back. "Where's your house, little guy?"

As he was going to do so, Rito's eyes narrowed. Noticing the little guy's teeth turn to a suspicious grin, he watched as the black haired youth fondle the blonde's assets.

"Aye!" He grinned as Saki gasped. Jumping back, Rin and Ayako did a spit take. "How dare you touch Saki-sama's ch—"

"Ho ho!"

The girls were then frowning in shock as the youth suddenly flipped their skirts up. Rito was starting to get a bit suspicious at the agility of this "youth". His eye then twitched as he turned to Rito.

"Wait…that looks suspiciously like…" Before he could recall the supposed identity of the kid, the latter sudden ran to him. "Wait, stop…"

"Big bro! Save me from these mean, scary girls!" He suddenly yelped, jumping onto Rito. Rito grunted as he looked up, only to have another misunderstanding take place.

"Yuuki Rito?! This is your doing again?!" Saki barked. "Rin!"

"Yes, ma'am!" Rin then took a shinai out from her bag with an aggressive expression. "Stay there, Yuuki Rito!"

"Great. You're really doing something like this…?" He chuckled sarcastically as he looked down at the youth, who was attached to his chest. As he started to escape from his pursers, he tried to give the girls a shout of reason. As expected though, they wouldn't hear any of it, so he decided to run as fast as he could out of the situation…however.

"Oho! Beauties in the court!"

Jumping off of Rito, the orange head sighed as he laid himself off from Rin. After a few moments, he ventured to the tennis court, only to hear what sounded to be an explosion.

"Great, he's causing more trouble…" He watched as he stood in front of the fences. The kid had apparently launched a tennis ball so hard that it broke the ground next to Sasuga, who fainted from shock, and standing up at that.

"Ha! Be thankful that I refrained myself from destroying you!" The black haired youth laughed gallantly. Rito's expression turned sour once more, as he recognized the now devilish expression on his face.

"Kukuku… I can do whatever I want to these chicks…" He grinned as he started to harass the members of the Girls' Tennis Club. Out of the corner of his eyes, Rito noticed Haruna, Risa, and Mio approaching the courts.

'If they get involved with him, I'll never hear the end of it from Lala…' Aiming an arm at her, his eyes flickered red for a moment as an arm cannon appeared. Blasting a wave of wind at them right as the kid noticed them, they were blown a fair distance away. Not hurting them in any way of course.

Just as the kid was about to question what happened, Rito quickly reverted, and grabbed the kid's wrist. "Alright, enough of that." Dashing away, he made a decision to go to the roof.

Slamming the door open, he was a bit surprised to see Lala and Zastin. "Oh, Rito." The pink head turned to him.

"Rito-dono, what is…oh." Zastin blinked. Rito was about to say something, but the kid, now on his shoulders, waved to Lala. "Hey, Lala!"


Rito then sighed. 'I knew it… No wonder he looked so familiar…' Lala's "Father" then jumped off of Rito, landing in front of the pinkhead. Zastin bowed to the kid as he revealed a trident looking tail from his rear.

'It had to be him…' He facepalmed. "This is bad…"

"I'm glad you seemed to have recognized me, Yuuki Rito. Yes, I am Gid Lucione Deviluke, King of the Devilukean Empire!" He announced with a deeper tone, now sounding like an adult's. He then looked Lala in the eyes.

"Lala… You know why I have come here, do you not? Zastin has told you the reason?" Gid begun. Lala sweated a little. "Your partner in marriage… In other words, my successor has been formally decided."




Rito screamed internally. "Wait…why me…" He pointed to himself. "I don't have any intriguing aspects that make me…"

"Oh no, it wasn't all of a sudden you know. Zastin has been sending me daily reports. And with those reports, I made a decision." The orange head then glared at the bodyguard, as if asking 'DID YOU TELL HIM ABOUT "THAT"?'. Zastin shook his head on instinct, relieving the orange haired youth slightly.

"And although there was much speculation on having an Earthling being the successor, we've decided to respect Lala's wishes." Gid revealed. As Rito was about to protest, he gave the teen a dangerous look.

"…You're not trying to refuse, are you…?"

Rito flinched. A wave of energy exerted itself from Gid, cracking the floor with sparks of blue electricity. "I believe I made myself clear the first time; if you fail to meet my expectations, then I will destroy the Earth."

Rito was very conflicted with the situation. As much as he wanted to go Trans, no, full power, he didn't want to risk a full-on battle with Gid. He knew that the Devilukean King could easily destroy his home planet if he wanted to, even in his current form.

"Papa! No, I won't marry him!" Lala suddenly said, causing the king to turn to her in a 180 change. "Wahh?! Oh come on, I was going to respect your—"

"You just want someone to pass the throne onto so you can mess around!" Lala revealed, evidenced by Gid doing a spit take. "Even if it's decided, it won't make me happy if we ignore his feelings on the matter!"

'…Wait. Is she for once not thinking about herself?' Rito was bamboozled. "Rito… I had realized something…" His attention was then redirected to the pink head.

"As much as I have feelings for you… You don't have any true feelings towards me." She then revealed. Gid was looking a little livid, much to Rito's chagrin. "However…"

"You've been kind to me, and my life on Earth has been really fun. I thought I could live my life out like this, but I guess this isn't the case after all…"

"Lala…" Rito was surprised by her mature-like answer. Everyone's eyes widened when she then took out a device from her D-Dial.

"So, I want to turn my back on you, and hold the wedding off for later. To resolve this issue, I shall use this device: Bye-Bye Memory-kun." She decided with a straight expression.

"Oi Lala, what're you…" Gid asked his daughter. Rito turned to Lala. "Lala… What does that thing do?"

"Rito. I want to start of all this from the beginning. None of this "Princess" or "Candidate" stuff. So…" She then held the device up. "I have one selfish thing to say."

"Wait, Lala—" Gid tried to rush towards her, only for the pink head to press the one button on it…


The next day…

Lala sighed… And it was the twentieth one today.

"Lala-sama, was that really the best decision to make?" Peke asked her creator. Lala sighed again. "Now that I did it, I'm not so sure… It was the only think I could think of that could've driven Papa away. He wasn't going to listen to anything I said, so I had no choice…"

But she then clenched her fist. "But… What's done is done! I'll just have to start over from here!" Peke then flinched. "Ah! Lala-sama, here they come!"

Turning to her left, Rito and Haruna appeared. Approaching them with a nervous tone, she introduced herself. "U-Uhm, nice to meet you two. I'm a transfer student here, and I really…"

At first, Rito and Haruna looked at each other with confused tones, but they then snickered. "Welcome back, silly-head." Rito then patted Lala's head, shocking her.

"Huh?!" To her shock, Risa and Mio greeted her from afar. "Wait, no one forgot?" Haruna shook her head.

"I heard that little thing you shouted." She admitted. Rito shrugged. 'As much as I want to forget, I now have a new image of this silly princess.'

"As if your inventions ever work." He instead said. Lala teared up, before smiling. "Ha, I failed again…" For once, the princess was glad that one of her inventions screwed up…


Continuing on… A new semester!

"Dalelele… Dalelo…" Rito sung. He was enjoying the morning. It was sunny, no shenanigans from Lala appeared, and he was doing what he loved to do; take care of the plants in his household.

"Graw! Gra-graaaaw!" A monstrous sized plant tried to get his attention. The orange head smiled as he looked up to his side. "Just a second, Celine!"

Located in the Yuuki household's back yard was a humungous, sentient sunflower with purple petals named Celine, transported from the planet Plantas. She had a face with sharp teeth, with two leaves behind her head. Lala had gotten her for Rito's 16th birthday. Rito was actually pleasant about the gift, and considered her a member of the family.

As Rito came to pour water on her, Celine cheered. "Aye, that's a good girl…" The orange head sighed with content. It truly was a new start, with the new semester coming along as one thing. As he finished up, the orange head stood up.

"Rito, breakfast!" Mikan called out to her brother. Rito smiled. "Coming!"

Going back and out from a separate gate, he turned around, coming back through the front entrance. "Ah… Why am I more hungry than usual…" He yawned. As he wiped his eyes and opened them once more, his eyes twitched, before covering them.

"Ah, morning Rito!" Lala greet him, and of course, with her fully exposed body. Rito sighed. "I'm excited to be a 2nd year!"

"GET SOME CLOTHES ON FIRST!" He barked in response. Lala's ahoge swirled. "But Peke's not here."

"We really oughta get you some actual clothes…" He facepalmed. Peke then came down, changing into Lala's uniform. As Rito uncovered his eyes, the two entered the kitchen. Mikan set down everything as she looked over.

'I suppose this has become the norm of the household…' Rito concluded. Mikan looked at the clock in the kitchen. "If you two don't hurry up, you're gonna be late."

As the two began to eat, Rito dwelled back to Gid and his appearance. He really didn't want anything else to do with Devilukeans, but as he turned to the clock…

"…Wait… ONLY FIVE TILL CLASS STARTS!" He suddenly stood up. Running to put his shoes on, as he came back, he facepalmed at the sight of Lala sipping another helping of miso soup.

"Lala! Class! Now!" He raised his voice. Lala giggled as she got up. Mikan had already left, so the two ran out the front door.

"Great! We're gonna be late! Guess I'll have to…" Rito was thinking of Trans-ing over to school, but he blinked as Lala grabbed his wrist. "Eh?"

"Let's hurry, Rito!" Lala then dashed. Thanks to her Devilukean blood, she was going as fast as a bullet train. Rito was not prepared for this, as the food in his stomach was still digesting.

"Can't…breathe… Lala… STOP!" He urged the pink head. She then did as she was told, but not before flinging him off due to inertia. Rito was screaming a little as he started to bullet into the air.

"I DIDN'T SAY TO STOP SO SUDDENLY!" He tried to bark. As he flew in the air, he didn't have the balance to maintain a straight line of vision. As he did so several seconds later, his eyes shuddered at the sight of Yami, who was sitting at the top of a tall building.

"AH! MOVE OUT OF THE WAY, YAMI-SAN!" He yelled. The blonde's eyes narrowed as she took her attention away from the book she was reading. Swallowing a taiyaki, turned her eyes to the voice she so dearly recognized, but was unable to defend herself in time.


The cats that were sitting next to her ran off as Rito crashed onto the roof. Hitting Yami, they tumbled over with each other, with Yami hanging over Rito's laying body a few seconds later. To their surprise, their lips were…

"…!" Both of them blew up in a face of cherry red. Immediately lifting herself up, she sat on Rito's legs as she held her lips.

"A-Ah… I didn't mean to…" Rito stuttered. Yami hissed a little, before forming a dozen hair fists. "Yuuki Rito… You've made me…"

Before she could finish her sentence, she whacked him away. Rito flew into the air once more. Taking more damage than when he was sent flying due to Lala, he began to soar towards Sainan High's direction. Rito was still blushing, but with all the sudden movements, he had to cover his mouth from vomiting his food.

Yami sat on her knees, touching her lips with her fingers. "We…kissed." She then looked in the direction that she sent him. 'What is this…feeling?'


Now at Sainan High…

Lala hummed as she entered the front entrance. Peke modified her uniform's shoes to match in the in-doors. She then walked up the stairs, entering the second floor hallway.

"Peke, my classroom is in 2A, right?" Lala asked her creation. Peke nodded in her hairclip form. "That is correct, Lala-sama."

Continuing to hum, she walked over to 2A. "I wonder where Rito is though." She asked out loud as she slid the door open. She, along with the rest of the students in her class were already assigned seats, so she took the time to get reacquainted with her friends.

Unbeknownst to her, a girl with an unpleasant expression looked at the pink head. With a curvaceous body rivaling Lala's, she had smooth black hair that went down to her hips, accompanied by a pair of light brown eyes. It was Kotegawa Yui.

Yui was a student not associated with Class 1A in her first year. Because she was not the class rep for Rito and Lala's class, she wasn't able to "apprehend" those two for their continued shenanigans, even if she noticed that it was Lala that caused a majority of them.

'Just watch. Now that I'm in your class, I'll be watching you…' She watched over the pink head with hawk eyes.

As the bell rang, Honekawa entered the classroom. "Alright ya young whipper-snappers, y'all get seated…" He then cracked his back. "Okay now, I'll be doing the roll call…"

Starting to go through the attendance list, Honekawa called out each student one by one. Eventually, he got through most of the students, and was nearing Rito's name…

"And er… Yuuki-kun? Is there a Yuuki-kun in this here pl—"


Most of the students gasped at the sound of glass being broken. Since Yui was sitting next to the windows, she shrieked as the window next to her was broken. She was unable to see the figure that flew through (She was fine by the way).

Some of the students that were in 1A last year merely shrugged, as they recognized the person who slammed into the wall, before bouncing off and landing on his desk. Saruyama gave the figure a thumbs up.

"Nice entrance, Rito!" He yelled out. As Yui sat up, she turned her head to the student that was currently laying on his desk with a battered body. There were some glass shards poking into his head, but otherwise no serious damage.

"…P-Present, Honekawa-sensei…" Rito croaked before passing out. Yui took a look at the teen. 'So, this is Yuuki Rito… Wait, where the hell did he even come from?!'

Looking to her side, she questioned the location from which Rito came from. From what place did he flew from to crash through in such a manner. Furrowing her brows, she sighed as she got up. "Sensei, could you call the janitor to clean this up?"

Later on…

After homeroom ended, Rito got himself patched up. He wasn't really hurt, but more like tired because of all the sudden events that happened in a manner of minutes. He really couldn't get out of his daily shenanigans after all.

"We'll get to make new friends now that we've changed class, don't you think?" Lala proposed to Rito. The orange head yawned as he continued to broom the floor. Since the first day of class didn't have much, the students were instructed with cleaning.

"True…" Rito yawned. Lala smiled. "I can't wait to make new friends!"

As the two continued to talk, Yui came out from the classroom. "Excuse, a minute please!" She called out to them. Rito and Lala turned around. Yui noticed the bandages on Rito's head, but dismissed her observation.

"Oh, you're in our class, aren't you? Nice to meet you, what's your name again?" Lala asked the black haired girl. Yui folded her arms.

"Kote—" Yui started. Rito yawned again.

"Kotegawa Yui. Former student committee member for last year's class 1B." Rito recalled. Yui was flabbergasted, but regained her posture. "Yes."

She coughed. "When we were first years, Sairenji-san was easygoing with you two, so you could do whatever you want. But now that I'm in your class, don't expect that kind of treatment anymore."

Rito's eyes widened. "Really?" He was curious. There was someone who actually wanted to prevent the madness that happened in school. As he thought of that, Yui nodded, slightly surprised by his wholehearted agreeing tone.

"Indeed." She answered. She then noticed Lala's tail and pointed at it. "And what's with that tail? Cosplaying's not allowed! How shameless…"

"Well, it's the real deal, Kotegawa!" Risa and Mio appeared. "Cause Lala-chii's an alien!" Rito facepalmed at the sight of them revealing that she was an extraterrestrial.

And to be expected, Yui responded with confusion. So, to prove it, Risa… "Well, to prove this…" She then licked her lips in a seductive matter as she grabbed Lala's tail…and started to tongue it.

"Nyah! Stop it…!" Lala yelped. Yui stared at the scene with dotted eyes. Rito shook his head and sighed as they continued to engage in the lewd act.

"W-What's with that voice?!" Yui asked Rito while pointing at Lala. The orange head shrugged. "While all Devilukeans have a measure of sensitivity for their tails, it seems Lala's is on the higher scaling."

As they continued to observe, Rito and Yui turned their heads to the yelling of a familiar gender changing boy. "Yuuuuuuuuuuuukiiiiiiiiiiiiii!" Ren yelled.

"Geh." Rito clicked his tongue.

"Why am I the only one in a different class from the rest of you?!" He barked as he grabbed Rito's shoulders. "This is something from your influence, isn't it?!"

"Woah there, calm down…" Rito said in a listless manner. As Ren continued to rock his shoulders back and forth, Yui tried to stop the conflict between them.

"H-Hey, stop with that, ok?" She called out to the white haired boy. As she got between them, her long hair brushed against Ren's nose, causing him to sneeze.

"Ah… Ah… ACHOO!" Yui covered her eyes as the signature smoke puffed around Ren's body. Rito gulped as he turned around. "Don't mind me…"

"Rito-kun!" Run yelled out. Yui watched in disbelief as the light green haired girl replaced the white haired boy. "W-Wha… Wha…?"

"Aliens, Kotegawa-san. Aliens." Rito crouched down next to her while patting her shoulder in understanding. Risa and Mio noticed this as Rito dodged a bear hug from Run.

"Wait, what? Ren-Ren turned into a girl?" Risa asked with a confused tone. Lala walked next to her. "Yep! The thing is, Ren's an alien as well! Whenever he sneezes, he changes into a girl named Run. The same goes for her when she sneezes as well!"

"Oh, that makes sense. How alien like!" Risa and Mio accepted the explanation without question, while Yui continued to just observe with a confused face. Run then tried to snag Rito, only for the orange head to dodge, and instead make Lala his replacement.

"Gaow!" Run yelped as she collided with the pink head. As they fell to the ground, Peke fell off from Lala's head, causing her clothes to vanish. As the robot landed, she yelped a little from the pain.

"Eh?" Yui looked back at the two, only to see a naked Lala entangled with Run in an erotic matter. The black haired teen blushed as she started to go crazy. "Eh, eh?! EEEEEEH?!"



Back in class!

After that little scene ended, the group returned to the classroom with as little commotion rising around. As every student took their seat, Honekawa fixed his glasses.

"Er, alright then. Since this is the first day of the new semester, I think we should all decided on who's going to be the Student Committee member for this here class." He started. "So, there anyone who'd like to announce their candidacy?"

Immediately, Yui rose her hand up. "Yes!"

'I can't let this 'Alien' business go on any longer… I have to do it to protect the classroom's moral environment!' She was determined to do so. Rito could tell what she was thinking due to the expression on her face, and he was all for her trying to achieve her goal.

Mio turned to Haruna. "Haruna, you aren't going to try this year?" The blue head shook her head. "Well, what could I even do? And besides, I'm busy with the tennis team…"

As Rito shook his head in content, the one person who could always drive him nuts rose her hand. "Yes! I want to be a candidate!" Lala announced.

Rito slammed a hand on his desk. 'No, no, no, no, no, no!' He did not want her to be in charge!

"Lala-san, are you sure?" Haruna asked the pink head. Lala nodded. "Yeah! It sounds pretty interesting, and besides! If I need help learning what to do, I can just ask you for advice!"

"Well, that's fine, but…" Yui was once again shocked by the alien's random tendencies.

'Lala-san as a candidate…? T-That's a joke! What would happen if the class was left to her? It'd be disastrous! No, I have to win this one! Definitely!' Yui declared.

And so, since no one but Lala and Yui volunteered, Honekawa decided to get their elections in roll. Taking a ballot box out, he had the two give out a speech. While Yui's was serious and something possible, Lala wasn't exactly sure about what to say.

Haruna suggested for the pink head to listen to her peers' suggestions. After asking some of the guy and girls, for…obvious stuff changes, Lala literally got to working on them with her Almighty Tool. Approaching a staircase, Haruna watched with a little worry as she began to create some new inventions.

Immediately, Rito's head perked up. 'My Lala senses are tingling… What's she up to now…' Standing up, Rito ran out of 2A. As he started to hear the clanging from Lala's Almighty Tool, Yui quickly followed.

"Lala, I leave you alone for three seconds, and you start to tinker up another jury rigged invention… What did you make this time…?" He asked the alien. Haruna and Lala turned around to face the orange, with the Devilukean holding up two badges, each having a similar appearance to Peke. Placing one on Rito's chest, she smiled.

"Hey, non-school-related things are off limits!" Yui took the other one out of her hand. The one that Rito had resembled a pink rhombus with hearts, while the one that Yui took looked like a heart with Peke's eyes.

"What is this anyways?" She looked at the badge that was now on her palm. Rito did so as well, taking the badge off to look at it in his hand. Lala pouted, walking up to her.

"Yuuuui…! Give it back…!" She pleaded. Yui retorted against the pink head. "Don't c-call me by my first name so casually!"

"This is either going to explode in my hands, or going to affect me in some negative way…" Rito sweat dropped. As Yui continued to examine it, she accidentally pressed a button, causing it to flash.

"Wha—" The badge, while glowing, attached itself to Yui's ribbon as her uniform started to deteriorate. A moment later, a brand new style replaced it, although it was…quite sexy to say the least.

"Lala, please…" Rito blushed a little upon seeing Yui's appearance. He got a look of her body before covering his face.

Yui's blazer was now replaced with a crop top, in which it resembled a dress shirt, only with her stomach showing. Her sleeves were replaced with white gloves that went up to her shoulders, along with black thigh-highs. The most important change was that her skirt was practically useless, as it showed pretty much her entire rear, and exposed her undergarments.

"W-W-WHAT THE HELL IS THIS!?" She yelled out in embarrassment. Crouching down to cover her rear, the badge that Rito had flashed as well, causing the orange head to flinch. "Aw, crapbaskets…"

Attaching itself back to his chest, Rito's body flew towards Yui, approximating it to be not far from a magnet in that matter. "DAMN IT LALA, WHAT THE HELL'D YOU MAKE NOW?!"

As Yui recovered from her embarrassed state, she eyed the flying orange head. "Eh?!"

Colliding with the mouthy girl, Rito ended up pushing her against a wall, with the orange head's arms wrapping around her. Yui's face went a little flush as her and Rito's faces were inches away from one another.

"Geh… Sorry, Kotegawa-san. Lala's shenanigans make life a complete hell-hole. I understand your pain…" He said while shutting his eyes. The black haired girl could tell that he was trying to resist the pull on his body, evidenced by his slightly shaking arms.

Grunting, Rito pulled one of his arms off from the wall, and slowly went down for his chest. Grabbing the badge, he crushed it in his palm, negating the magnetic affect. A moment later, he took the badge off from Yui's body, reverting her uniform back to normal.

"There…" He sighed as he wiped his hands. Yui hugged herself in response, before sighing in relief. As Rito got off of her, he turned to Lala with a menacing smile.

"Lala…san." He grumbled. "Mind telling me what those badges were for…?!" The pink head bolted up as she responded with a goofy smile. "Er…well."

"To make the class a better place to be in, Haruna-chan suggested that I asked for everyone's opinions! Since the girls wanted to have cuter uniforms, and the boys wanted to be able to get closer with the girls, I created those two badges!" She started.

"The girls would get new uniforms by wearing the Girl Peke badges, while the boys wearing the Boy Peke badges would bring them closer to the girls that wore their counterpart!"

"How does that make the class perfect?!" Both Yui and Rito barked at the same time. "Oh, so you think the same thing as well?!"

"YES! Finally, someone who gets me!" Yui and Rito shook each other's hands in mutual alignment. Eventually, the bell rang, and the students would have to return to class…

Back in class…


"So…" Honekawa coughed. "Since there were was only one person who volunteered to be the male candidate, Motome Ageru-kun wins by default."

"Thanks y'all." The guy flickered his glasses. All the students in classes nodded. "Well, that was expected." That's what all of them pretty much said.

"And so, for the female student… Der, it's gunna be…" Honekawa adjusted his glasses as he looked down at paper. "First… With two votes is er…some kind of Lala Satalin Deviluke kid or somethin'. Two votes!"

'Two votes? Yes! That means I'll definitely win!' Yui squealed with victory in her eyes. 'Everyone wants an orderly lifestyle…!'

"Oh, Kotegawa-kun got two votes as well."


Yui fell face first onto her desk. Rito gave the girl a sympathetic look, and then tried to guess who the next candidate was going to be. Well, if there was another one.

"Sairenji-kun gets thirty votes!" Honekawa announced. "So the female candidate for this year is Sairenji-kun! End of this here discussion, good ridden!"

"Me…?" Haruna blinked. "I didn't even run for the position though…"

Everyone chuckled. "Well, Lala-chii as the class rep probably wouldn't be a good thing. And besides, we've become accustomed to your style of leadership, Haruna-chii!" Mio snickered.

"Sorry, Lala-chii!" Risa smiled. Much to Rito's confusion, Lala revealed that she voted for Haruna too, earning herself two facepalms from Yui and Rito…


Next part, teacher visit!

Mikan hummed as she exited from Sainan First Elementary. As she went through the school gate, her friends, Nogiwa Mami and Kogure Sachie caught up with her.

"Mikan-chan! You're not coming over today?" Sachie waved to the brown haired girl. Mikan smiled as she shook her head. "Ah, sorry you two. Sensei's coming to visit my house later."

"Ah! So it's that time of the month, eh? Alright then, see ya!" Her two friends waved her off as they went in different directions. The young Yuuki readjusted her backpack as she started to walk home.

After a few minutes of causal strolling, Mikan arrived at her home. Entering through the front door, she yawned as she took off her shoes. "I'm home…" Rito greeted her with a yawn of his own. "Welcome back, Mikan…"

Going to her room and putting down her belongings, she then took out her phone, and dialed up her father. "I hope he's not busy…again." She muttered.

*Ring…* *Riiiiiiiing…* *Chepo!*

"Oh, Mikan! How's my little girl!" Saibai answered through the phone. Mikan sighed, as she could tell from the tone of his voice that Saibai was working tirelessly on something.

"Dad, can you make it in time for Sensei's visit this time?" She decided to go for broke, and go straight to the point. Much to her declining mood, Saibai responded with a nugatory. "Ah, sorry… The deadline for my next work was moved. I didn't have a choice in the matter. Please forgive me!"

"Eh… Alright, I got it…" Mikan sighed as she ended the call. "Hmmm… What should I do now…"

Yawning, she entered the living room, in which Lala was sitting on the couch while munching on some chips. Rito got up from reading a book on plants. "Mikan, were you asking Dad about that appointment for your sensei again?"

"Yeah…" Mikan sighed. Lala stopped eating to glance back. "Rito's papa isn't coming home?"

"Well… I suppose I'll have to call your teacher and tell her to choose another day." Rito folded his arms. Mikan slouched a little. "But we've been delaying this day over and over, time and time again…"

"Oh! Then why don't we just do this then?!" Lala yelped as she got off from the couch. Dragging Rito away from the room, Mikan reluctantly followed as Lala ran around the house.

"Er…Lala-san? What're…" Lala then dragged Rito back to the living room, with the orange head sighing. "This could work!"

"Erm…" Rito and Mikan sweat dropped. Rito was now wearing a black wig, along with fake eyebrows. Dressing him up in the traditional matter that Saibai did, Rito sighed. "I suppose, but won't she be suspicious about how youthful I'll look?"

*Ding Dong!*

"Well, no time for that now, sensei's here!" Mikan yelled. Quickly running to the front entrance, Rito took a deep breathe. "Yes…?" Opening the door, Mikan's homeroom teacher revealed herself.

"Oh! U-Uh, hello! Good afternoon, I-I'm Mikan-chan's homeroom teacher, Nitta Haruko!" She stuttered a bit. Rito sweat dropped a little as he shook hands with the young adult. Her hair was light brown, and was accompanied by a pair of light red eyes. She tied her hair with her bangs lowering, alongside a short pony tail. She also wore a pair of glasses as well.

As Haruko bowed, Rito quickly flickered his eyes to Trans, and generated a small device on his neck. Luckily for him, he was wearing a black long sleeve that covered most of his upper body. Coughing, he nodded.

"Erm… Hey there, I'm Yuuki Saibai, Mikan's father." Rito greeted back, bowing a little. Lala and Mikan were a bit surprised that his voice pretty much sounded like Saibai's. "Please, come inside!"

To everyone's surprise, Haruko greeted Rito back with an enthusiastic response. "Thanks, Yuuki Saibai-sensei!

Directing her to one of the guest rooms, Rito and the girls pulled out a large table. Mikan made a cup of tea for her homeroom teacher as she sat on the opposite side of them. It was then that Haruko noticed "Saibai's" youthful appearance.

Looking at Lala, she pointed at her. "Um, who is this person?" Lala was about to answer with something that would prong up another misunderstanding, so Rito answered first.

"Oh, she's the older sister of one of Mikan's relatives." Rito gestured to Lala. Mikan thanked her brother for not allowing Lala to say something stupid. "Oh, I see…!"

"So, sensei. How's Mikan doing at school?" Rito asked. Naruko eeped as she went back to the subject at hand. "Mikan-chan's performance? She's a smart student and always keeps her cool. She's a trustworthy person to everyone in her class, myself included!"

Mikan huffed in satisfaction. "Oh? Heh heh, that's my girl!" Rito placed an arm around Mikan's shoulders, nudging her head a little as he pulled her closer.

"D-Dad!" Mikan blushed a little. She was a little happy to her those words from her older brother though. Rito chuckled a little as he let her go. "That's good, that's good."

"Y-Yes!" Naruko agreed. Fidgeting her fingers, she decided to go with it her intentions with a flustered face. "U-Uhm, may I ask for a personal favor?!"

Rito flinched a little. "Oh, yes… What might that be?" He nearly fell back as Naruko pulled out a book from her bag. "The truth is… I'm a big fan of your work! Would you please sign this?!"

As he regained his posture, he looked down at her hands. His eyes widened a little at the sight of his father's work, a manga named Hero Academy. Bending over and taking the manga and the marker, he tried to remember how his father signed for stuff like this.

'Erm… If I'm correct, he did it like this…' He mused as he slowly wrote on the manga's front cover. As he finished the last stroke, he handed it back to her. "There!"

Naruko stared at her signed book with glistening eyes. "OH! OH, HO HO! Thank you so much, Yuuki Saibai-sensei!" She bowed once more. Mikan and Rito were glad that the meeting went with no eventful turns. As they continued to discuss with one another, Rito and the others bid her farewell.

"Well, that happened." Rito smiled as he took of the wig. The voice changer vanished, with both him and Mikan yawning.

"Thanks, onii-chan." Rito smiled at his sister as he patted his head. "Anytime. And that's the first time you called me that in a while, hasn't it?"

"W-Well, you helped me with something, so it's natural that I would be grateful for it! I'll cook you something special to add onto that, just wait!" Mikan promised him. Rito stomached growled at the sound of her words.

"Yes… I would like that. Thanks, Mikan." He grinned once more…

And then… Ghosts?!

It was another pleasant day of routine for Rito. Classes were actually a breeze, as the subject of the day covered some topics that he and the rest of his peers already learned. This allowed him to sleep in during class. He did try to keep the sound of slumber to a minimum, as he didn't want Yui to catch him goofing off.

It was now a passing period. There was still a bit of time until the lunch break, so Rito tried to enjoy the peace that was present…until he heard the usual gag members of his class discuss a new topic.

"Hey guys, did you hear?" Mio started. "There's a new ghost story that's been going around lately!" Risa finished. The two said that as they approached Lala and Haruna.

The blue head shuddered at mere word, whilst Lala was intrigued. "Ooh! Ghost and monster-ly stuff, right? Right?" She asked with an enthusiastic voice. The two girls smiled.

"The same stuff, but the best stuff still." Risa answered her.

"You know the old school building right? Rumor has it that there's been ghosts going around there!" Mio revealed. By now, Rito was starting to become awaken.

"Well... Aren't rumors just rumors? Ghosts are just myths, aren't they…?" He yawned. Risa and Mio shook their heads. "Come on Yuuki, haven't you heard those noises that've been coming from that old shack of a building?"

"They say stuff in eerie voices, like "leave"!" Mio did an impression of a ghost, causing the orange head to roll his eyes as he sat up from his seat. "Well…"

"Well, if we want to find out if it's real or not, let's go over there ourselves!" Lala suggested with a smile. Much to his and Haruna's chagrin, Risa and Mio agreed with the dunce pink head.

"I-I don't think entering the building without permission is a good idea, though…" Haruna shuddered. "A-As the class's Committee member, I say that we…"

"Haruna-chii! Stop your complaining! You're coming along with us two!" Risa pointed at her, causing Haruna to gasp. "W-What? Why?!" Rito sighed as he slapped his desk with a hand.

'More mayhem… Why do I always have to check for their shenanigans…? Ugh…' He then sighed. "I'll go too…" He announced lazily. Risa grinned. "Alright then, let's go during the lunch break.

Yui's attention turned back to the girls, and then to Rito, who was pretty much displaying an expression that said, "Help, please". Sweat dropping, she reluctantly nodded…

Lunch Break! Now, to the building!

Skipping over to the time of lunch break, Rito and Yui joined up with the girls. Risa and the other girls wondered why the black haired girl was going along with them, so she answered that she didn't want the group to cause any unnecessary trouble.

Entering through the first floor, Lala walked in front, with Haruna hiding between Mio and Risa, while Rito yawned with his arms behind his head. Yui, not being the one to admit how she felt, was feeling a bit creeped out to be honest as they walked on top of the old wood.

"Mr. Ghost~! Are you here~?" Lala yelled out. Haruna flinched. "Lala-san! Come on, you don't have to try and call them out!"

Right as she said that, a little mouse squeaked as it walked by Haruna's foot. "KYAAAAAAAAAH!" Rito quickly backed up. He did not want to be Haruna's hammer for whack-a-ghost. Seeing as there was no weapon for her, the blue haired girl clinged to Risa.

"For goodness sake, Haruna-san…" Yui shook her head.

"Calm down, Haruna-chii! It was just a mouse!" Risa giggled. "And now that I think about it, this isn't really that big of a deal."

"It's just rumors, I guess!" Mio added. As the girls continued to comfort Haruna, Rito walked forward. "Well, let's continue our search…"


Rito's eyes focused on a door in front of them. Looking up, he noticed the sign of the room. "Hm, from the library?"

"Did you guys hear that…?" Mio and Yui sweat dropped. "Think it came from over there." She then pointed to the door that Rito was near. As the orange head walked towards the door, sounds of creaking wood responded. Someone was here.

"S-Someone's coming!" Haruna squeaked. As Rito yawned once more, his hand took hold of the sliding door's handle. Swiping it to the left, his gaze immediately went down a little.




"…Yuuki Rito." Yami called out to the orange head. Her face fluffed onto Rito's chest, blocking her vision. As she took a whiff of the body her face was buried into to, her nose received the smell of taiyaki. Moving her face back, the two looked at each other.

"Yami-san." Rito blinked. "I should've known." The two were a little red at their ears, but they both displayed blank expressions to prevent any misunderstandings. "Yami-chan! What're you doing in a place like this?" Lala skipped over to her. Yami walked around Rito, before brushing her hair back. "Princess. I came here because there were a lot of old books here. I wanted to read them."

"Hey, Lala-chii. I've seen that kid in our school from time to time. Is she your friend?" Risa asked, pointing to the blonde. Lala smiled. "Yeah! This is Yami-chan. Isn't she cute?"

"Adorable!" Mio squeaked as she cuddled with Yami. Once again, the blonde assassin was starting to get a little embarrassed, with Rito smirking a little. It went on to a snicker once she saw Yami pout in his direction.

"S-Shameless!" Yui barked as her face flushed a little from the feminine contact of girl between girls. Rito shrugged.

As the girls continued to fool around though, a moment passed, with a strange feeling in the air catching the attention of Rito and Yami. Both of their heads perked up as they walked pass the girls.

"Heh? Rito, Yami-chan, what's up?" Lala asked.

"There's something here." Rito narrowed his eyes. Yami nodded.




"Lala-san! S-Stop calling it out with your voice!" Yui trembled a little. Lala merely tilted her head. "Eh? I didn't make that noise though?"

Haruna gulped. Stepping back, the wooden plank that her foot was on broke, causing a continuing effect that caused a bunch more of them to collapse. Rito blinked as he, along with Lala, Yui and Haruna dropped down. Risa and Mio sweat dropped as they looked down.

"Oh crap…" Mio looked over.

"Everyone fell…" Risa blinked with shock. Yami's eyes glared down. "It seems that the material was already rotten. That…or it was that voice. Let us search…"


Down at the bottom!

"…Ow. Can you guys get off me…?"

Rito groaned. As the first one that landed, it was unfortunate for him that the girls landed on his back. Lala and the girls quickly got off him, allowing the orange haired youth to stretch his back.

"Owee…" Lala rubbed her head. "Are you alright, Lala-sama?" Peke asked. Nodding, she and the rest of the girls got up. As Yui was about to do so, her eyes contracted at the feeling of her skirt being lifted up. As if it was on instinct, Yui growled as she backhanded whatever was next to her. So, in this case, it was Rito, who caught her wrist. "Oi oi, what the heck?"

"What kind of shameless acts are you doing in a mess like this?!" She barked. Rito frowned. "Eh? What the heck are you talking about? I didn't do anything."

Yui flinched, sighing a second later. Lala smiled. "Looks like we're all safe! It seems that Yami-chan, Risa, and Mio escaped from the fall."

"L-Let's just get out of here as soon as possible!" Haruna quivered. "This place is really strange…!"

"P-Phantoms, as if! It's probably one of Lala-san's tricks." Yui countered the blue head. "B-But, that tail and talking hair ornament seemed to be legit, but spirits I won't believe! They're unscientific!"

"Let's just go…" Rito yawned. Following the orange head through the abandoned hallway, eventually they heard the sound of…pianos? Haruna screamed, grabbing hold of Yui.

"The music room…" Rito blinked. Opening the door up, for a second, Rito felt the presence of someone, or something. He knew it was something that was probably alive, but it was probably very agile. His suspicions started to get higher the longer they explored…


Back with Yami's group, the trio passed by the science room. As they passed through, Yami sensed a slight lingering feel of something. Turning her head towards the inside of the room, Risa and Mio caught on to her.

"Yami-Yami? What's wrong?" Mio and Risa officially dubbed her that.

"It's nothing. I just thought I felt that strange feeling once more." She answered the duo, freaking them out a bit.

Turning around, as Yami started to walk, some of the nearby furniture started to rumble, before springing up into the air and flying towards the three.

"A poltergeist!?" Risa and Mio panicked. Yami's eyes glared at the furniture as she morphed her right hand into a blade. Quickly making mince-meat of the books, she looking beyond the darkness.

"…Show yourself." She ordered. Waiting for a moment, her eyes loosened as the presence she felt disappeared. Before she could travel onward, she felt the tingling feeling of ecchi crawling behind her, though she was too late to react.

"This should be checked thoroughly~!" Mio and Risa started to check her body out. "You can change your body so freely! How cool is that?!"

"…Please stop…" Yami mumbled with a helpless tone. She was beginning to understand what her "target" must be going through on a daily basis…

"…Eeep…" Yui shivered. In the corner of her eye, she seemed to spot a glimpse of a ghost. It disappeared after a moment, and the noises behind her dragged her attention back.

Footsteps crawled towards them, with Lala humming at the sight. "Oooh! Look, Rito!" She pointed at them.

"A skeleton model… And a human anatomy model?" Rito blinked. 'Must be some sort of possession then.'

"ga..agta…gagtagata…" The models creaked as they drew closer. Yui and Haruna were starting to get uncomfortable, with the two of them dropping to the ground in fear. Not even two seconds later, Haruna fainted.

"…get out… Get out! …get…out…"

Lala walked up the skeleton and picked off its skull. "Huh. How's this thing moving?" She wondered. Rito facepalmed once more. "Lala, for goodness sake…"

"…Give…me my head!" The anatomy model croaked. Trying to get the skull from Lala, she ended up falling, and hitting a rusty faucet. As she did so, it broke, releasing a spray of water on her and the models.

"Cold… Water no like… …Don't like water…"

Rito and others noticed the models falling apart, and to their surprise, small, fluffy creatures hopping out of them. "These… What are these?"

"RETREAT! WE'VE BEEN SEEN!" They hurriedly bounced away. Rito smiled. "I think we're getting closer to solving the mystery…"


Now going back to Yami's group, the trio had reached the stairs leading down to the first floor. As they traveled down, Yami's eyes narrowed once more.

"You two, do not move…" She ordered. As the other two girls were going to ask, a nearby fire extinguisher started to rattle, scaring the girls once more. One of Yami's hair locks morphed into a blade, and struck the fire extinguisher. "You won't escape…this time!" She raised her voice slightly. As it started to release its white substance, a previous invisible figure was painted white.

"H-huh? An invisible person? Was he the one doing all the poltergeist crap?" Risa sweat dropped. Yami glared at the white man. "Answer her… What are you, and why are you doing all of this…?

The white man backed up, before dashing away. "Save me, everyone!"

"Everyone?" Yami's eyes then soared up as she started to hear a voice.

"Hahahahahahah… You foolish ones! You should've listen to us in the first place! Face our wrath!"

Suddenly, from underneath the girls, a slimy tendril wrapped itself around Yami. The place was starting to shake too, garnering attention from Rito's group as well. As Rito was starting to wonder what it was, a large octopus like creature crashed through a wall.

"Huh. Tentacles. That's enjoyable…" Rito sarcastically chuckled. He then noticed Yami on one of them. "Yami-san!"

"GAHAAHAHAHAHA!" The monster laughed. Bringing down one more of its tendrils revealed Risa and Mio. It then tried to go after Yui. Before it could reach her, Lala intervened.

"Watch out, Yui!" Pushing her out of the way, she ended up getting caught by the tendril.

"Tentacles… So…yucky…" Yami's eyes swirled. Rito would've chuckled, but it wasn't the appropriate situation, so he decided to take action. As more and more monsters started to appear, Rito's eyes flickered red. His right arm was replaced with a large red and black nunchaku. Swinging his arm around, he slammed his weaponized arm against his foes, forcing them away.

"YOU… I'LL GET YOU TOO!" The tentacle monster roared. Sending a few of its tendrils at Rito, his arm reverted back, before generating a large steel hammer. Slamming the tendrils, the monster cried out, before noticing Rito jumping above it.

"Enough with this foolishness!" He barked as he slammed its head, causing it to cough before passing out. Letting the girls down, Yami was still affected by its effect, and ended up getting herself caught once again by Rito.

"I suppose that's one weakness I know now…" He chuckled a little. Yami frowned a little, before getting put down. Her ears were a little red as she pouted. As Rito yawned, he realized that he totally forgot about Yui. "Oh crap…" Turning around, Yui was speechless. "Y-You have the same ability as Yami-san?"

Rito placed a finger on his lips. "Shh… Please keep it a secret?" He pleaded. Yui smacked her cheeks, before sighing. "…Ok. You did save us, after all…"

Lala looked over the crowd. "I gotta say, these are a lot of ghosts!" She assumed. Yami shook her head." Incorrect, Princess. These folks all seem to be visitors from outer space."

"T-That's correct…" The tendril alien responded. "Our home stars were downsized, and when we were wandering in space, we found this place, and…decided to gather together."

"So, the whole "spirit" thing was just to protect this place. I see now."

Everyone turned around. "Mikado-sensei!" Lala waved to her. The alien doctor smiled. "It's been a while, hasn't it everyone?" All of the aliens stood up in surprise.

"Mikado…? The famous Doctor Mikado?" The leader alien spoke out. Mikado giggled. "These aren't just kids you were fighting either. The blonde is the famous assassin, Golden Darkness, while the pink head is the Princess of Deviluke."

"WHAT?! PLEASE DON'T KILL US!" They huddled together in fear. Lala brushed them off with a laugh. "Aw, we're not gonna do that!"

"We're so sorry!" The tendril alien cried out. Attempting to hug Yami in apology, Rito chuckled as he tried to help get him off of her. Mikado giggled.

"Well, since living here is unfavorable, why don't I get you guys jobs?" She offered. All of the aliens sprung up to her words. "One of my acquaintances has a theme park here on Earth. You guys could be perfect for ghost houses and the like, right?

"THANK YOU SO MUCH!" They all bowed. Yui sweat dropped as she turned to Rito. "Yuuki-kun, is she also…?"

"Yep. Alien." Rito yawned. Yui continued to display a bamboozled look. However, she, along with the other normal girls shivered at the sight of a glowing human like entity.

"That's well. Everyone was able to find a job…"

"Eh?" They all froze. Everyone else sweat dropped.

"Oh? Sorry for the late introduction. My name is Murasame Shizu, Oshizu preferred though. I died here 400 years ago." She bowed. She was a beautiful girl with long blue-violet hair, and blue eyes. She wore a white kimono with a purple sash.

Rito blinked, before generating a hammer. "Yami-san, please wake me up when this is all over." He then proceeded to hit himself, fainting a few seconds later…

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